Smoke and stone shake and the dust is hazy

No.1 rolled aside with No.5 and looked at the crater two meters away with a concerned face.
No.5 looked at No.1 with gratitude. If No.1 hadn’t saved himself just now, he would have died.
"Are you stupid and don’t know how to run?" No.1 scolded No.15, but pulled No.5 and ran away.
No.5 is very wronged. Hold your mouth tightly and don’t speak.
People didn’t vague hurriedly fled.
At this time, the number one behind the house suddenly shouted, "Run away separately! So that everyone has more opportunities. "
As soon as the voice fell, everyone fled separately.
However, in this scene, in addition to mocking other things in the eyes of the angry golden lion, its speed can be killed one by one even if these teenagers disperse and escape.
Dagger’s long minions easily broke the leather armor of the No.2 body, directly pierced the No.2 body and severely passed through the chest.
A cloud of blood fog burst out and blood spilled.
Everyone noticed that this scene was that everyone didn’t speak and gritted their teeth. Although they were angry, the gap between them and the angry Golden Lion Wang family was too big
The only way is to escape and find the tutor in Xuegong and let them take revenge on Number Two.
Rock crack This angry golden lion Wang Yi jumped up and swept his cold eyes to the nearest No.5.
It has 10,000 reasons not to let go of those human beings who dare to harm it, even though its heir has killed nearly 100 human beings.
The big mouth of the blood basin suddenly opened and saw that it would bite the fifth body.
Screaming, number five fell down and closed his eyes in horror, afraid to look at the fangs that were about to bite him.
And number one, they heard screaming behind them and looked over and saw this scene.
Number five … They can’t save it!
See the anger flame golden lion king fangs is about to touch the 5th head that foul smell has been sent out.
It was an amazing break that shocked everyone.
Including the golden lion king whose head suddenly froze with anger.
Brains burst into red and green. Just now, he opened his mouth and was arrogant. At the moment, the Golden Lion King was smashed and collapsed on the ground. His eyes were blank and he looked at the place behind No.5.
Instantaneous figure stopped beside No.5 and lifted her up.
"It’s okay." Zhaiying also let No.5 open his eyes and stare at this scene stupefied.
Suddenly opened his mouth and looked at her strangely. Zhai Ling, who was similar in age, had two blushes involuntarily.
19, get the treasure (the first more)
A boy of 15 or 16 was actually a trick to slay the vicious Golden Lion King.
The seven people would never have believed it if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes. At the moment, they looked at Zhai Ling in surprise as if they could see a flower.
Especially No.5, the only girl in this squad, looked at Zhai Ling’s handsome and calm face with eyes full of affection. She knew that it was this handsome niche who saved herself and killed the fierce beast as easily as the gods. How could this chic not be missed by the girl?
Zhai Ling saw that everyone looked at his eyes and smiled. Now that the angry golden lion king had been killed by him, he didn’t have to stay here any longer. He turned and walked.
No.1 opened his mouth but didn’t speak. He was a proud man, but in front of Zhai Ling, he gave birth to an inferiority complex and looked deeply at Zhai Ling’s departure.
It was No.5 who suddenly asked, "May I have your name?"
Zhai Ling turned, smiled and shook his head and said, "Don’t thank me for meeting you by chance. We are destined to meet again and leave now."
Zhai Ling refused the girl implicitly, but also directly, No.5 didn’t speak again. She pursed her lips and felt a little lost.
For Zhai Ling, it is a small thing that he can do. He doesn’t care whether others will repay him, but he doesn’t want to do anything deliberately. This is one of the reasons why he wants to walk and naturally he doesn’t want to be named.
Although the former angry golden lion king was repaired in the foundation period, the material is the second layer of strength in the foundation period, which is one of the reasons why Zhai Ling can easily kill him.
After practicing for such a long time, the spirit number of Zhai Ling’s body has already reached 660, even if it is the fifth floor of the foundation period, it is only 700. What’s worse, Zhai Lingling is three times the size of ordinary people, and a single spirit number is not comparable to that of ordinary people.
If the spirit number and strength are converted into one, Zhai Ling now has the strength to reach a hundred cows, which is comparable to the fifth floor of the foundation period
In this way, Zhai Ling is also a genius of reversing the five realms to fix the truth. The ninth floor of the gathering spirit period is against the fifth floor of the foundation period. Those who fix the truth can’t finish talking.
And the elite college on the fifth floor of the foundation period can already apply to enter the core student level, which is a mathematical dream.
Zhai Ling, a younger brother who is not yet an elite student, actually has the strength to fight against the core students. If it goes out, it is estimated that Zhai Ling will be caught by some great powers and stripped out of Zhai Ling’s secret place. Zhai Ling still needs to keep a low profile.
According to the route in memory, it took Zhai Ling less than two hours to get to that area, and then he had to find the specific location.
It is also very simple to find the specific location. When Li Ruoxie placed the Maha smallpox treasure tree, he left his own breath, and the "Super Psychic Skill" practiced by Zhai Ling was also practiced by Li Ruoxie. So if Zhai Ling makes special gestures of Psychic Skill, he can definitely find it.
Just do it!
Zhai Ling determined a glance at the orientation, and the palms were flattened. As the index finger outlined the palms, an aura beam extended.
Then, with the blink of an eye, I saw that the aura light column seemed to be slowly opened, and Zhai Ling’s left hand and two fingers touched the right wrist, and the right index finger touched the scroll to draw the word "seek".
"seek!" Zhai Ling drank too little and increased the aura.
As soon as the instant scroll is shaken, the stars seem to vanish, but Zhai Ling’s manual work remains unchanged and a long snake-like character is faintly lit.
Suddenly, Zhai Ling stopped looking and swept to the left a few miles away.
That’s where I felt something just now
When Zhai Ling wiped his eyes with two fingers and opened his eyes again, he saw a golden light two miles away on the left.
"That’s it." Zhai Ling finally smiled and stopped staying, and immediately ran over.
The light is in front of Zhai Ling. The mountain is very high and hundreds of meters break through the sky.
Zhai Ling didn’t start work, but frowned and looked at the surrounding environment.
Chop the mountain?
Zhai Ling would never do that. It’s a pity that his memory has been blurred here. It seems that there is a faint secret scene …
Zhai Ling touch and stretch out his hand to explore the mountain’s aura and detect the mountain’s situation.
Zhai Ling’s strength detected that one meter is the limit.
Walking along the edge of the foot of the mountain for nearly 100 meters, Zhai Ling suddenly stopped and his eyes lit up.
"Although the soil here is not so loose, it is not the same as those places just now. If there is a secret passage, the entrance to the secret passage is definitely here.
Zhai Ling took a step back reiki wrapped fist stung in the past.