He can let himself live, and the people around him will be negative, and no one will be negative for them.

"You haven’t changed your personality at all for so many years, but you are more decisive and malicious." Rao knew this person when he was young, but he couldn’t help shivering when he felt the rage coming from the wind. "People are not malicious and unstable. The Dreadwind Gate first wants to destroy me, and […]

Cotton girl is a big deal, but when a woman gives birth to a child, you are a fairy and you can’t make an accident. How can every elder feel at ease? If people stay in the capital, it’s just that she can’t control it.

It’s all people who will deliver babies. She naturally wants to come and see, so she came with Su Lin. "Looking at the tip of your stomach like a male fetus, are you pregnant?" The old lady Su looked at Su Miandu and asked for advice many times, but she always asked herself. "I’m fine. […]

Feng Xiaoshun followed his eyes and looked behind him. He immediately turned his head and laughed. "You look down on me. Do you still have to win more against you? Since you want to learn my marksmanship, I will become you."

Zuo Jian saw that Feng Xiao decided to fight alone with himself. He secretly rejoiced that he was confident in his marksmanship. If Feng Xiao can be captured or killed in front of the horse, his own side will win the battle. At that time, he will not only save his life, but also have […]

"Nothing … I said it’s so cold, girl. It’s time to be kicked again. Let’s go." Chen Senran knew that Evelyn had smelled the meat and was not afraid of her leaving.

The snow soon disappeared into their shadow. —————————— "Ahem-"Galen coughed and struggled to climb from the ground with a sword. Until now, he was in a trance and didn’t die … Thought of here, he was a little lucky and sad. After all, he let the mantis go and so many of his brothers were […]

Xin put the kettle beside the bed and said, "It’s been eight and a half hours since it was cold, and you haven’t eaten yet. It’s so late now. Go to bed. I’ll help you watch Hyun here. When you wake up, I’ll let you know immediately that others have found a room to sleep in the hospital |"

"No, I want to stay here with him for a while. I don’t trust you if I don’t see him wake up. Go to sleep. I have no appetite and I’m not tired." "Well, if you are tired, will you come to sleep for an hour and a half? I believe Hyun-hyun will wake up […]