The exit gate is some distance from the ground, so the mayor jumped out and slowly flew to the ground through the propulsion device.

Although it is a place without gravity, I always feel that I should walk on the ground, because the ground … seems to have a lot of things.
After landing, you can see that the ground is quite large, and glossy surface is also full of many things, but compared with the paintings on both sides, the paintings on the ground are very small, and the creatures on the surface are several centimeters in size on average, but they are dense … It feels like a swarm of insects to draw.
Yes … Lin also noticed that the painting creatures are similar to the common insects in the pompoms in some places, but they have a lot of limbs.
There is no similarity anywhere else.
"What do you want me to do?" Lin noticed that there was anger here and asked the mayor to shout loudly into the air, but there was no response except bursts of echo.
Strange, aren’t they going to arrest the mayor and reform him? What is it that you can run around so freely now?
Or they think the mayor can’t get out of here. It’s true that Lin found this place a sealed place, but there should always be a way out.
If it were the real mayor, it would have run away long ago. It wouldn’t be like Lin waiting here, or Lin thought the real mayor would try to start the weapons in the warship and blow it up here.
Like all sexual creatures, it has no fear of death.
Here, when the fake mayor waited for a little while and felt a little chatting, Lin let the fake mayor float up.
The fake mayor flew in circles when the warship stopped at the top of the mountain platform. Lin could see that there was a huge’ thorn’ at the bottom of the warship, which stretched out and penetrated into the ground to fix herself.
It seems that these things that make the mayor have perfect control over this warship, so there should be no problem with their weapons
Is it because they are afraid of hurting the mayor that they don’t attack craken when they pursue? But why don’t they just create a new mayor, but catch the old and recycle it?
Maybe it’s because the mayor made special materials? There are some special materials found in Quelin, but it shouldn’t be much worse to make dream rocks.
"This is your last test."
Lin was thinking while flying when she suddenly heard a sound coming from the com.
It seems that the manufacturer directly used the fake mayor’s armor communicator to communicate.
"Just specially for a period of time, it was time for you to let yourself act. According to the test results, it was proved that … your bank really exceeded expectations. Now I’m sorry to recognize you as a complete … complete pollutant."
"I can’t believe I’m sorry?"
As soon as Lin questioned, she found a hole in the ground, and immediately Lin pretended that the mayor was sucked in.
Actually make such a simple method?
When the fake mayor went in, he found that the surrounding area was completely dark, and it took a while to light up.
When it lights up, Lin finds that the ground in a long passage of the fake mayor is flat and smooth rock, but it will automatically move with it like a’ belt’ and the walls on both sides will recede at high speed.
Lin found that the walls on both sides were painted with a lot of different shapes, including balls with a lot of hair and some other shapes.
These seem to be fungi? It is very similar.
After a long journey, Lin found that these paintings have changed. They seem to have evolved into various creatures. Some creatures … Lin knew.
Chapter six hundred and fifty Department environment
These two walls seem to describe biological evolution?
Mayor Lin is sitting in a square passage, and the conveyor belt composed of ground rocks is moving rapidly.
On the other hand, the walls on both sides showed Lin all kinds of biological changes like fungi. At first, they were piled together, and after a while, a large number of fungi became various creatures.
There are multicellular creatures in it … and some things like rock creatures, such as’ Cold Stone’ that Lin has seen.
Does this really record evolution? Did Hanshi look like a cellular creature at first?
With the advancement of the belt, Lin found that there were more and more wall paintings, but each creature became smaller and smaller because of the limitation.