"Then it won’t break the world barrier" delimits Excalibur Road.

"But if it didn’t die, then how can several articles be born one after another? So it finally died "Gu Qingshan way.
One man and one sword are no longer words. Keep a close eye on the monster.
Time goes by
After dozens of breaths, the Creator-level monster uttered a grand and long lament.
One after another, it wailed through the whole loneliness.
"Poor …" Bound Excalibur sighed.
"If it has predicted its own field, what will it do at this moment?" Gu Qingshan frown way
The monster looked at Gu Qingshan fiercely.
The hundreds of eyes in its head exude splendor, as if it had fallen to Gu Qingshan through poor times.
"Did it see you?" Delimitation Excalibur surprised way
Another long sword came out of the void to block Gu Qingshan’s front voice "Be careful"
"It’s okay. Although it can see the future, it can’t do anything." Gu Qingshan said lightly.
He looked at the monster from afar through the end.
Looking from the future to the past
This feeling is particularly wonderful.
Gu Qingshan seemed to feel the sadness in each other’s hearts.
an instant
The monster stared at Gu Qingshan’s mouth and said, "Loneliness is nothing to be trapped here … It’s nothing."
"but if"
"This is an illusion …"
Its grand sound echoed in the darkness for a long time, but it didn’t ring again.
Gu Qingshan looked at its hundreds of eyes full of sorrow, and a little enlightenment gradually rose in his heart.
Gu Qingshan jumped in his heart and shouted, "Don’t touch the world barrier, it will be completely destroyed!"
-the creator level monster has been reluctant to live.
The monster hesitated for a few minutes, stretched out his forearm and slowly waved the barrier force to the world.
"Let me be in vain. This is where I create the dignity of the Lord!"
It roared
The world barrier should be broken.
The fog suddenly appeared.
Destroy everything. The fog is constantly spreading.