Li Jiancheng nodded and saw that he was very happy to win over Chai Shao. The Chai family in Jiangjun was also a local strongman and his father repeatedly told him to win over.

Li Jiancheng, as the backbone of the crowd, said, "It doesn’t take us a day to escape from Xijing, and the court will find out. Then there will be pursuers to arrest. I think we should temporarily choose to avoid the limelight."
Chai Shao said, "Mr. Lang, I don’t think it’s right. Duke Tang believes that we must be ready for Jinyang uprising if we want to leave Xijing. I think we might as well go all the way to Jinyang. Once Duke Tang is righteous, we can help."
Li Jiancheng is quite unhappy to hear Chai Shao refute himself, but on second thought, if it is true that Tang gaozu is surrounded by Li Shimin, one of the important things, and Li Shimin has won the credit, then it is also unstable for him to sit too far in the future.
When Li Jiancheng looked like an open-minded coachable, he said, "Brother Chai said that it was built and educated, so we will secretly go to Jinyang."
"Big Brother!" At this time, there have been few words. Li Zhiwan spoke.
Although Li Shimin, the brother and sister of Li, is very capable, Li Jiancheng has always been unwilling to admit it, but he sincerely admires Li Jiancheng, the younger sister who threatens himself. When Li Zhiwan opens his mouth, Li Jiancheng immediately says, "Third sister, what do you have to say?"
Li Zhiwan said, "If the four of us act together, the goal is not too big. I want to go back to my hometown in Lingxian alone."
Li Jiancheng, a suburb of Chang ‘an, in Lingxian County has not spoken yet. When Chai Shao saw that Li Zhiwan wanted him to separate, he immediately said in a hurry, "San Niang, don’t worry, I will protect you to the death."
Li Zhi said politely, "Not so, brother, your fifth brother, although you go to Jinyang, and our hometown in Lingxian County still has estates and fields, I want to disperse these possessions and recruit soldiers, and at the same time contact Longxi aristocratic family hero dad to help us."
"What do you want to win over the heroes of the Western gentry by yourself?" Li Jiancheng is not surprised.
Li Zhiwan nodded and said with a smile, "Why doesn’t Big Brother believe that I can do it?"
Li Jiancheng seriously looked at his sister and saw that Li Zhiwan’s eyes were calm, as if the sword in the box was full of light when it was drawn. Although Li Jiancheng and Li Shimin were uneasy, their affection for Li Zhiwan’s brother and sister was quite deep. When Li Jiancheng held Li Zhiwan’s hand and said, "Chang ‘an, Sanmei County is close at hand. I feel at ease here. If my father asks about you someday, I will tell him."
Li Zhiwan heard Li Jiancheng say this, and her eyes were a little emotional. "Eldest brother, don’t worry, I’m also a father and daughter. Although I don’t agree with my father’s starting this time, I want my father and brother to help you behind you."
Li Jiancheng knew that Li Zhiwan’s temperament would never change once he decided to do so. This time, he talked about Chai Shao’s marriage. If Li Yuan and himself persuaded her afterwards, they would rather not marry such a sister for life. It may be both his blessing and his difficulty.
Li Jiancheng when also no longer advised with a sigh said, "I’ll give you half of the north guard, so remember to protect yourself."
But knowing the separation means that Li Yuanji pulls Li Zhiwan’s sleeve and shows no expression.
Li Zhiwan pulled open the curtain and looked out of the window. The sky and the earth will change color to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and forty-six Farewell to Tang gaozu
Li Chongjiu, the queen of the temple in Bibei Town, returned to Mulan Grassland directly from Liaoxi County with a victorious army.
When the army passed by the Xi Khan Hall, it was heard that Li Chongjiu had defeated the two counties in western Liaoning and defeated the Koguryo people, and then the Xi Khan Hall also had a movement.
But Koguryo is a big country in Liaodong, which is several times stronger than the Khitan. Li Chongjiu can defeat Koguryo’s army after breaking the city, and it is enough for these elders to re-evaluate Li Chongjiu. When the Xi elders are all waiting for Li Chongjiu’s triumphant army ten miles outside the Khan Hall,
These elders are also snobs. When they saw Li Chongjiu, F m: NGF, at the beginning, those who had bad feelings with each other were not Li Chongjiu’s "health retirement" wild things. Generally, the elders also regretted their words. Didn’t they grovel to let them sign the city alliance when they saw this? Li Chongjiu’s people were like Wang Mahan and Weichi Gong, so the generals of the Han army were all full of sneer, while Ying Hefu entrusted them with a face of embarrassment.
Li Chongjiu’s great victory not only opened up the territory and expanded the territory, but also increased the strength of Liaoxi, Liaodong and Liaoxi counties. Otherwise, how could these elders’ wake up’ so quickly? Now they heard that the Xi department of the humiliating king’s department had pushed their luck and demanded that Wu Hou Qin’s water be ceded to the Mohe Fu department. These elders were in a hurry and remembered that Li Chongjiu had led them to defeat the Qidan people. Now they want Li Chongjiu to come forward to humiliate them.
Sometimes I beg you to cool you off when you don’t have time.
Li Chongjiu, a generation with warm and cold human feelings, has realized a lot earlier. Who didn’t come over and think like that would have opened his mind? Without the support of these elders, he couldn’t inherit Khan’s situation. The personal honor and disgrace of his mother is much more important than the feeling of her mother.
So Li Chongjiu didn’t take the opportunity to embarrass the elders, and promised to come forward to humiliate the king’s department to deal with this matter by himself. Of course, Li Chongjiu won’t let them go lightly. He also planned to set up a Wansheng army in front of the elders. Li Chongjiu meant to let the tribal leaders of the Xi tribe put their brothers into the Wansheng army and Li Chongjiu’s pro-army guarded Yuyi Town.
Xi elders are not stupid people. They know that this is tantamount to handing over all the younger brothers of the clan to Li Chongjiu in disguise. However, when the Xi elders all know each other, they agreed to 600 Xi nobles and brothers, and 300 brothers who were originally attached to the heads of various ministries of the khanate, such as Wu Hou Qin Shui, Qi Tiele Khitan Shiwei, to form an all-conquering army. As a result, Li Chongjiu’s pro-army deployed a grassland ranger to form an elite team in addition to Wang Mahan’s cavalry regiment.
After Wan Shengjun became an army, he suddenly collected Cui Xu’s forehead and entrusted Ying Hefu. When they were preparing to disperse with all the ministries of Yu Grassland, Li Chongjiu suddenly heard that Li Hususu had arrived at the Xizu Khan Hall. Li Chongjiu knew that Su Su was a county chief, and it was no small matter to let him leave his post and come to the grassland in person.
It was only after Li Chongjiu met the two men that he realized that it was Yanmen County.
It turns out that since the beginning of spring, Liu Wuzhou led 10,000 troops to surround Fanshi County, and Wang Zhi argued that the two men led the army to defend the isolated city day and night. However, Lai Liangcao will do his best to resist for half a year. Chen Xiaoyi has been writing letters all the way to the south, Taiyuan and Jiangdu, and sent people to help Li Yuan and Yang Guang continuously, but the letters have gone like a stone and there has been no response. Chen Xiaoyi Wang Zhi argued that he seems to know that the tide is over and still be loyal to his duties. Every morning and evening, he bowed down to the emperor’s imperial palace and cried bitterly. Although the defenders in the city are
Li Chongjiu is also white. Su Su Li Hu means that when the Wild Goose Gate was besieged, he also argued with Chen Xiaoyi and Wang Zhi one after another, hoping that they would take refuge in Gujun, so that they could send troops to rescue the Wild Goose Gate or this excuse for Liu Wuzhou to negotiate, but Chen Xiaoyi flatly refused and even cut off the messenger’s right ear. In front of the messenger, he cursed Li Chongjiu as a traitor and he was at odds.
Li Chongjiu was furious when he saw the angel’s tragedy. He simply ignored Yanmen County and concentrated on developing eastward.
Now when the county town is broken, that is, if you don’t ignore it, then Liu Wuzhou will directly face Liu Wuzhou in the east of Hougu County, and there will be no buffer between the two, so Li Chongjiu must invest heavily in the east to guard against Liu Wuzhou.
Su Su and Li Hu all mean the same thing. Even if Chen Xiaoyi doesn’t surrender to Li Chongjiu, he must send troops to save the numerous times at the moment. County Li Chongjiu nodded his head. When he was pregnant with the wild town, Chen Xiaoyi was still very supportive of himself. Today, he is still very grateful to him. Although Chen Xiaoyi is unkind, he has no selfishness. Although Li Chongjiu is very unhappy because of the humiliation of the messenger, he is still very admired for such people.
So Li Chongjiu decided to lead the army to support him. This is just a saddle and he has to go back to battle.
When Li Chong-jiu led the newly-made Wansheng Army with 2,500 cavalry, and Weichi Gong Zhao Ting led 3,000 county soldiers to follow up and enter Yanmen County via the Great Wall, at the same time, Li Hu was sent to Huaihuang Town to guard against Turks, while Su Su secretly went from Zhuojun to Gugaochu Chenke led 2,000 county soldiers and 3,000 new recruits to station in Lingqiu County, and rode off the flying fox mouth for five hundred times to rescue Fanshi County in two ways.
Yu Yinghe, Frotto and other four military commanders, Li Chongjiu’s golden arrow, dispatched troops to the various parts of the grassland and then prepared to move west. Li Chongjiu led the cavalry to throw off the infantry and scurried all the way. On the 10th, he arrived at an isolated city in Fanshi County, surrounded by three layers outside the Liu Wuzhou army.
The army of Liu Wuzhou in the city is attacking the city, and the army of Liu Wuzhou has dispatched a ladder truck to attack the city, while the defenders of the city are throwing oil bottles and bravely resisting the smoke at the edge of the city. The tower in the north city is burning with a raging fire, and the situation in the county is now like a dangerous egg that can be broken in an instant. Li Chongjiu ordered zuyu to erect himself in the north of the city. In addition, he suspected that he had arrived at the rate of troops outside the city.
If I really saw Li Chongjiu’s flag city, the Liu Wuzhou army was like a wave of attacks on the city head. Suddenly, the sound of sounding gold and blowing horns stopped, and the siege army returned to the camp. Then a cavalry of more than a thousand people deployed in the direction of Li Chongjiu’s hills.
Now, the troops with pale heads are all overwhelmed, where can they get the strength to fight? But Liu Wuzhou’s move is obviously very mindful of Li Chongjiu.
Immediately, the Liu Wuzhou army sent an emissary to the front of Li Chongjiu. The emissary was also an old acquaintance of Li Chongjiu who sent a trip to Langjiang Huangying.
When Huang Ying saw Li Chongjiu, she cut to the chase and accused him of saying, "Li Shijun, we Khan has always been very respectful to the foot, and the two families have also made friends. Before we sent troops, Turkic Khan deliberately set out to attack Huaihuang Town several times, and my Khan tried his best to dissuade the Turks from putting in a good word for the monarch and making him lead the army to interfere in our siege. Isn’t this not only very indignant for our country, but also a common indignation among people and gods!"
See Huang Ying scratching said such a pile and it is so imposing that Li Chongjiu couldn’t help laughing and saying, "Huang Lang will misunderstand that I came here with an army not to interfere with the siege of Ding Yang Khan, but to lead an army to help you. Didn’t Yang Khan also lead the army to station in the west of Huaihuang Town when I cut Qidan?"
"this!" Huang Ying was suddenly speechless.
And Li Chongjiu continued to say with a sincere face, "I have always remembered that my heart is not evil, and I am also leading the army here today. If Khan cares about Jiancheng, please feel free to tell me that I am willing to lead the army."
You!’ Huang Ying was so angry that he immediately shivered and said, "It’s really a sublime grassland. Li Shijun remembered this situation in my Khan."
When Huang Ying rode back to the camp and Li Chongjiu saw it, they all laughed.
Wen Yanbo’s foreword says, "Your envoy Liu Wuzhou is nothing but a Turk, but beating a dog depends on his master. Turk is an enemy. If you scratch your back, you need to be cautious."
Li Chongjiu nodded and said, "The Turks began to finish Khan’s illness. The Turks are busy competing for Khan’s leisure time, and we will be arrogant for a few days at the moment."
See Li Chongjiu so self-deprecating people is also laughing.
When Li Chong was stationed outside the Nine Cities, Liu Wuzhou stopped the siege. A few days later, Weichi Gong Zhao Ting, Su Su Gao Chu all led their troops to Yanmen City, and Li Chong’s nine armies reached eleven thousand, which was more than Liu Wuzhou’s military strength.
And Liu Wuzhou has just driven 3,000 reinforcements from Mayi County. At that time, it felt that the pressure was greatly increased, so it contracted the encirclement of Fanshi County, and Li Chongjiu took advantage of this gap to secretly transport some rations into Fanshi County in the night, which immediately solved the food shortage crisis in the city. The next day, the Liu Wuzhou army was even more demoralized after learning the news.
When Li Chongjiu and Liu Wuzhou wanted to take this opportunity to withdraw their troops, they suddenly saw a large army in the southern cage. The soldiers of this army were all dressed in real armor and obviously were elite divisions, and the flag was the big Sui Hehong flag.
Lee Chong-jiu looked at Shannan at a distance, and his eyes narrowed to reveal the new color at the moment when the red flag with white characters and Li characters appeared …
Chapter two hundred and forty-seven Potential
See Tang gaozu army disposal Wang Mahan sarcastically said, "Tang gaozu didn’t send a single soldier in this complicated county for half a year, but when our army arrived in complicated county, he came with an army. Tang gaozu is really a loyal minister of the court."
Wen Yanbo said, "Tang gaozu’s sudden visit to this place does not make you want to be careful."
"Tell the satrap! Tang gaozu’s army is from Jinyang. Ten thousand troops are all elite. "Tanma told Li Chongjiu the news.
"Know" Li Chongjiu nodded and looked at the mountain. Tang gaozu’s army was deployed directly along a hill, while in the face of Li Chongjiu’s direction in Liu Wuzhou, he sent a thousand Xuanjia cavalry troops to the mountain to arrange a heavy and heavy statutes. You can tell at a glance that it is a long-term levy and used war generals before you can cloth out the battle.
Xuanjia fighters were arranged five miles away from Li Chongjiu, and then rode to Li Chongjiu camp in Liu Wuzhou for a ride. They came to the front of Li Chongjiu camp to meet Li Chongjiu and said, "Tang Gongyi said that Jin Yanggong had not seen what he wanted for a year, so please ask Li Shijun to meet him."
After the Sui Dynasty, an old man in Tsing Yi, Li Chong-jiu Army, stood on a slope hundreds of steps away, and the old man in Tsing Yi came in a graceful way, but this man died of physical tolerance, not Li Yuan, but also a human being.
Wen Yanbo said, "The satrap Liu Wuzhou army secretly tied the knot in the distance. I’m afraid Tang gaozu’s trip is not well-intentioned and needs to be careful." Li Chongjiu nodded his head. Did Tang gaozu come here to shoot the halberd or pull the frame? I don’t know the intention, but I saw Tang gaozu go to the meeting alone and one side of the Liu Wuzhou camp was also riding slowly. I think it was Liu Wuzhou’s suspicion
Li Chongjiu did not want him to follow the command of Wang Mahan Wen Yanbo to keep the camp. After Li Chongjiu rode alone and whipped the mountain horse to set foot on the yellow sand, Li Chongjiu suddenly stopped in front of Li Yuan’s horse for ten steps.
Behind Tang gaozu, thousands of steps are like mountains and forests, and armored cavalry set off behind him.
Li Chongjiu thought that when his father asked for relatives and humiliated Jin Yanggong, the other party took away his tableware, and the robe peeled off for a moment, so that when the officials ridiculed him, Li Zhiwan could not meet each other. All this was attributed to this person.
Buried in the bottom of my heart, Li Chongjiu took a deep breath and said, "Li Yuan!"
The breeze hit the corner of Tang gaozu’s sleeve robe and rolled it up slightly. He took a deep look at Li Chongjiu and was surprised that the young general who seemed to be able to knead the eagle at will seemed to be somewhat different today.
When Li Chongjiu and Li Yuan looked at each other, a big man rode a horse in the horseshoe, and the big man looked very rough and wore a linen waistcoat around his cheeks, and both his left and right arms wore armguards and wrist bands.
The other party said according to Ma Yan, "Are you Li Yuan?"
Tang gaozu’s eyes swept away and said, "The pavilion is to decide Yang Khan. It has long been famous."
"Bah! Don’t give me this "Liu Wuzhou" drink a way "I khan confrontation in the city you troops will sit quietly? Or a yellowbird? "
Li Chongjiu praised slightly from the bottom of my heart. It seems that Liu Wuzhou is a wise man. At this time, the two males are fighting for justice, which cannot benefit Tang gaozu.
Li Yuan said calmly, "The old lady stayed in Taiyuan and left Mayi Loufan Yanmen four counties in Taiyuan. You have taken the Yanmen from two counties and now you have come to seize Yanmen. Who will benefit from the danger of others?"
Liu Wuzhou smiled disdainfully and touched the hand full of campus. "This day, the soil is not granted to everyone. If Tang Gong wants to recapture the second county of Mayi Loufan, although you can put your horse to take me and pose for it, how dare you?" Are you afraid of my 30 thousand army or the Turks’ 400 thousand fighters? "
Speaking of which, Liu Wuzhou took a glance at Li Chongjiu’s warning in cold hum 1. This means, of course, that Li Chongjiu should weigh whether he has anything to contend with the Turks.