Chen Bo also pulled Zhou Hongbi aside. The title of Zhou Cannon is not white. It is almost like a powder keg. If it is lit, it will end in discord, and it will be embarrassing, and it will also make others see jokes.

Good people are also child prodigies. Although they are not too old, they are not so generous. I wish I could comfort them.
After a simple meal, it gradually went on until after 6 o’clock in the afternoon, and the audience could already be heard entering the stadium. It seems that this battle is still not small, and I don’t know whether it is for the stars or for them.
Reporters keep coming in for random interviews, but Chen Bo secretly glanced at the locker room of the star football team next to him. There are more than twice as many reporters there as here, and entrepreneurs like Niu B are not as influential as Xing.
At 7 o’clock, the referee team informed the players that they could warm up. Everyone walked out of the locker room and rushed to the stadium. They were accompanied by the star team players.
I went to that tall man, isn’t it Uncle Guo? Chen Bo is like asking him if he knows that there is a brother named Jason Statham abroad, but out of respect for the old artist, he simply shook hands and smiled.
At first glance, you can’t see the popular fried chicken and small fresh meat in the past. It’s really all some old artists who often show up in the Spring Festival Evening. Uncle Shan and Feng Niu are all combined, and after more than ten years, they can still be the sexy goddess. Teacher Cai is actually a cheerleader.
But Chen Bo is more interested in their famous mouths.
"Teacher Song Shixiong is honored to grow up listening to your voice."
"Teacher Luo Jing pays more attention to the cause of body news broadcast. It’s boring without you."
"Teacher Huang, we are not fighting alone!"
"Brother Duan Xuan, remember to wear pants when you broadcast live. Flower underpants are really ugly …"
This greeting not only prepared the hosts for confusion, but also made Chen Bo almost forget that he was coming to play against them.
When I stepped into the stadium, the feeling was very different from that when I stepped on the court in the afternoon. At that time, there was not even a bird hanging around, but now there are less than 20 thousand people sitting in the stands, and the crowds are already dark.
Although this scene is not noisy, at least it is a banner, and there are various flags in the audience camp.
Although groupies account for a part, they are more advertisements of various companies, especially the bright Yahoo! No wonder you are so fat this week!
Chapter 50 Kick a ghost!
There is also a conspicuous banner on the right side of the rostrum of the workers’ stadium. Some people have pulled up the banner and said, "Who are we afraid of when the east wind blows and drums?"
I’m here to help my fans, Chen Bo said. That’s the slogan. It’s a bit lw, but they’re huge and full of a district, at least hundreds of people. It’s spectacular.
This must be Xin, the little girl arranged behind Chen Bo’s back that not only several Internet company employees but also Xinghe entertainment personnel became his relatives and friends group.
On the rostrum, this side of the players’ passage is of course the best view. Seeing this, Chen Bo waved his hand to friends and relatives and performed a few flowers, which attracted cheers. The most cheerful people in front of him were Xin and Li Yunxi.
Warm-up is only 2 minutes at most, mainly to avoid situations such as insufficient exercise and muscle strain caused by high-intensity sports. However, Knightley players obviously regard it as a kind of enjoyment. These "stars" who bring their own employees just wave their hands and enjoy this feeling. How can they warm up?
Only a few people who value this matter will actively run laps to warm up and beat their muscles.
The referee urged everyone to go back to the dressing room. Now it’s time to make final preparations before the game.
Shoes, socks, leggings, sports bandages, wearing neat clothes, 11 people can go to the players’ tunnel to prepare for admission. Although the players are not so good, this organization is quite professional. I don’t know which kindergarten has brought a group of lively and lovely children.
In his words, he said, "Although we are not professional athletes, we must be prepared for this style."
The professional competition is to bring children into the stadium, which represents the hope of the future. Chen Bo has also been assigned a very cute little girl with two cocked horns.
"What’s your name, little friend?"
"I … I … call the baby"
"Then how old are you?"
"Mom said I was 4 years old …" The little girl cocked her head and wanted to think, but grandma said angrily, "The teacher said I was three and a half years old …"
In particular, it’s really cute to bite your finger. However, although this group of children is led by a kindergarten teacher next to them to maintain order, they are also naughty to run around from time to time. This baby is clever and has been interacting with Chen Bo.
Music sounded outside the stadium, and the referee was actually an international referee, Sun Baojie. This is not only a golden whistle in the first year of A-League, but also a professor Tsinghua University. However, it is normal for referees to have their own main business and come to work as part-time referees in their spare time.
Sun Baojie is followed by two linesmen respectively, and there is a team of players captain behind each linesman. Generally, the goalkeeper is in front of the head and behind him. This is the most common ranking. Each of the two teams leads a kindergarten child out of the player’s channel slowly, and the last one at the end is to hold the little girl who calls herself "baby" in her arms, Chen Bo.
Watching the players step into the pitch and cheer at the peak of tens of thousands of people shouting at the same time is not only a feeling of boiling blood, but also a feeling that can make the pores and blood swell!
The live DJ introduced each starting player one by one like NBA, which led to the atmosphere of all the audience. Every time a name was read, it caused a cheering star, and the audience had the highest influence. When the players of "Internet Team" were read, they cheered and they brought their own fans.
After raising the national flag and playing the national anthem, Chen Bocai reluctantly sent the lovely little girl out of the stadium in front of the cameras of the two teams, and after taking a routine photo, she will soon take part in this charity match.
The two sides each have a good half-court, and Zhang Chaoyang has a black face. On the left, there is Chen Bo, and on the right, there is Zhou Hongwei. Behind him is Jiucheng Zhu Jun, who protects the front waist and back, and he is physically good. Li Yanhong guards Longmen and Cao Guowei is Xilang Net.
The defenders are all fast runners but strong characters. They don’t want to be awesome, but at least they can withstand the destruction of people’s feet and even succeed.
The referee whistled for a long time, and it was official to fight in the green field.
Chen Bo kicked the ball to the opponent’s foot with Zhang Chaoyang, who had not started the middle circle ball on the left.
Shi! These are all pig teammates. It doesn’t matter if you lose the ball. The key is that there is a swarm of players at the back, and five or six people go around to grab one of others. Then you can think of how big the loophole is
Luo Jing, the host of CCTV with the ball, directly distributed the ball to Uncle Beishan, a high-speed forward-inserted northeast Wang, and the defensive players with a sense of position rushed after the past. Before the time came, the ball went out again, which was just like walking a monkey.
When have you ever seen a group of company presidents in such a mess?
Chen Bo couldn’t see the frontcourt. He rushed back to the backcourt at a sprint speed of 100 meters to catch the attacker. When facing the goalkeeper, he extended a long leg to poke the ball out of the bottom line and gave the opponent a corner kick.
Weeks in red hem hem hem back anxiously shouted "live position! Stay in position! ! Be tactical and disciplined. Keep an eye on people! !”
Kicking and playing with two feet and serious games, after all, different psychological qualities are weak, no matter what you say, those who are in a hurry to protect the restricted area are still looking for a position here, and the corner kick over there has come out in a small arc and flew to the restricted area.
Big burly uncle Guo killed the general from the crowd and broke the net easily with a mallet to rewrite the score to 1-0.
This is too fast, isn’t it? It’s less than two minutes before the goal is scored. Do you want to let people live? What’s wrong with your hair, Uncle Guo?
Perhaps the most frustrating thing is that Cao Guowei was scored without touching the ball at the end. Seeing that Uncle Guo was in high spirits and celebrating crazily was just like attending the World Cup. This kind of depression was even worse when he heard their teammates say that this was Uncle Guo’s first goal since he joined the team.
After the ball returned to the middle circle, Zhang Chaoyang honestly returned the ball to Zhou Hongyin at the moment, so he had to throw this thunder out quickly or he would be responsible.
Don’t look at this week’s round figure in red, but it’s windy to bring the ball. Like a small tank, the impact is still very strong along the right road, but sometimes the manpower is all the way to the bottom line. Zhu Jundu is in place. He just doesn’t get the ball, which makes people a little headache.
The ball exchanges initiative back and forth in the middle of the field, but the bases are all star teams. After all, they have a tacit understanding, are skilled and very disciplined, and generally do not stick to the ball too much, and push forward by reversing their feet layer by layer.
By the time the half-court kick was 30 minutes, Chen Bo was already trying to curse his mother.
The score turned into a shame score of 4, and he went back to the fire on the left for no less than seven times, and at this time, no one gave him the ball. What a ghost are you kicking?
"the ball! The ball! !”
"The ball came out, big brother!"
"You uncle, let me fly to catch the ball?"
This ball is getting more and more popular. Chen Bo hasn’t lost his temper yet. Zhou Hongyin can’t help jumping and cursing.
Ukrainian Union can’t carry it. A group of people have just been walking monkeys. The star team clearly saw the basic skills and tactics here, so they will no longer blindly attack people and leave a line for good meetings in the future. They all know the truth.
In the 40th minute of halftime, Chen Bo took advantage of Huang Jianxiang’s lagging position in midfield, and gave a slightly careless foot to steal, so he dumped him behind him. When Zhu Jun and Zhang Chaoyang saw it, Chen Bo immediately raised his hand and asked for the ball, but he didn’t take a reason and stepped forward.
Chen Bo is young and strong at this time, and his physical function is in the best condition. Although he experienced madness last night, his foot frequency is not greatly affected today. The left guard of the star team is in a strong figure, and the cattle will reach out and intercept him directly. Just then, Chen Bo’s ankle shakes and makes a false move, and it is wiped away in an instant by the change of rhythm.
At this time, it was near the restricted area, and Liu Jianhong, the sports host of the opposing defender, forced it. His foot was hard, and he was really hard-hitting. He was not afraid of anyone. At this time, the most reasonable way was to give the ball to Zhu Jun, but Chen Bo was disappointed with them. How could there be anyone else in his eyes?
See Liu Jianhong will stick to the front of Chen Bo high-speed dribbling and flash to the middle of the road. One gear is 25 meters away from the goal. The body leans back and the ankle exerts force to call the side pocket to make a dazzling arc and shoot directly at the gate guarded by Grandpa Bi!
Rao is that Grandpa Bi jumped three feet high, but his gloves rubbed against the edge of the ball but failed to change the trajectory of the ball’s high-speed rotation. He should go straight into the net and hang into the dead foot of the goal! It’s a goal! !
In response, the players of the Internet team immediately clapped their hands excitedly and were beaten for more than half an hour. Finally, they scored a goal. When they rushed to find Chen Bo, he had already left them and ran to the grass closest to friends and relatives. A passionate kneeling came directly, then both hands made a heart shape and sent a kiss to dedicate the goal to the stands.