It is said that everyone is somewhat silent.

"Brother Zhong doesn’t have to be lost. It’s not about cultivating immortality at the moment and living a good life at ease.
In the future, there will be a chance waiting for you. "
Lingqing, it’s getting late to see the time, got up and said
"Grandpa, grandpa, loyal brother, you also go to bed early."
After refusing everyone’s idea of seeing each other off, Lingqing turned to go home.
Thinking all the way about what happened in the past six months.
Although I spent three years in the assistant, it’s only been half a year since he accidentally got a druid
I really feel like a lifetime ago when I think about it.
But fortunately, Tian Yong and others went to see him at that time, otherwise, he would only raise the druid career to level 5 or 6 at most.
Then plant some trees and slowly study the Druid Road.
It’s not like he has stepped into the fairy gate now.
And I am pregnant with the immortal method and a mysterious ancient method to inherit the future road.
The next morning, Ling Qing did the morning class and climbed to the mountain to play Wuqinxi and Mixed Yuan Pile again.
Sitting cross-legged beside the newly dug spring, I thought about it.
At this time years ago, the pattern of gathering the five spirits could not be determined, so the Taoist temple could not work
I just upgraded yesterday and got a lot of spell models. Now I just need to learn them first.
One is to transform it into its own heritage and fill the road base.
Secondly, it is also possible to upgrade again as soon as possible.
While learning the spell gap, it is time to think about what can be done after the Taoist temple is established in the future.
Although there is no hurry to spread branches and leaves, you can’t just build a frame and throw it there, can you?
It’s only when there’s a commitment that he stands up and looks at it.
First of all, this Taoist mantra is a beginner’s practice.
Divine incantations can be practiced step by step by reciting incantations such as rhymes, and then some Taoist rhymes are obtained.
Then, the method of practicing successful symbols and tactics was adopted.
Followed by wuqinxi.
The mantra of the great god is a method of cultivating nature and cultivating its own rhyme, while Wuqinxi cultivates life to keep fit.
But it needs to be changed
Grandpa Lingqing, a five-animal play, gave him an ordinary effort to keep fit.
However, when Lingqing awakened the Druid’s heart, he was influenced by the Druid’s wild way.
It becomes necessary to learn five kinds of beast forms to upgrade special skills.
After practicing successfully, you can improve your own attributes.
Although the power and effect are much greater than before, you can’t just go out.
After all, most people have the ability to learn to be wild.
Suo Lingqing intends to change the cause and effect and reorganize the Wuqinxi.
Make it into five kinds of beast transformation from entry to perfection in turn.
In this way, not only the lifting is not so limited, but also the characteristics of this method can be maintained.
The third word is that the druid has accepted it.
There’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s rooted in the innate truth.
This druid method is more of a miraculous means.
After all, those complicated and changeable spells that should be widely used are quite convenient.
Chapter one hundred and seven Cifu method
But this thing needs talent, and not everyone can achieve it, so it depends on chance.