Mountain father-in-law diffuseness didn’t go far. He kept the distance from the bedroom door to 30 meters. He didn’t dare to eavesdrop on the conversation of Mr. Right’s confidant, but he should be at your disposal at any time.

Yang Yelan demon beheaded the bedroom and sat opposite. Lan Yao chop has been smiling gently, and Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to pick the green hat from the beginning, fell hard and stepped on it again! Lan Yao didn’t talk, but he was angry and secretly pleased. What happened? Because all the way, whether it’s […]

"It turns out that it’s really a good thing that Yin belongs to the fire yuan can dagger!" Zhang Yangxin was happy and then drank a "stop!"

With the word export, his eyes flashed and burst, and the black mans ground rushed to the dagger with a firm but gentle cold momentum. At the same time, his palm was covered with black yuan, which could be slammed by the five fingers, and the black African claws were claws, which hit the scabbard […]

His eyebrows and eyes are lightly disturbed by rage, and his eyes are unfathomable. It is like ice for thousands of years, and it is like being in icehouse at a glance.

I can’t breathe with cold all over. The square commanded people to fight. Nangong Yao took the lead in coming over and calmly fuels his mouth. "I have seen the emperor." "The emperor is ready." "The emperor is all right." Ministers rushed over and wept bitterly. "It’s great that you are good, Emperor." "I have […]

He can let himself live, and the people around him will be negative, and no one will be negative for them.

"You haven’t changed your personality at all for so many years, but you are more decisive and malicious." Rao knew this person when he was young, but he couldn’t help shivering when he felt the rage coming from the wind. "People are not malicious and unstable. The Dreadwind Gate first wants to destroy me, and […]

At that time, there were two schools of children in the military compound, one was a decent group of children, the other was a group of puffed-up children, and the two schools of children were nervous, while Yan Pei was a decent king of children at that time.

Ye Zhun-xing, Wang Mang and some other lovely children in the courtyard called her sister, while the old soldiers in the courtyard called her Ni ‘er. But when the prehistoric example movement, different families chose different roads, so even the children became more innocent. Yan Fu belonged to the defeated group, so Yan Pei went […]

"It’s good to stop being dissatisfied. You know, they probably put everything in their own sect," Nan Guang said.

Zhang Tao only sighed, and Elder Gu made a name choice. He knew that he would be punished when he went back this time, which was also a tolerable thing. Who would have thought that in just a few days, Zhang Tao’s strength was greatly increased. This was impossible. Even a peerless genius could not […]

Cotton girl is a big deal, but when a woman gives birth to a child, you are a fairy and you can’t make an accident. How can every elder feel at ease? If people stay in the capital, it’s just that she can’t control it.

It’s all people who will deliver babies. She naturally wants to come and see, so she came with Su Lin. "Looking at the tip of your stomach like a male fetus, are you pregnant?" The old lady Su looked at Su Miandu and asked for advice many times, but she always asked herself. "I’m fine. […]

Su Ling looked up at Xia Fei Luo and Hector even Jinse, and then the first two steps were full of robes and big sleeves, and the fingertips were also severely pinching their thighs. She had to act like a little!

He even glanced at Su Ling with a slight provocation in her eyes and then looked at the queen and became as simple as a pure white rabbit! Now that things have come to this, and Su Ling knows that Xia Fei Luo really wants to deal with her this time, she will be so […]

Luo Chenglong thought for a moment and said that Xiao Li and Mushroom Head can’t win’ Black Three’ and’ Cobra’ Zhouyi. That’s the best way. Anyway, Guo Qiang doesn’t know that Zhouyi is not from Tianlong Martial Arts School.

"You are uncle Qingxue, that is, my elder, so don’t be polite to me." Zhouyi smiled and walked to "Black Three" and "Cobra" "Adoptive father, you let this timid little white face go?" When Luo Tong saw him, he quickly asked Luo Chenglong that Zhouyi had not said a word when Guo Qiang and others […]