Lin’s flapping posture is very correct now, just like a dragonfly, but she can’t fly completely.

This result is not surprising to Lin. Is it really too heavy? Or are the wings too small? But Lin thinks it’s big enough. How big is it? Too big wings, land will be quite in the way
Lin’s existing form and weight words are mainly’ kilograms’ and’ tons’. Leviathan is now about one ton, and dragonflies may have one kilogram, while 1,000 kilograms have only one ton, which is much heavier than the largest flying creature that can be seen at present.
Then give it a try and see what happens? Thinking of Lynn hitting Leviathan’s tail jet, she suddenly sprayed compressed gas, and at the same time, her legs quickly swung and ran, and Leviathan rushed out like a fly with the flapping wings.
This feeling is really good!
The Leviathan desert is galloping, but although it is fast, it can’t get rid of the ground. No matter how hard Lynn flaps her wings, no matter how fast she runs, she can’t rise.
Forget it, that’s it. It’s much faster than before, and it feels relaxed.
Lin continues to move in the desert in this’ galloping’ way, which is many times faster than those sand worms and consumes much less physical strength than usual.
Those little scorpions were still lying on their backs. Nalin found that they were not only not thrown away, but also some bold crustaceans were crawling around. Their toes seemed to have strong hooks to prevent them from falling.
Lin paid little attention to them, but kept running faster. Lin calculated that she could reach her destination before dark.
All the scenery Dou Lin kept retreating when running, and the strong muscles and perfect nutrients made Lin Ran feel tired. When the color gradually darkened, a large piece of green appeared in Lin’s field of vision.
Here we are!
Lin had to sigh that if she kept waiting for the worm, she didn’t know how many days and nights it would take.
As Leviathan approached Lynn, what he saw became bigger and clearer, and finally formed a green line that spread for several kilometers.
Green plants are like thick tentacles reaching into the sky. They are intertwined and extend all the way over 100 meters, which is even bigger than the steeple. There are quite a few small branches at the top of them, and the branches are covered with green leaves. These huge plants are like a huge wall to block Lin’s view.
This area is called’ forest’. Although it seems that this word has been used, Lin now understands its meaning better, and these plants, which are thick and twisted like tentacles, seem to have the term’ tree’
Trees’? It seems that these are creatures, not stones covered with moss like the pinnacle forest. Those mosses are Aztec species, and this area is very large, so it should be far more than the pinnacle forest by visual inspection.
Lin is going to name these trees’ Twisted Trees’ because they are like tentacles winding together, and Lin doesn’t know whether two trees rolled together are one creature or two.
Life here seems to be quite rich. Lin can hear all kinds of strange sounds coming out of the forest. A large number of dragonflies fly around the top of the tree. Occasionally, I can see a huge arthropod, thick and twisted, climbing over the forest floor and covered with a layer of furry moss. There are many small limbs moving around.
Absorbing the clear oxygen floating from the forest, Leviathan folded his wings and walked into the twisted giant tree desert. It seems that the burning feeling has completely disappeared and replaced by a cool feeling. It is really worthwhile to cross the whole desert.
Looking up in the woods, the daylight shines like a night star through the cracks in the leaves. They sway with the branches and leaves. Several small reptiles shuttle through these fine spots. They gnaw at the moss on the ground. Some other small arthropods also try to join in, but they don’t notice that a dragonfly swooped down quickly and attacked quickly. They easily captured a reptile with slow reaction. But when the dragonfly grabbed its prey and flew to the canopy, it accidentally bumped into a small white mesh silk thread. No matter how it struggled, it got away …
The vibrant and rich creatures here are no longer the poor narrow and pointed forests planted by Aztecs, but a new world.
There will be new …
Chapter 13 Twisting the jungle
This is a wonderful place. Although I have seen many similar scenery in the sea, Lin can’t help but sigh, just like the coral reef forest in the sea is rich in all kinds of creatures. Lin is surprised that the land has evolved such a wonderful scene.
The real purpose of worms should be here. They can grow into huge bodies by relying on the rich food here.
However, thanks to the fact that plants produce oxygen, if ultraviolet rays are still strong, no living things can live on land.
Leviathan strolled in the forest, and his feet were covered with a layer of green moss. He felt soft when he stepped on it. At every step, some small arthropods jumped out of it. Most of them could fly and their wings were very different from dragonflies.
Yu Feilin still needs to study carefully. If flying by wings alone, those floating jellyfish are the only way out for Leviathan. Unfortunately, although there are rich species here, Lin has not seen any floating jellyfish yet.
Walking around here, there are always a lot of small limbs flying to Leviathan. They probably belong to parasites. They all have needle-like sharp mouths, trying to drill holes in the carapace or find cracks, but they soon become the food of those scorpions.
The desert scorpions have been sticking to Leviathan’s back because they didn’t do anything special and Lin didn’t care.
Lynn is now looking for a place to live. Now Leviathan is huge. When most creatures see it, they will choose to bypass the Danlin method to determine what will happen at night.
I don’t want to meet the steeple forest at night, so Lin must find a safe place to go.
The air here is full of biological calls, but there are some other sounds mixed in.
Running water sound
It is also important to confirm the location of the water source. Lin walked along the water direction.
The deeper you go, the more strange the trees are. They don’t grow like two twisted ones around the forest, but they have quite a few shapes like coral tentacles. The way these plants grow seems to be completely random. It’s nice to call them’ twisted trees’
Lin finally saw the source of water by crossing a twisted trunk in front of it.
It’s a small river about two meters wide. It flows out from the depths of the forest and winds its way to the other side. There are some small creatures in the depths of the forest. Drinking water next to the river attracts Lin’s attention. Ma Lu is more than three meters long.
This river feels very narrow. It seems that there is another word’ stream’ to shape it. Is this really the source of forest water? I have to go swimming to see if I can connect to the sea.
It’s getting dark now, so we need to find a safe place.
Leviathan walked near the stream, and when the little creatures saw Leviathan approaching, they all ran away. Those two Ma Lu not only didn’t run, but also raised their heads and hissed at Leviathan.
Wait … This isn’t Ma Lu.
Lin found that these creatures are very similar to Ma Lu, but they have fewer legs, are thick and long, and their bodies are different from those of Ma Lu, and they are slightly wider. They have another name, centipede.
They are not afraid of Leviathan, who is much older than them. They keep shaking their bodies and posing as if they are ready to rush, but Lin sees them as they walk slowly across the river and walk to the other bank.
When the centipede saw that Leviathan had gone away, it stopped posturing and continued to drink water.
This should be fine.
After reaching the other side of the river, Lin looked at the dark sky and then looked at the foot land. The original place here was different, but the moss was sparsely distributed. It was very suitable to build a residence here. Although the moss here should not be a bug, Lin still thought that she should be careful not to dig them up casually.
Leviathan tentacles and forelimbs are dug up in the mud. Now Leviathan has three pairs of articulated legs. The back two pairs are thicker than the front pair, while the front pair is relatively tapering and has more functions.
It doesn’t take long to dig a hiding cave. Lin discovered a strange thing in this issue. All the scorpions climbed from Leviathan’s body and used thick pliers to help Leviathan dig the cave.
I didn’t expect them to do this again? It’s interesting.
As it gets dark, Lin soon digs out Conaleviathan and some scorpion caves.
Leviathan pushed his body backwards into the cave, and then the tentacles sucker stuck the surrounding soil and buried himself.
Lin seems to be doing this for the first time, and it feels quite good. Lin found that those scorpions kept digging and didn’t stop because she didn’t know how to tell them to stop, and Lin didn’t pay attention to it.