Chapter 135 arrival primitive continent

Sue should come from heaven and go directly to the primitive continent by virtue of the extremely scientific orientation of heaven.
He had just entered the primitive continent, and suddenly it was smashed into pieces by his reincarnation door, which was directly crushed into dust and collapsed into ashes for tens of millions of miles!
His heart was shocked and he quickly dispersed the door. Behind him, there were many rhymes and gods, and all of them flowed into the sea of knowledge and sealed up.
His strength is too strong and the virtual stability of the original continent is too poor, which leads to the fact that this world law can withstand his heavy pressure!
Even if he completely converges his breath, his flesh is the place where the original continent has suffered, and there are tens of thousands of miles of cracks. At the same time, he feels that there are thick earth repulsive forces in the original continent trying to drive him out of the original continent!
His body is so tough that it is dangerous for the world to be safe from this!
"It is no wonder that none of the strong in heaven has returned to the 3,000-world Weifu, except for the scarcity of resources in the 3,000-world and the root causes of these lower worlds."
Su should try his best to restrain his own strength and try not to let it leak out and cause unnecessary damage, so as to take a step towards the core of the primitive continent.
Even if he is so careful, every step he takes will be tens of millions of miles around, and the stars are still turbulent and may break at any time!
This power has surpassed God to the point where all gods look up to it.
Sue didn’t know how powerful she was when she was in heaven, but now she comes to the primitive continent to know how powerful she really is!
He walked out of hundreds of millions of stars and came to the mainland before he entered the atmosphere. Suddenly, the mainland shook endlessly, earthquakes erupted repeatedly, the sea boiled, and the mainland cracked in pieces. He stopped in a hurry.
If he enters the atmosphere, the whole primitive continent will collapse and disintegrate, and even the creatures that multiply in the mainland ocean, including the human demon race, will die!
Now, even if he is the emperor, he will be shocked to death if he faces it a little!
"Glory to my hometown? The return to my hometown caused a little too much noise … "
Su Ying smiled bitterly and dared not continue to approach the sea of knowledge. She took out a series of fairy veins and rubbed them slightly. All these fairy veins burst into pieces, and the rolling aura roared from the sky and poured into the primitive continent to nourish the earth and the sea.
All living things in the whole world looked up in horror at the moment and saw the rolling fairy aura like the same dragon, which plunged into the earth, melted into the ocean and disappeared. Imagination aura spewed out of the mainland and suddenly expanded and became wider. The mountains rumbled and pulled up higher and more beautiful.
Flowers, trees, insects, fish, birds and animals have been nourished by this aura, and they have become stronger and stronger one by one. Some birds and animals have taken a breath of aura and rolled on the spot to become demon monks!
The monks in the primitive continent benefited more. At this time, the aura of the primitive continent was so rich that they could not find the low-level spiritual veins. They could dig out the terraces with a dig. Breathing in the day order spiritual veins, there was plenty of aura to inject into the lungs, so that I don’t know how many monks cultivated the realm!
"What happened? How can a fairy spirit fall from the sky? "
I don’t know how many people looked up into the sky and were pleasantly surprised.
Su Ying once again lifted her feet and went to the mainland. Suddenly, there was a huge shock. A huge crack appeared and almost all the mainland seas were torn apart. She quickly stopped and took out a complete fairy vein to enter the mainland seas and reinforce the world.
Hundreds of millions of people pay attention to the snow-white veins, just like the huge dragons falling one after another. Almost everywhere Lingshan is full of sacred places, and the resources are outrageous!
"Is it true that there are great people in heaven coming to my primitive continent?"
Immortals, such as Chao Sheng and others, have repeatedly increased their numbers and looked up at the sky in disbelief. "Who is this great man so generous that he should move so many fairy veins to strengthen my original mainland? It must be terrible!"
The primitive mainland monks broke through many times, such as cracking the demon emperor, which has accumulated for many years. At this moment, the giants also broke through the final card and made the emperor feel that more fairy veins fell from the sky and were absorbed and refined by them!
At the moment, all the creatures in the primitive continent are in ecstasy, and many people have already realized that this is the coming of a great man in heaven, fearing that the primitive continent is too weak to bear its own power, so they will not hesitate to move the resources of heaven to refine the primitive continent!
"There are many benefits to the arrival of great people in heaven. I wonder if people are so generous?"
The holy leaders of all the holy places got up and gathered together to discuss that "this great man must be serious. When he came to the primitive mainland, we must meet together and gain and lose statecraft."
"But we are not the emperor. I’m afraid we don’t even have the qualifications before the great man …"
"The demon emperor is coming!"
A Lord cried, "The people of Wuxian City are here, and there are three gods, the palace lords! They are the first to become the emperor, and they will lead the way to meet the great people in heaven without losing their courtesy! "
The crack demon emperor should be Zhu Yanxi, the sun and a young man from Zhou Tianxing Palace came together to pay homage to the holy Lord of the three thousand continents, and everyone dared not neglect it.
Cracking the demon emperor four hands smiled. "You and I haven’t been interested in heaven for tens of thousands of years in the primitive mainland. Do you know why this time there is a big man coming?"
The young man in Zhou Tianxing Palace praised that "the great man in heaven should be malicious, otherwise he wouldn’t be so extravagant to upgrade the qualifications of all living things in my primitive mainland. This man is really a model for our generation …"
Xi Taiyue said bitterly, "Brother Yuan, when you talk about the model, I think of a little villain who often talks about the model."
When the lords saw the demon emperor and others coming, they couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. They were not qualified to split the demon emperor and the three deities in front of the big shots in heaven, so that they could meet the big shots without losing their statecraft.
A holy Lord suddenly changed color and was very surprised. "I feel that my self-cultivation has finally broken through the shackles, and there is a kind of breakthrough in the peak. The Great Sage has reached the point of being close to the Great! After welcoming the arrival of the great man, I will try my best to break through into the emperor! "
He feels the same way, and many people in the primitive mainland are all highly qualified. Choose one person out of ten million and put it in heaven. That kind of rich land has long been a great emperor and a god.
After fighting and fighting for insignificant resources, these people are still able to become emperors in the wizard world, which means that they have extraordinary qualifications. Now Ye Xuxian’s aura and fairy pulse reshape the wizard wasteland, which makes them trapped for a long time and make rapid progress again!
Another holy Lord sighed with emotion, "The arrival of the great men in heaven has ushered in an unprecedented prosperity in our wizarding world, surpassing history. An ancient emperor’s age may even bring about a grand occasion for hundreds of emperors!"
It is not an exaggeration to say that hundreds of emperors and thousands of emperors come forth in large numbers. Nowadays, after such a long accumulation of tens of thousands of years, four witch emperors, namely Ying Zongdao, Xing Di, Xiang Ji and Ye Xu, and I don’t know how many people are trapped in Ren Huang. The breakthrough of the peak method of the Lord is not that they are not qualified enough, but that the limited resources have caused them to be trapped in this realm for hundreds of years, which is a thousand years.
Now, after the transformation of "the great man in heaven", the wizard world has become a small heaven, and all kinds of higher spiritual veins have mushroomed everywhere. They are full of fairy spirits, so if they can’t break through the shackles, they will be worse than pigs and dogs!
Not only that, but even the wizard world is filled with a faint aura, so that people born in the future will get excellent spiritual qualifications when they are born, and their progress is even better than those of the older generation!
"Isn’t it time for that great man in heaven to show up now?" Demon Lord looked up and murmured
Chapter 136 Long time no see you
In the sky, there are thick veins falling from the sky. This time, it is not a fairy vein, but a higher one. A vein exudes power and is much stronger than the emperor, suppression of the heavens.
Those spiritual veins are extremely high and so rich in aura that they form a strange texture. It is the Shinto, the Taoist trace, that the emperor looks at them thoroughly and feels that those textures are mysterious and unfathomable!
More than ten too clear veins burst into the void, another ten burst into five domains, and another ten too clear veins into the ocean.
Cracking the demon emperor should concentrate on the moon and the sun and others to look at the stars, and more than ten too clear spiritual veins are decomposed and integrated into the cosmic stars!
The primitive continent has been nourished by such a huge and clear aura, and it has expanded wildly outward, expanding dozens of times at a time, and the world barrier is so solid that even the emperor can hardly break the virtual!
There are more than ten ethereal veins and dozens of fairy veins falling from the sky, but this time they were not broken by the great man in heaven, but let the complete veins fall into the original mainland.
You saints are in a hurry to look at these spiritual veins and see that one of them is too clear and several fairy veins fall into the mountain of the western demon temple and disappear.
One fell into the Sun God Palace, the other into the Moon God Palace, the other into Zhou Tianxing Palace, the other fell into Tai Xuan Gate, the other two went straight to the lonely family in Wuxian City, Jack nife Song Family and Zhongzhou Summer, and four or five Tai Qing spiritual veins, together with more than 20 fairy veins, fell into the 100,000 mountains of Monty in ancient times.
And his holy land is also full of fallen spirits. It’s be in heaven!
These spiritual veins will take root in the earth and turn these Lingshan holy places into fairyland. All kinds of elixirs and beasts grow in the mountains, and the monks are advancing by leaps and bounds!
When the holy masters saw this, they couldn’t help but be stupefied and congratulate each other with a smile. "Congratulations to the demon emperor, who should be the palace master, Xihong Palace Master and Yuangong Palace Master, for getting the attention of the great man in heaven and actually giving heaven a higher spiritual pulse. From then on, extraordinary talents have emerged in the three holy places!"
Crack day demon emperor and others gaping heart is not big.
"It’s very average that the three temples, the demon temple, the Xia family’s Tai Xuan door and the Ji family all get the higher spiritual pulse of heaven, but can the Monty Sect get so much in one fell swoop?" Someone heart uncomfortable sour way
"Ten years ago, there were three emperors in one fell swoop. Is this the reason?"
Suddenly, the primitive continent split open to reveal a corner of heaven, and more than a dozen vast smells fell from the sky, and the fairy aura was scattered all over the primitive continent. It was amazing that more than a dozen people broke through this key period to achieve the great emperor!
Compared with the celestial great man’s reiki of refining the original mainland, the achievement of the great emperor’s induction of heaven and heaven is negligible, but the spectacular scene of more than a dozen great emperors appearing in one puff is almost unprecedented in the original mainland!
Even five or six of you holy lords have broken through and achieved great success!
"I didn’t expect that I would achieve greatness one day in my lifetime!" A holy Lord who had just achieved the Great Emperor wept with joy and could not help laughing.
Others envy you more than looking around to see the immortal spirit. There are Sun God Palace, Ji Jia Yao Temple, Zhou Tianxing Palace and so on, while there are more than three ways of Monty Sect in the ages. There are also old monsters who have been practicing hard for a long time in other places to become emperors!
"Monty cases of all ages should have three breakthrough achievement emperor is really unique! I don’t know who actually broke through with the help of the great man Enze in heaven? "
Thick breath of the earth came here quickly, and you, the Lord, looked intently and saw many new emperors who were not in a hurry to absorb fairy aura and consolidate the realm, and came here to gather together.
To their shock, three emperors flew in from Monty, and two of them were graceful. One was Zhuo Zhuo, a woman with a body like Cai Feng’s head for 33 days, a young man in white was handsome and graceful.
These people are accompanied by Chao Sheng. Behind him is a girl in purple and a young man as handsome as a peacock.
Everyone knows in awe that this man is the great sage in purple clothes and the great king in peacock.
The new emperors, such as the Three Shrine, were also present, and many strong people gathered together to look at each other and could not help feeling deeply.
It’s been a long time since Gu Tianxing, Emperor Su Yingxing and others made the Great Ascension to the Primitive Mainland. At this moment, it’s rare to see seventeen Great Emperors once and for all!
Moreover, with the passage of time, the number of people who achieved the great emperor in the primitive continent will definitely increase, reaching a staggering number, far exceeding the number of emperors in ancient times and ancient times!
Crack day demon emperor was pleasantly surprised and laughed. "This great man in heaven is really my lucky star in the original mainland. Now I have 17 emperors in the original mainland, and two or three thousand saints greet him together. Even if the ancient emperor makes a tour, there is no such grand scene."
ChaoSheng laughed "heaven big man what scene have not seen? We can be considered not too shabby. I see that this great man in heaven is mostly a strong man going out in my original mainland, otherwise I wouldn’t spend so much money to transform my original mainland. I don’t know who this great man is? "
Speculation varied. Suddenly, I saw the virtual shaking violently, but I didn’t crack the sky. Suddenly, a huge snakehead appeared and glanced at Fang. I’m glad that Hu Hansan is finally back! "
This snakehead has a unique horn, a face like a dragon’s belly, two claw backs and two wings.