There are even a few people who have asked a wonderful question, "How do you prove that you are you?"

Hemp egg! How can I prove it when I always wear a mask?
Do you have to prove that the mask of Siebel’s cargo face is not the same as the metal pattern worn by the old face? Do you want to get another spectral analysis and make a material identification?
As the shadow clarification message spread out, the "true and false shadow" smell flowed out in a small area of the broken star domain.
However, this kind of news was quickly refuted by the original affiliated forces of the Dark Temple. This rumor was that someone pretended to be a big boss and rubbed the heat. It soon stopped at the "wise man" …
"Soul light! These guys are just pretending to be confused! "
Soon, I thought that the shadow of the white middle button could hardly wait to drive the shadow number to evaporate these swing individuals.
The Dark Temple fell, the Pirate King rose, and the whole broken star domain was "allied", which is the general trend of winning and losing!
At this time, even if he takes a mask to show his true colors, I’m afraid everyone will point to his nose and say it’s fake.
But it’s a pity that I looked at the ravaged shadow behind me, which is undergoing emergency maintenance. Shadow can bear this tone for a while.
"How long will it take for the body to be repaired?" Shadow cold channel
"This ….. God made the adult Shadow number suffer too much. This base is a temporary shelter. Many pieces are out of stock. I’m afraid we can’t repair the Shadow number.
Even if you try to repair the combat performance, it will be greatly affected. "A believer is embarrassed."
Shadow frowned.
In the second "Little Black House" World War I, he could feel that the man-machine armor conditions such as Red Dragon and Madman were surprisingly good, and the fighting capacity rose by at least 2% compared with what he had known before, almost returning to the peak of the strange mecha.
He guessed that it was probably the technical support behind everything.
The ability to repair the strange mecha core made him more afraid of this mysterious organization.
There are five odd shadows across the street, and he will never dare to take any risks again.
"Forget it, with the Shadow, we will go to the Locke consortium immediately and get all the repair equipment ready!"
The dark temple has no broken star domain and has completed the enemy camp shadow, and finally decided to temporarily avoid the edge.
"The pirate king? Hum! Let you be proud for a while and I will come back … "The shadow eyes turned cold and walked towards a moored warship.
But he didn’t notice behind the shadow, the dark red eyes faintly strange silver flow …
"Ha ha ha! Laughing me to death, how can you prove that you are you? Ha, ha, ha … I’m afraid that shadow guy is furious now, right?
Are you scared to let this guy pretend to wear a mask every day? "Red dragon clap table laugh.
After the establishment of the alliance, Nie Yun immediately integrated the intelligence bodies owned by the major pirate groups to monitor the response of the whole broken star domain to the establishment of the alliance.
Intelligence soon continuously sent to NieYun hands naturally mixed with "true and false shadow" gossip.
Flint didn’t laugh, but frowned. "The Pirate King’s adult, I don’t think it is necessary to gild the lily. The power of our six pirates has already contributed to the establishment of the alliance."
The vassals of the Dark Temple can be dealt with easily in some time.
And pretending to be the other side will not benefit us except completely angering the shadow. "
Except … it gives you an extra seat …
Of course, he dare not say this in front of NieYun.
Yun Nie took one look at Flint and immediately saw through his small thoughts.
"Don’t worry, Caron and Shadow are both my people. Naturally, they want to eliminate the pirate king. The pirate king will eventually be selected among the five of us every five years."