Li Jiancheng nodded and saw that he was very happy to win over Chai Shao. The Chai family in Jiangjun was also a local strongman and his father repeatedly told him to win over.

Li Jiancheng, as the backbone of the crowd, said, "It doesn’t take us a day to escape from Xijing, and the court will find out. Then there will be pursuers to arrest. I think we should temporarily choose to avoid the limelight." Chai Shao said, "Mr. Lang, I don’t think it’s right. Duke Tang believes […]

At this moment, the waves seemed to understand Li Jianfeng’s position and feel his pain, struggle, hesitation and just determination to report Blue Star!

Understanding is to understand that the waves can’t be seen by Li Jianfeng yet, and he can’t stand up and say that Li Jianfeng and Elaine Lin are his waves. Li Jianfeng handed the envelope in his hand to Zhang Yi, and then he looked around with alertness and walked slowly. Of course, he wouldn’t […]

Zhang Qing, who is less than ten years old, has been able to read and write words, so she found some deeds of Warrior Lanling from the speaker and some rental employers.

In particular, Warrior Lanling’s beauty theory, official history, unofficial history’s emphasis on ink, and Zhang Qing’s own appearance is just like Warrior Lanling’s, which is even better than a real girl’s home. Although Zhang Qing’s clothes and manners were cultivated as a girl since childhood, the bloodiness of a man in his bones did not […]

"You arrange things in the front yard. Good. In the back yard of Weixing, Mu Shifang’s mother will look at you." Su Miandao

"Mainly to ye state? What about that world? " Fang mammy surprised way "With" Sue cotton light looked at ignorant way No one dares to refute that the princess is so serious for the first time, right Soon everything was arranged, Su Mian changed into a suit and took her son in a carriage. It […]

However, the operation method was interrupted and re-condensed into a bloody card, and the weapons were floating in the sea.

Gu Qingshan forgot to breathe. Too fast— This is amazing fencing! "Poor thing, all beings suffer and have a period." The figure light with a sigh. See him with a gentle vibration with a sword shadow foaming at the mouth and disappear into the depths of the sky. In an instant, all the light and […]