"Colonel, I succeeded!"

"Colonel, I have successfully refined the jade core!"
At this moment, Yanzi’s heart is like a yellow-haired silly girl. When Xu retreated and looked at Yanzi strangely, Yanzi realized that something was wrong and let go of Xu’s hand.
Xu took back the smoke posture and handed over the freshly baked jade core edge, and there was no energy fluctuation. That was the fifteenth step.
The fifteenth step is actually very simple, which is to guide the source to inject a large amount of jade core.
That’s it?
Xu looked back at the jade core and there were some surprises.
So he can try to refine the array core?
If the array core can be made successfully, the next plan can be implemented in a short time.
Half an hour later, Xu retired again and refined a quantity array core. After Xu retired, he crossed the path and went home with two quantity array cores.
Yeah, he and an xiaoxue’s family
Smoke pose refining too many times today, and the spirit consumption is almost the same. Have a rest!
It was when Xu returned to turn his nest with AnXiaoXue that he suddenly stayed.
Huang is also here!
But the atmosphere is wrong!
Huang, this fellow is written directly on the face, gnashing her teeth and looking at Xu’s retreat.
An xiaoxue is practicing
However, Xu tui sensed that An Xiaoxue was a practitioner, but actually he didn’t practice!
What’s the big deal?
It’s a little scary to retreat at this moment!
Nervously waiting for two days, Milla Wantong succeeded in waiting for the command from Myth Headquarters.
See the command Xia Milla Wan Tong are startled.
This order is somewhat unexpected to them.
"This command from the headquarters is really no problem?" The order made Wan Tong uncomfortable.
Xia Milla pointed to the displayed sign of command signing.