Liu Qingyun over there is even more direct: "Brother Tang will stick to it again!"

Tang Fan is also excited. That’s a violent bear! If you blow up all the violent bears yourself, there is nothing to be afraid of!
This violent bear was forced to take more than 30 inflammatory beasts with him on the battlefield. As a result, the excited monk showed up at the first time to clear up one after another. The Daoism blew off more than half of the inflammatory beasts at the first time, and then Tang Fan had already killed them.
He blew up the inflammatory beast in the way one after another, and then fought a piece with the violent bear. The two sides played neck and neck and soon they all hung up.
It is the situation that is more unfavorable to the violent bear. While this moment, the friar led by Liu Qingyun has advanced more than 20 steps. When the animals see the violent bear, they are in a stalemate, and they turn around and run, but they have become Zhu birds.
Nearly a hundred animals escaped, and they became monks. It’s best to target two rounds of Daoism. More than thirty or forty animals escaped with wounded animals.
Although the body is exhausted to the extreme, now the monk has picked up the violent bear.
This badly injured and violent bear is obviously the iron crystal cave bear king who blocked Tang Fan’s three axes and beat Tang Fan back and forth.
But now he is a monk, and the spirit pet who fell from the sky from time to time besieged him. He just repelled Tang Fan’s offensive and has been bombarded by continuous Daoism.
When he resisted rounds of Taoist bombardment, at this time, Tang Fan killed him like a mantis, which was even more deadly. Zhu Bird also killed him from time to time.
This bear’s throne rank is much higher than that of ordinary violent bears. Now it is isolated and injured, and it is very slow to move and can be passively beaten.
But in the face of such a bear king Liu Qingyun, they besieged him for half a quarter of an hour before they blew him across.
They all breathed a long sigh of relief when they saw Liu Qingyun, the fierce bear king who was blown into two pieces. They looked at each other and were forgotten. Tired and hard, they all returned to their bodies.
Liuqingyun is like YuXuan they are plop 1 directly sit cold green dust is directly lying panting.
They don’t even know how they can continue to exert so many magical skills for so long afterwards. It is reasonable to exceed the limit.
But the most exaggerated thing is that Tang Fan and other violent bears were blown into two pieces. He laughed wildly for two times, then plopped down and said to himself, "Did I just go crazy? Did someone push me out? "
He recalled the crazy scene just now, and couldn’t believe that he could recall how he could have killed the animals for so long with so many gas refining periods, and he also got so many fireballs and claws that even violent bears fought.
He didn’t realize that his condition couldn’t be worse. He was covered in wounds and bleeding constantly. There was no complete meridian spirit force running around. "Brother Liu, help! I am injured! "
A line of people here have rested for more than three hours. Even so, Liu Qingyun, this team is now wounded, but fortunately, the inflammatory beast didn’t come back, otherwise it will be broken by their state of not fighting.
Everyone has hung up. Liu Qingyun has suffered minor injuries. There are too many elixirs. Now the effect is very poor. Even Zhu Bird is responsible for cleaning.
However, the harvest was really satisfactory, and nearly 400 carcasses of inflammatory animals were left on the battlefield, including two violent bears, several fire bears and flame snakes.
Zhu bird has enjoyed all the corpses of an inflammatory beast. No matter how big her appetite is, there is a limit. After enjoying the second violent bear, she sent a spiritual signal to Liu Qingyun, "Master, I have been promoted!"
Liu Qingyun also knows what changes have taken place after the Jin Dynasty.
All the phlogistic stones were donated by Zhu Bird, Liu Qingyun, and there were four pieces of phlogistic Xiong Jing this time. Considering the need of Bai Yujin’s refining device, this phlogistic Xiong Jing Liu Qingyun has been hidden in the purple bell in the morning light.
Yu Yanshi, it was indeed piles of Lingshi. Liu Qingyun saw the wounded team and said, "Do you want to move on? We have harvested 10,000 Lingshi in this cave! "
This is indeed a number that everyone is satisfied with, but if you kill Xiong Wang here, will you get more gains if you go forward?
Tang Fan over there shouted, "Brother Liu, I can’t do it now. I’m afraid I have to rest for a month or two before I can fight!"
The cold blue dust over there came with a few pieces of ore. "Look here, brothers!"
Chapter 65 Colorful hibiscus stone
Leng Qingchen knew that he was too low, so he took a break and searched for ore nearby. He was holding six or seven pieces of Xuan mother iron crystals in his hand.
Yu Xuan glanced at the six or seven iron crystals, first disdaining them and then suddenly realizing, "All of them?"
It’s nothing to search for six or seven pieces of Xuanmu iron crystals, but if so many Xuanmu iron crystals are in one piece, there will be a result. "Brother Liu, we are looking for a vein mine nearby!"
Although the vein is close to the whole team, it is the wounded. Chuxi mused, "Brother Liu, even if we rest for two hours, we will be grateful that our fighting power can be restored to 50% at ordinary times!"
Tang Fan even cried out in pain, "Brother Liu, I’m useless now and I have to rest for two or three months!"
Next to him, Yu Xuan is still eager to harvest this vein. "Brothers and sisters can find the vein. We are lucky this time. Who can guarantee such good luck next time?"
He’s telling the truth. Although he’s been fighting hard for several times now, it’s also a dumb luck. Both violent bears in this iron crystal cave have been maimed. Yu Yan’s beast was also hurt by attacking the pyrolite vein too hard. Who can guarantee that there will be such dumb luck next time?
Pan Peng also agreed with Yu Xuan’s opinion, "Yes, we are lucky this time. These two violent bears were hit hard by Elder Shen in the previous time, and we can’t stare at the violent bears. I’m afraid the animals with facial inflammation are less than half as normal!"
Everyone knows what he means. This time, Liu Qingyun picked an auspicious day, which is definitely different. It is simply impossible to defeat violent bears and command groups of inflammatory animals normally.
Liu Qingyun said, "How long have we been holed?"
"Two days! It’s been two whole days since I stayed there for three hours! "
LiuQingYun determined "continue to move down inside, but before that! Everyone sleeps and sleeps peacefully! "
He said that the friar had shouted "sleep! How can you sleep in this dragon cave? "
"What if it is touched by an inflammatory beast?"
"That’s it! Always be careful! There is no shortage of inflammatory beasts in this dragon cave at any time! "
"It’s better to invite the miners at Tiejing Cave!"
Everyone argued that Liu Qingyun decided that Liu Qingyun was saying, "We were lucky to get here, but luck is also a kind of strength. Who can say that we don’t have strength? We are just tired from not closing our eyes for two whole days and nights! "
"Sleep!" Liu Qingyun said firmly, "Everyone should sleep well for a few hours, and then go straight for the vein horse!"
"Since the group of other disciples at the mouth of the iron crystal cave want to invite them to this vein, who finally belongs to it? We’ve been fighting for so long, so it’s all for nothing! "
"In the final analysis, our team is strong!" Liu Qingyun said, "Kill when you are full!"