"Are you all right?" In the morning, he quickly pulled a bridled eyebrow, but he can’t have something. Otherwise, Zhang zhen Day, a master of the Xuan level plus the original inverse ning himself, even if he barely managed to deal with two people, didn’t have a chance to offer the royal god Fu Luta. Once they borrowed the magic spirit force of Lingshan, they would have suffered greatly.

"Little friend, don’t worry that such evil spirits can’t hurt the old man. I will resist the evil spirits!" The morning smiled and said "good". As soon as I turned around, bridled people smiled strangely, and then the weird forehead smiled. "How did you? In the morning, I pulled out a real-life flying sword with […]

Lin Qian dare not say what is respectful, but there is a light in his eyes and I don’t know what he is planning.

After this incident passed, after a period of calm, the competition between the four forbidden palaces quietly stopped, so that no one watched the competition, and of course the result would be publicized. On this day, Zhang Tao stood on a high platform in his commanding armor. "Do you have confidence in this competition after […]