"It turns out that it’s really a good thing that Yin belongs to the fire yuan can dagger!" Zhang Yangxin was happy and then drank a "stop!"

With the word export, his eyes flashed and burst, and the black mans ground rushed to the dagger with a firm but gentle cold momentum. At the same time, his palm was covered with black yuan, which could be slammed by the five fingers, and the black African claws were claws, which hit the scabbard […]

Luo Chenglong thought for a moment and said that Xiao Li and Mushroom Head can’t win’ Black Three’ and’ Cobra’ Zhouyi. That’s the best way. Anyway, Guo Qiang doesn’t know that Zhouyi is not from Tianlong Martial Arts School.

"You are uncle Qingxue, that is, my elder, so don’t be polite to me." Zhouyi smiled and walked to "Black Three" and "Cobra" "Adoptive father, you let this timid little white face go?" When Luo Tong saw him, he quickly asked Luo Chenglong that Zhouyi had not said a word when Guo Qiang and others […]

"Hum you just occupied a moment! What if you unite all the races? Your fate has already been doomed, and no one can change it! " Desa’s hand lifted the door and appeared again. This time, his army of remoulders retreated in succession.

"Soon I will show you what a real army is!" Desa screamed and disappeared into the delivery door himself. At the same time, Cheyenne forced the puppet to disappear, and the video of the battle he witnessed automatically appeared in the forum. Desa’s active retreat made Van Cana look ecstatic. He excitedly said to those […]