First, I ate a bowl of Lamian Noodles with three oil cakes, then followed Su Wei to drink a bowl of oily bean curd, and then came a bowl of egg-filled cakes with extremely strong spicy soup, and two extra eggs and two cages of steamed buns.

Finally, I took two oil-free cooking cakes and chewed slowly behind Su Wei, revealing a reassuring smile.
Light way: "No matter where you are, it suddenly makes sense for me to think that our Cangyun army is guarding such a stable world."
Su Wei couldn’t help but hand her a handkerchief when she saw that my sacrifice was meaningful and satisfying.
Sign for her to wipe her mouth.
"Sorry, the barracks are full of pot rice. Although the taste is already very good, it is still a little worse than this kind of food."
Grandson forgetfulness is not as embarrassing as embarrassment. Instead, he takes the handkerchief and wipes his lips.
Hesitated and said, "Cangyun is the farthest from Chang ‘an. I wonder if I can give the soldiers a holiday so that they can all taste such delicious food?"
"That’s what I’m thinking. Don’t worry, I won’t neglect one of you. Even if you don’t say anything, you will definitely think of everything."
Su Wei smiled and said, "Actually, recently, I’m thinking of a China Merchants Department to undertake the problem of running a commercial company in the game. After all, how can people in Wulin alone form a complete society? Besides scholars, farmers and businesses can directly pick up the fruits of the Central Asian empire in reality, such as outstanding talents, if they want to come to our" Limited "OL, they will all get what they want, but the other three need us to find a way."
Grandson forgetfully said, "Do you allow these vendors to stay in Cangyun?"
"The weather is bitter and cold, we must give some convenience appropriately … but bitter and cold weather is sometimes a disadvantage, but it may also be an advantage in many cases."
At this moment, Su Wei remembered the southerners who had never seen the snow in the north.
If you tell them that they can stay in a place full of blizzard for a long time in the game …
I’m afraid they are willing to experience it if they pay for it?
Was Snow Country so famous in previous lives?
To put it bluntly, is it not easy for monks in different places to recite scriptures?
However, in this respect, you must specialize in business and be more familiar with reality than people who are familiar with it.
You can’t have this kind of talent now … Even the best Shen Wansan appeared in this world and was familiar with reality for a few months. I’m afraid it’s hard to send a show.
"Lao Li is now concentrating on practicing martial arts and now he has directly withdrawn from the business circle. Alas, there are still not enough talents."
Su Wei sighed and felt the scarcity of talents again.
Chapter 242 She is bent?
I wandered around Chang ‘an with my eldest grandson for a day and then went to the west city to have another meal …
It can be seen that this kind of food, which is not very healthy but extremely high in calories, is very appetizing for the eldest grandson.
Not only does she like eating very much, but she also wants her department to have a taste … but it’s also ok for the players, who eat everything in reality after all.
But those original warriors can’t quit the game.
Stick to the wild goose gate every day
Although eating is much better now than before, many rare things such as vegetables can also become daily food.
But it’s not enough to satisfy one’s satiety. Relatively speaking, if possible, she wants her brothers to eat better. I’m afraid many brothers didn’t taste these foods before they died. It’s a pity to live again and not eat them.
For her consideration Su Wei is also very white.
He needs a professional to help deal with this problem.
Many considerations in this regard have confirmed that Li Jijun has just been admitted to the Huashan School’s already-hearted business circle.
Su Wei eyes rested on Liu Xiaoli.
That’s right …
Li Yuan’s mother, Liu Xiaoli, is a woman who looks extremely unreliable and escapes.
But in fact, Liu Xiaoli also accompanied Li Jijun to fight this vast luxury business empire from scratch.
Although the business empire soon collapsed and destroyed under the coercion of force, it was only reflected in daily life.
She is not ignorant of business matters, but also really climbs from the bottom step by step …
Besides, if you want to talk to her, at least there is Li Jijun. Can’t he just watch his wife being bullied?
Besides, Su Wei is not looking for a business wizard. Nowadays, the "Limited" OL fire is the time when rare goods can live. He just needs someone who knows the business market better and doesn’t suffer …
Anyway, these people are going to enter the "limit" OL sooner or later, and it’s just a matter of cutting leeks early and cutting them late. If you dare to bargain with him, the possibility of being settled by him will be greatly high
And this so-called business is a side issue.
"Limit" OL depends not on commerce but on force.