"It’s good to stop being dissatisfied. You know, they probably put everything in their own sect," Nan Guang said.

Zhang Tao only sighed, and Elder Gu made a name choice. He knew that he would be punished when he went back this time, which was also a tolerable thing. Who would have thought that in just a few days, Zhang Tao’s strength was greatly increased. This was impossible. Even a peerless genius could not […]

"Noisy" Wu Hua snorted with a cold look, which matched his tall and handsome face. This seemingly indifference added a bit of charm to him. It is definitely the type that can make many anthomaniac girls hold courtship cards and shout against the wind.

Voice down Wu Hua a flicker to put yourself in an safe position, and then fists together. Although there is no Wushu, the strength and speed of * * alone make those thugs dodge when they don’t have two fists, and both of them are vomiting blood. Wu Hua still didn’t make Wushu rely on […]

Everyone present was silent for a moment. I didn’t expect the Tathagata Buddha to suddenly fall into reincarnation, and hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation turned into just that Buddha’s light. Even if reincarnated, he became a thorough mortal who would forget all the future. Even if you practice again, you may not be able to get it back …

"Damn it!" Suddenly there was a curse in the big screamo temple, but it was from the old demon of the blood river. "Tathagata, this fellow has gone like this!" Bodhi old zu, I haven’t officially compared with him … People come! " Blood river bodhi old zu a roars immediately ten demon handsome qi […]

"Are you all right?" In the morning, he quickly pulled a bridled eyebrow, but he can’t have something. Otherwise, Zhang zhen Day, a master of the Xuan level plus the original inverse ning himself, even if he barely managed to deal with two people, didn’t have a chance to offer the royal god Fu Luta. Once they borrowed the magic spirit force of Lingshan, they would have suffered greatly.

"Little friend, don’t worry that such evil spirits can’t hurt the old man. I will resist the evil spirits!" The morning smiled and said "good". As soon as I turned around, bridled people smiled strangely, and then the weird forehead smiled. "How did you? In the morning, I pulled out a real-life flying sword with […]