"Congratulations to the brutal manor owner for completing the achievement of’ Practicing the Manor Master One’ and unlocking the brutal orientation skill’ The Manor Owner’s Cruel Examination’"

"Noble manor owners who have achieved’ practical manor owners’ occasionally go to punish their servants for offending themselves, satisfy their cruel desires and personally beat, torture and execute manor servants to unlock other achievements …"
"Brutality to Skills’ A Brutal Examination of Manor Owners’ When the manor owners tamed, they penetrated the cause and effect. As far as possible, you are a cruel manor owner. You can see even a little mistake in the work of manor servants at a glance and ridicule them mercilessly. Let the servants tremble in your cruel eyes!"
I’ll go!
Not far from seeing this skill, Zhuang suddenly widened his eyes and looked like a magical skill!
But this is a brutal skill. Do you want to exchange it or not? Will it have any bad effects?
After much deliberation, Zhuang finally changed his teeth!
The greasy mechanical giant dog hovered in the void, and a stout middle-aged man was climbing and banging.
"This dog is too old and getting more and more honored … wrench number six!"
A relatively slender hand reached over and handed a wrench.
Suddenly, the middle-aged man sniffed again. "The brutality is very close …"
Chapter 67 Novice Toolbox Farming Cattle and Banyan
Zhao Min said that if the "novice toolbox" can be planted, it may be possible to plant the secondary output before. Not far from the village, he has been paying close attention to the planting of the "novice toolbox"
A grotesque tree in the garden on the left side of the manor has grown to more than 20 meters high.
But not far from Zhuang, I don’t know what to look like.
What is this special "novice toolbox"? Not far from Zhuang, he felt that he must have been spoofed.
What does this have to do with the toolbox?
In fact, he has been growing out of this tree, and the result is actually a large and small toolbox. When the toolbox is mature, you can see that there are large and small wrenches, screwdrivers, screws and nuts, vernier calipers …
It turns out that the manor is not far away, and the imagination is too rich and it is too inconsistent with the world view of the manor owners.
The concept of "tools" of manor owners is completely different from that of Zhuang.
After Zhao Min explained that Zhuang was not far away, he knew that the novice toolbox had ten species and three species, all of which were the most plant species in the manor.
This is one of them.
Zhuang not far looked at it curiously.
It is also looking at Zhuang curiously, not far away, and its big eyes are full of meekness.
Yes, I’m watching
The tree in front of me doesn’t look like a plant except that it was planted in the ground.
Perhaps the concepts of plants and animals in the universe are not so accurate.
At present, this strange creature is like several vines twisted together, and the top of the vines forms a head resembling a bull’s head, staring at the village from a height of more than 20 meters. Two curved spiral horns are sharp, beautiful and … dangerous by the aggregation of blade-shaped leaves.
Counting vines at the back of its head is like thousands of wagging tails.
"Don’t be nervous, Master Zhuang, step forward to familiarize it with your smell and then water it." Zhao Min comforted Zhuang not far away. "This kind of oxen and banyan is very tame."
Meek? Not far from Zhuang, he feels sweaty in his hands. Look at the thick vines that keep swinging. Each of them is thicker than his arm. If they are rolled, he can go directly to make dumplings with minced meat.
The sharp corner is made up of dozens of blades spirally arranged and arranged in rows, just like a peerless weapon, which can pierce him from beginning to end if stabbed.
Zhuang carefully stepped forward and picked up the kettle to water its roots.
With the water flowing with the power of blood, it swings quickly and can be seen that it is very heart-warming.
When the kettle was emptied not far from Zhuang, it bowed its head and put out its thick tongue and licked it not far from Zhuang.
Cool and a little wet, the tongue is a little fresh with plants, not as sticky as the animal tongue, and a little mint fragrance.
It’s quite comfortable to be licked not far from a village
"It’s showing kindness to the owner of the farm. You put your hand on its head, which means you are its owner …" Zhao Min was still in command and suddenly found that things were a little out of control. Usually, the cultivated cow banyan would stop after licking the owner’s taste, but this cultivated cow banyan kept licking her face not far from the farm because of the size difference between the two sides. Not far from the farm, it was licked a little bit.
"Master Zhuang, it likes you very much." Zhao Minle said ha ha.
No, i think it likes blood.
Zhuang is not far away. It’s hard to tell whether it’s an animal or a plant from this end. The big guy’s tongue escapes and puts his hand on its two huge corners.
Everyone sticks out his tongue to lick Zhuang’s hand again.
When I was sprayed with blood, I wiped my face not far from hou zhuang. Although it is not much, it also contains a little blood effect
Big guy has no resistance to the taste of blood.
"All right, all right …" Not far from Zhuang, he quickly took back his hand and ordered, "Stop!"
Everyone stopped his eyes and stared at Zhuang. Not far from Zhuang, he could feel an emotion called "trust".
Although this thing is very big, the fact is that it is a "newborn" like a blank sheet of paper.
"You will be a member of the manor after being good." Not far from Zhuang, I couldn’t help but stretch out my hand and patted it. The big guy put out his tongue again and washed Zhuang’s face not far away.
Not far from Zhuang, I feel that I can’t wash my face in my life and I can’t do any skin care.
Nothing like aloe cream or sticking cucumber slices is better than being licked twice a day by a big guy
"Please ask the owner to name it!" Zhao mindao
"I’ll give you a name. Well, I’ll just call you Daniel." Not far from Zhuang, I named the plowing cow banyan.
The servants of the manor looked disgusted with the expression, but Daniel’s expression was very heart-warming. It made a similar moo, and the body suddenly shook and swayed. The vines gathered together and gradually aggregated into limbs. Finally, the thick roots were pulled out of the land and gradually entered the abdominal cavity.
In less than five minutes, a huge bison-like creature appeared not far from the village, which was entangled with a plant rattan.