"Let the director call me immediately when he comes back." Stone Secret said that he couldn’t move his mind. "Let’s leave a message."

He looked at Chen Yi without saying anything.
The two chief priests are clever people who instantly understand what problems they are in.
The Chen family actually crossed the minister’s direct order?
What is the taboo of officialdom? This is the biggest taboo of officialdom!
Two people suddenly all dare not speak.
Stone secret is in a good mood again. Do you still want to get things done without going through the minister? Go ahead and knock on the door.
Chapter five hundred and forty Central (3)
Chen Yi did not care that it was not the ministers and directors, but the specific managers.
Even if the national leader tells the minister to say "I’ll do it myself", it’s only when the deputy minister or the directors personally say the importance of the matter and then instruct the directors to "do it yourself". The directors will find the directors and the directors will find the section chiefs-in the final analysis, there are not many section chiefs who can do things themselves.
There are many requirements and rules for government work. If you are an official for a long time, the section chief will easily lose everything. If you want to do things really well and quickly, it is not the fastest for the section chief to do it. Only when the section chief or director supervises the chief clerk and deputy chief clerk can you really do a good job.
If a director can personally hold the documents and stamp them in various departments at the director’s request and the vice minister’s note, it will be a green light all the way.
Just like Director Fan and Director Zhou here, the former is still an engineer by training, but he can’t say the specific work flow of architectural planning. Director Zhou is even a professional official who doesn’t know any professional skills at all, and he only knows important people.
If you want to know where they are, it is to know who to assign the work to.
No, they can hear Chen Yi hanging a listening scroll.
After a delay of half a minute, he ordered, "Go and get Director Li of the Planning Department and Director Ke Zhu of the Personnel Department."
Naked bear "oh" has always taken two steps outside, raised his wrist and talked to his mouth.
Stone secret this just know somebody else with people?
"What does Mr. Chen want with Director Li and Ke Zhu?" His eyes are wrinkled with laughter.
Chen Yi ignored him.
Stone secret a nasty grind. "What can I do for you? Let’s talk to the minister inside."
He can’t take care of himself.
"If the minister has anything to say, he will naturally say what you are in a hurry?" Chen Yi’s face is so dignified that it is easy to forget his age.
Shi Mi opened his mouth and finally closed it.
Director Li and Ke Zhu came very quickly, and each of them was accompanied by a martial arts school student.
Stone secret went to inform the minister first and then quickly turned back to shake hands with Chen Yi.
His eyes looked like staring at a mouse eagle, and he was very sharp. He said, "Mr. Chen Yi is a member of Chen’s Committee, and Sun has something to ask. Do you know what you have to say?"
Say whatever you want, just don’t say anything. It’s best to be vague.
A director, mainly because he couldn’t listen to Baishi’s secret words, was killed in tofu.
Chen Yi naturally understood his small movements but was indifferent.
Stone secret to one side reluctantly smiled and thought this was to offend Chen Yi.
Director Fan and Director Zhou kept silent like an old monk.