Pi two dog was dumbfounded. "Manager Jiang, do you live in my house?"

"Nonsense, I can’t live here. Where do you live?" Jiang Xuemei didn’t good the spirit white his one eye
"ah? Well, have you seen my house or a mud tile house? You are used to living in a broken building. Can you stand it? " Pi two dog blame embarrassed looking at Jiang Xuemei way
"No problem, the mud tile house is warm in winter and cool in summer!"
Seeing that she said this, Pi two dog said nothing. First, move the luggage into the house and ask Xiang Hehua to clean up the other guest room.
Ling Yao came with the truck village earlier.
When I saw Lingyao coming, Pi two dog was surprised and opened his mouth. "Lingyao pulled five thousand pounds yesterday and you finished in one day?"
"The elder brother of the dog, you don’t know how prosperous the hotel business is! The proprietress also borrowed a five-star hotel for trial operation today! " Ling Yao threw a big bang way
"The five-star hotel is tall if you think about it!" He is really happy for Yanji when she sees that her business is getting bigger.
However, because of the misunderstanding that night, Yanji really treated her like that for several days and ignored him.
"By the way, the wife of shop-owner said that you saved her. She has today because of you! She sent you a gift! " Speaking of Lingyao, you can see that the jewelry box is a piece of green jade carving and a bodhisattva treasure body.
"It’s very valuable that the proprietress of the King Green specially asked someone to bring it back from the Emerald Kingdom!"
"Shrimp? How dare I ask for such an expensive gift? Thank you, boss-in-law, for taking it back! " Pi two dog was just secretly pleased. Great. The proprietress took the initiative to turn over that page.
"The proprietress said that if you don’t accept it, throw it away!" Lingyao was bound to throw the leather two dog, but she grabbed the baby and said, "What a pity to throw away such a precious thing!"
With that, this guy recited a spell and made a magic blessing on this piece of king green, then he wore a neck all the time.
You know, King Green is a magic weapon to ward off evil spirits and protect yourself.
"Brother Dog, please hire someone to pick vegetables!" Ling Yao said that the hotel is waiting over there.
"By the way, from now on, my vegetable manager will take care of this piece of vegetables. Her name is Jiang Xuemei, and you can contact her after you leave a message for each other!" Said the skin two dog is called Jiang Xuemei come and introduce two people.
In a short while, Jiang Xuemei went to the village with Xiang Lotus and invited a helper.
Ling Yao called him to the room and said, "Brother Dog, my heart is filled with you. Why are you ignoring me?"? Kiss me! "
Pi two dog, after all, is better than Ling Yao, who has no affection and affection, so he is budding with two kisses on the house.
Kissed a skin two dog see ling yao to remove the clothes, just make a tingle escaped from the room to go out with Liu Wen hit a Liu Wen pulled him away "dog elder brother agreed to talk to the mayor winery to join you don’t mind! No, I can’t wait for the car to go! "
"Wenwen is not in a hurry to buy and sell?" Pi two dog looked at Liu Wendao in distress situation.
"How can you not worry? Maybe Mayor Wan is looking for someone to invest everywhere? Let’s not talk about investing in sounding her out. "
Listen to what Liu Wen said makes sense. Pi two dog nodded and let Liu Wen pull all the way to Baiyang Town.
Come to Baiyang Town House Pi two dog to call Tian Xiaoxia first. Tian Xiaoxia is concerned. "Brother Dog is terrible! Zhang Ji quarreled with Mayor Wan, and he is going to start work soon. You are going to the fourth floor! "
Shrimp? Meow! Is this happening?
With a genial smile, Pi two dog and Liu Wen rushed into the office building and took the stairs on the fifth floor. Seeing Tian Xiaoxia’s face turned white, two bosses in the town fought. She was so scared that she couldn’t breathe.
Pi two dog, a gust of wind blew to Wan Shanhong’s office and went to the door to see a man with five big and three thick faces and a fierce belly who was confronting Wan Shanhong.
"Zhang Ji, when you finally gave me a month! If the winery is still not profitable, I will sell whoever you want without saying anything! " Wan Shanhong argued and looked at Zhang Dakuang and said.
Shrimp? Look at this posture. Is it crazy to force Wan Shanhong to hand over the winery director and sell the winery?
Not from Pi two dog’s heart. If the winery sold him five acres of rice, wouldn’t it be white? And the butterfly effect will make the situation of Wan Shanhong Town Government even more desperate.
She’s just pointing to running a winery and making a turnaround.
"Name is wan, you smelly bitch. Are you looking for a backer? Who is your ya backer? Grass! Registration number is coming! " This big madman is as famous as his name. Wan Shanhong is also the mayor, but he scolds Mayor Wan just like scolding a dog.
"I don’t have a backer, Zhang Ji. Please give me a month for a month! If there is still no improvement after one month, I will resign voluntarily! " In the face of the menacing boss, Wan Shanhong has to be a ninja no matter how big her temper is. Although she has found Pi two dog now, she has only known Pi two dog for a few days. That guy hasn’t been tested yet. How crazy she is? She is a calm expression.
Chapter 41 White apricot is coming
"I quit your sister without a backer. Are you a dead woman with a hard hair? You’re welcome if you don’t pay for it! " Zhang Dakuang shouted.
"Zhang Ji, are you yelling at a dog? I am the mayor of Baiyang Town, not a dog! " Wan Shanhong said that the clay idol still has a temper. This name is Zhang, and it’s like being uneducated. It’s rude to talk without saying anything or yelling.
Just yell once or twice. This old thing keeps yelling. It’s really easy to bully an aunt!
"Yo-ho, Wan Shanhong, you bitch. You’re right. You’re not a dog. You’re a mad dog. Dare to bite? You bite me! " Zhang Dakuang’s new taste shook his legs and forced King Kong to glare at Wan Shanhong in the first few steps.
"Zhang ji, please show some respect! I’ll put it out today. I’m the director of Baiyang Liquor Factory. I can’t just hand it over to you! If you want to sell it at a low price, it’s only 3 million yuan. You can do it! I tell you it’s impossible! " Wan Shanhong is like a volcanic eruption, glaring at Zhang Kuangdao.
"Oh, bite bite me so painful! It’s impossible to remember big or grow up in town. Who’s in charge here gets to talk to you? I’m the director of Baiyang Liquor Factory. I’ll take it back if I want. Who dares to say no! " Zhang Dakuang grabbed Wan Shanhong’s shoulders and shook Wan Shanhong angrily. "Who dares to say no? Is that you? Say it again! "
"You let me go! How can you let thousands of employees in the winery live when they are on duty? Have you thought about how to arrange them? I just ask for a month. Can’t a month? ! Don’t touch me! " Wan Shanhong force a jilt to jilt open crazy claws.