First, I ate a bowl of Lamian Noodles with three oil cakes, then followed Su Wei to drink a bowl of oily bean curd, and then came a bowl of egg-filled cakes with extremely strong spicy soup, and two extra eggs and two cages of steamed buns.

Finally, I took two oil-free cooking cakes and chewed slowly behind Su Wei, revealing a reassuring smile. Light way: "No matter where you are, it suddenly makes sense for me to think that our Cangyun army is guarding such a stable world." Su Wei couldn’t help but hand her a handkerchief when she saw that […]

I don’t know how long it took for Zhou Jia’s eyebrows to wrinkle and his nose to sniff. Suddenly, with a wave of his long sleeves, he pushed the awning boat near an island not far away.

Before I got close to it, I smelled a strong smell of blood. "Quack!" "Quack!" Scavengers are excited and screaming from time to time when they hover. With a bird’s beak and a bright red meat strip in its mouth Zhou Jia’s gloomy eyes swept over reeds and grass islands, and blood-soaked bodies hung on […]

The exit gate is some distance from the ground, so the mayor jumped out and slowly flew to the ground through the propulsion device.

Although it is a place without gravity, I always feel that I should walk on the ground, because the ground … seems to have a lot of things. After landing, you can see that the ground is quite large, and glossy surface is also full of many things, but compared with the paintings on both […]

Some of the land separation is not due to the weak knowledge of gods or the low frequency of detection waves, so the law is enlightened.

However, on second thought, you can try to read these jade slips without taking a mid-term repair of the foundation. Is the land separation now a post-foundation reading? There is a wide-ranging guess about the reason. That is, there is some kind of prohibition on the surface of this jade slip, with the exception of […]

There is a great terror in life and death, and there is also a great chance that destruction sometimes breeds greater vitality.

Replacement of flesh and blood In colorful thunder and fire, old flesh and blood shed off and new flesh and blood stretched out. It can be seen that Ning Caichen’s body and bones are all burning, but it is dark, but occasionally the bones are exposed, and the new white is crystal clear. This is […]