Some of the land separation is not due to the weak knowledge of gods or the low frequency of detection waves, so the law is enlightened.

However, on second thought, you can try to read these jade slips without taking a mid-term repair of the foundation. Is the land separation now a post-foundation reading?
There is a wide-ranging guess about the reason.
That is, there is some kind of prohibition on the surface of this jade slip, with the exception of playing the spy department of the gods.
The remnants of these Tianbao scrolls are different. The former is the resistance method, and the latter is the rejection of the detection of divine knowledge, which will lead to the disappearance of Tianbao scrolls but will not pose a threat to this scroll to reverse the Heart Sutra. It is only a glimpse of it by the law.
At this time, there are about three ways for other people to cultivate immortality.
First, please ask the elders in the sect or those who are proficient in it to forcibly break its prohibition or lift the ban on symptomatic drugs before studying this reversal heart sutra.
Secondly, self-cultivation, after God’s knowledge is strong enough, may be able to break through the prohibition and read this volume directly, which is also a means for some sects to prevent the younger brother from stealing secret skills in the school.
Third, forcing high detection wave frequency to spy on it also needs to be repaired.
So it seems that all the ways and means are changed here, and other people who cultivate immortality can choose one. There are not many shortcuts.
However, his right eye is unusually far away from home. Naturally, it is not just trying to restore the repair and violently crack this achievement method because of the influence of Zhu Tianbao’s remnants.
Lu Li needs to gather his energy and immerse himself in his central idea, interweave his right eye and spy on it, and then he can gain something by reversing the heart meridian.
So the trick was re-applied, and soon the jade was simple and gave off a faint brilliance, which turned out to be a colorful light. This exulting in the heart was also quite shocking.
If you are surprised today, the second thing is this reversal of the Heart Sutra, besides enjoying the mystery of the Tianbaozuo.
The original colorful light is extremely rare in the cultivation of immortals, and it can only be achieved in the cultivation of immortals. Today, I have heard that there are such magical methods, but I don’t know their names.
And this reversal of the Heart Sutra is even more mysterious. After emitting colorful light, it actually conjures up seven strange lights that can’t be described. It actually devours the previous colorful brilliance and evolves a kind of reversal of Gankun and the reversal of mystery. It is also a dazzling and overbearing horse!
Lu Li immediately concluded that this method is to cultivate immortality by himself to come into contact with the extremely profound and mysterious. Many of them are more mysterious than gathering clouds and knotting the sea. If they are placed in Taikoo Gate, they should belong to the occult science level, and only the core people of Taiyi Mountain who are not the Buddha can study them.
At this time, the prohibition has been directly penetrated by the right eye, and the mind is almost immersed in it. Studying this method at will is followed by surprise, which almost breaks his cognition of cultivating immortality.
Lu Li’s cognitive category of cultivating immortals mostly embodies some true spiritual powers, and then through the practice of martial arts, he can communicate with heaven and earth to realize nature, and then he can exert his power of cracking mountains and removing mountains and filling the sea.
What’s more, its own strength is quite weak, and it is not enough to display taboos in Wonderland. The strength of Fana mountains and rivers can explode several times, and it is also within the scope of cognition.
But this reversal of the Heart Sutra is a metaphysical anomaly, which is different from the previous master plan. The understanding of the fairy realm is completely blank, just like falling into the unknown field of cultivating immortals. It is obvious that Xiu Yuan, the founder of this method, is super fairy!
Later, Lu Li found that there were nine layers of this method, each with its own name, but the name of the ninth layer was quite strange, and the insight into the right eye was not true. It seemed to be hidden by the master, which was never encountered before when he was a stranger.
With the deepening of the study, the nine levels of achievement methods correspond to the second level to the tenth level in the ten realms of cultivating immortals, that is to say, you can practice from controlling things to Jin Xian!
No wonder that the last layer is shrouded in mystery, for example, I can’t really see it. It turned out that it was the top Jin Xian expert in the cultivation of immortals, but now I have seen it myself, and I am also secretly sighing.
In the realm of cultivating immortals, there is no corresponding achievement method in the realm of rebuilding the foundation. It is said in its own words that the monks who build the foundation, such as rice beads, ants, and ephemera, are forced to practice, and even if they bear one in a billion, they will die of inevitable explosion!
At the same time, there is a passage that is highly valued by the land, which almost makes him regain his confidence. He wants to trample on the evil spirits such as eating people and the bodhi old zu on the cliff.
It is described in this way that it is a way for practitioners to fight against heaven, and reversing the heart sutra is the danger for me to study the essence of heaven, and it is extremely dangerous to practice to the first level.
However, there is a comment that seems to be written by a master. It is just like reversing the mystery of the heart sutra. It is possible to reverse the source of the method, reverse the jurisprudence and numerology, and reverse the heart sutra. This tactic is also extremely difficult to practice. If you are gifted, you will eventually stagnate and make progress forever.
Among them, Lu Li also found a secret place, which made him smile, and his pride rose, and his confidence almost returned to his heyday. Of course, at this time, he was still vulnerable in the later period of the foundation.
From this method, I feel detached, my right eye is quite tired, and the whole person really consumes a lot, regardless of the preciousness of the magic. I immediately took out a magic pill to attack the second realm of cultivating immortality!
Chapter 50 regain confidence
The second level of the realm of cultivating immortals-the emphasis on controlling things is to put the truth in the heart out of the body and control the external things freely, and finally reach a realm where the things in the heart move with the external things.
First of all, Lu Li should make a breakthrough according to the understanding and understanding of the past, combining with the magic magic, nourishing Lu Li with the rich aura of magic, re-perceiving, controlling the physical environment and uniting the mind to seek a breakthrough.
A once immortal master’s understanding and experience of cultivating immortality lies in his memory, even though his skill dissipates the waste of meridians.
It is also good to add magic pills. The elixir is equivalent to several wooden magic pills, which contain spiritual springs and aura. After an hour of understanding, it finally breaks through smoothly and reaches the middle level of controlling things.
Such a speed of progress seems almost shocking if you are a monk in the world. It takes several days or even more than a month if you are a talented brother, and there are plenty of people if it takes a few years for a stupid generation.
And Lu Li is a master of the realm of the fairy, and it is the second time to start again. It is natural to succeed from the impact of the foundation.
At this time, the miraculous aura consumes half of the land and waves, so the practice reverses the first layer of the Heart Sutra instead of continuing to impact a realm.
At the same time, Lu Li is full of expectation and confidence. Is there a mystery in this reversal of the heart sutra that makes Lu Li not eager to ascend to the realm?
Just as the land-away force exercises power to control things and practices to reverse the heart meridian, the land-away body also undergoes drastic changes.
With the reversal of the first layer of the Heart Sutra, the whole person’s breath has changed greatly. It used to be the realm of controlling things, and he actually exudes a power comparable to the top fairy master.
Of course, this power was deliberately converged by Lu Li when he was practicing, so he would not disturb others in the inn.
Secondly, he reversed the true elements in the meridians, turned into an ordinary immortal, or left the land, which will definitely destroy the meridians, break the heart pulse dramatically, bite the body and die!
But Lu Li’s vision at this time is like normal practice, but his eyes are tight and his breath is even, and his face is a little weird.
At this time, the body magic Yang Zhu is also constantly absorbing the aura produced by the panacea, and at the same time, it is constantly refining the land-based body, from which the magic thoughts of meridians are scattered and integrated into the land-based body and brain.
It’s a pity that Lu Li is in the key stage of uniting, and he didn’t realize this, otherwise his character would never let this evil thought spread.
After a night, the night is over.
It’s very good to be in a long breath, full of energy and energy.
In one night’s practice, Lu Li has mastered seven points in reversing the first layer of the Heart Sutra. At this time, he is still in the middle of controlling things.
At this time, I have completely realized his talent and realized the foundation of the fairy realm in the past. This first-level introductory method has not been completed overnight.
Is this waiting for Xuanqi?
However, the land is still a little small from the current state. At this time, it is still early, and he is planning to travel around the ancient city. It is best to find some people who are close to each other to learn from each other.
After all, the green waves didn’t ask for a deadline, and two days later was also an eyesore. It’s important to improve steadily.
However, after uniting to reverse the Heart Sutra, I found that I still lacked understanding of cultivating immortality before, so it would not have been the case if I had asked the black elder a lot.