If this is the case, you can cope with it, but don’t forget that Cao Cao still has the Fengshen flag in his hand. Then Cao Cao will sacrifice the Fengshen flag. Suddenly, the hurricane roared and rolled up the Vulcan flag, and the flames spewed out towards the city.

The wind can withstand the fire with the help of the Vulcan flag alone, but once the hurricane is added, the threat of two treasures will soar. Looking at Cao Cao’s sacrifice of Fengshen flag, his face changed greatly. He didn’t expect Cao Cao to invite such two treasures in a short time. If Zhang […]

And one thing is that reading brain data through instruments will damage the brain structure. This method can make the Martian’s brain completely become a pot of porridge after this time, and it will never have any other place except physiological research value.

So … What should we do with this Martian? Xiaoyun hoped that the Fuehrer could reach an order to dissect it, but the Fuehrer hesitated and fell into thinking. After a long silence, the Fuehrer finally sighed, "Well, let’s do as you say. I’ll arrange scientists in life sciences to do this, and I’ll let […]

"The fourth brother said that it is quite reasonable to either give your chrysanthemum with warmth or take out your man’s color to push the Chu song to the ground as a tired hand. Fate gives you two choices: to bear silently or to take the initiative to struggle and hesitate to help hold your urine …"

"It’s the first day of the day that the younger generation of Chu emperor was crowned, so it’s possible that people were pushed to the ground. I personally think that the driving force behind this must be the suspicion of Chu emperor." "Brother Liu is insightful. It’s cheap. This dead fat needs to lie down […]

"Congratulations to the brutal manor owner for completing the achievement of’ Practicing the Manor Master One’ and unlocking the brutal orientation skill’ The Manor Owner’s Cruel Examination’"

"Noble manor owners who have achieved’ practical manor owners’ occasionally go to punish their servants for offending themselves, satisfy their cruel desires and personally beat, torture and execute manor servants to unlock other achievements …" "Brutality to Skills’ A Brutal Examination of Manor Owners’ When the manor owners tamed, they penetrated the cause and effect. […]

With a bang, the water bomb flew out and hit the authenticity method to break its golden light.

Just as the cow ghost wanted to make persistent efforts, the figure of the method flashed out of the encirclement of the cow ghost tentacles, and the Buddha’s light flashed in his hand and cut off a tentacle. The four-sided method of authenticity of heaven and earth flashes at random, and the Buddha’s light bursts […]