At this moment, three twelve-product violets are alive, just like the real activation of the heart core!
"Shout …"
The vision of the sky dispersed, and Nu Wa’s slightly pale face, just a movement, has made this statue, which is famous for its endless stamina, holy and almost untenable. However, from its colorful eyes, which are as bright as stars, we can know that its state seems to have reached an unprecedented peak, "the embryo of the world has become …"
Although Nu Wa’s voice is as touching as the original pure water flowing in the ice field, the attention of the gods at this moment is obviously not here, and the statues are like condensed eyes, staring at the three violets in front of Nu Wa. It’s like seeing something incredible.
"This … is a little more informative."
An eyebrow twitched, and I couldn’t help lamenting, "It’s hard, this deity has achieved the arc of space. Originally, I wanted to show off in an ostentatious manner, but you wanted to, and now you are almost’ true one’. Can you still play together? !”
The arc of space that raises eyebrows. Strictly speaking, it is not perfect, and time and space are not separated. Only by combining the arc of time, can we condense a "circle" like Yuanheng, and then we can have a good fight with the ancestor of the abyss, but Nu Wa is different!
Nu Wa’s Tao of Nature is at the same level as Yuan Heng’s Tao of Time and Space. Once Nu Wa’s success is complete, it will be great. This will be an unprecedented achievement since the endless cycle of the universe-no one has ever done this in the history of the universe. Nu Wa’s achievements in the Tao of Nature will directly surpass the mother of the supreme road and rise to an unpredictable level!
"Sure enough, these guys are monsters!"
As a witness, Zixiao stepped out of this step, followed by Nu Wa, whose proud heart was suddenly beaten black and blue. In other words, he raised an eyebrow, and there is still a very long way to go …
"Twelve products are made of violet!"
Kunpeng, Tianlei and others took a careful inventory of their wealth, and shook their heads with a wry smile. A strange feeling came to mind. People are more than people, which really makes people angry. These guys are trying to nurture their own associated Lingbao and strive to push it to the realm of the best innate Lingbao, but at present, this harmony, congenital treasure level treasure has been developing in the direction of plural …
Only by truly observing the real twelve-product nature violet, can Nu Wa push her lotus seal to the realm of twelve products. However, due to some well-known reasons, twelve-product nature violet has already fallen in the place where the sky was opened, and now Nu Wa’s hand is already very telling …
At the same time, been, Ziwei, Kun Peng and others almost touched the almighty of the threshold of enlightenment, but their hearts were not awe-inspiring and somberly. Although Nu Wa has always been unfathomable, she is not a strong creator. According to their original ideas, it will take endless years for Nu Wa to reach the peak of this road. After all, creating Taoism is the real orthodox avenue.
And this period of time, enough to make them catch up, shorten the gap, but … Alas!
"Speaking of twelve creature violet, that little guy should be almost stuffy, ha ha ….."
Nu Wa thinks of the little guy who dived into Yuan Heng’s brother’s Daoxing world in a hurry, and his mouth can’t help drawing a radian. I’m afraid this little guy doesn’t know yet. Brother’s Daoxing world has to go through a long evolution stage before it can appear its expected big accident …
Alas, poor little guy, take your time. I don’t know how long it will take …
"Well, these three embryos are conceived in the depths of the nine-fold god, and wait for the future. Now we officially start to enter the parliament and discuss the business now …"
Yuan Heng secretly praised Nu Wa for being really beautiful, and only Nu Wa could afford to play with this skill. Although it was not as good as the great cause that the mother of the Supreme Avenue created the lotus platform with thirty-six products to raise Pangu, even Yuan Heng had to admit that she had a quite far gap with Nu Wa in this respect.
Up to now, the vast expanse has actually accumulated a lot of urgent matters. Yuan Heng is in harmony with the Tao, sharing the message from the mother of the avenue with the authority of the supreme ancestor. Faced with the almost endless problem of seeing the edge as the eye can see, for a while, it is also a big head. To some extent, the vast expanse broke out next, which is comparable to the catastrophe at the beginning of the opening day, but there are also reasons for this ..
If we say that there were too many loopholes in the system at the beginning of the day, then now, the system garbage accumulation is too serious, which has seriously hindered the operation of the system …
There is too much garbage in the system. What should I do?
Clean it up
Therefore, the next step in the wilderness is a big robbery and a continuous baptism.
The so-called saint is that under the mixed yuan, everyone is an ant, that is, how to knead it, how to knead it, overlooking all sentient beings … a bird!
Whenever there is a big disaster, the most miserable thing is actually Yuan Heng, the mighty men standing at the top of the pyramid. The most important thing for the little guys under the saints is to show their muscles. What Yuan Heng and others have to do is to consume their brains.
The evolution of the universe, moving towards eternity, showing muscles and consuming brains are actually equally important things …
"First of all, we must solve, is the immortal volcano over there …"
The first problem is to solve the problem left by Kirin’s third brother, and not to die the volcano, which is the most important thing.
So, it’s really annoying to be conan the destroyer or something …
Think of the immortal volcano, which can explode the terrible energy reserves of the universe for several times, and Yuan Heng can’t help but grin at the corners of his mouth, and the problems left over from history are really troublesome.
Yuan Heng turned his eyes helplessly to the demon who was destined to guard the south. "How far has your Nanming been practicing from the fire?"
The Four Elephants of Destiny, born by adhering to the Four Elephants of Heaven, are actually not too far away from the innate foundation, compared with the innate superior fiend, especially the four special forces inherited by them, which are in harmony with the four-pole ancestral veins. Therefore, Suzaku’s south is far from the fire, and many gods are in the fire, ranking above the true sun fire, with unpredictable power. (To be continued. . )

Chapter three hundred and fourteen The whole fairy sword array?
"The water of the universe is deep …"
As long as it is associated with this place, Yuan Heng has a palpitation that passes in his heart. Although this silk feels tight for only a moment, it is like an illusion and illusion. Even if he has not deeply understood this place, calcium dobesilate capsules Heng still lists it as a menace in his heart. Without enough power to suppress it, he will never rest assured.
"Immortal volcano?"
Hearing this place, Saint Jiuyu couldn’t help frowning deeply. He was deeply impressed by the strangeness of this place. "I remember that this place seems to have existed for a long time, even in my previous life, it still exists. Even, in my previous life, the universe was immeasurably robbed, the rules were unbalanced, and a devastating flood broke out, which had no impact on this place!"
"You know, the flood that destroyed the world was an explosion of infinite robbery, and you can’t get rid of it unless you are the supreme ancestor, but what does this immortal volcano rely on?"
Sage Jiuyu is also a great master of Tao creation, and his realm, even compared with Fuxi, is only inferior to that of a line, and his words have great reliability.
"In addition to the original fate of the Ganges River, in the middle of nowhere, there is such a strange place?"
"The fate of the Ganges also just, don’t die volcano, why can it carry the baptism of infinite robbery? By those almost infinite energies? "
When I heard that the nine Yu saints said so, the saints’ faces suddenly became serious.
It’s just before. Although everyone knows that it is within the immortal volcano, it seems a little weird, but the mother of Avenue has specially made a statue of the superior celestial fiend guarding this place. In fact, there is nothing to worry about. But now that its inside story is exposed, things are completely different. What is it, so openly put there, completely ignoring all kinds of "harmonious" forces in the universe?
I didn’t see it, today’s flood. Unusual legacy of the last cycle of the universe was either "harmonious", or the means were too sharp and directly hidden. For example, Yuan Heng once met the Zihuang Avenue, which is still hidden …
In other words, even the earth has Gaia’s restraining force, so as to avoid those cattle who can kick the planet as a ball to really play a few different football games, not to mention the will of heaven and earth and the mother of the road to the next level.
Does the will of the universe really not know the hidden crisis of the immortal volcano?
But in fact, the immortal volcano is still there. Like many saints who are silent and mocking.
"My Ming away from the fire has been able to initially carry the great strength of the ancestral vein, but …"
Suzaku’s youthful face, which is like fifteen years old forever, experienced the blow of his mother’s phoenix and the huge responsibility he suddenly had to bear. His mind seemed to be improved by leaps and bounds. Even though there was a lot of pressure in his heart, an unparalleled self-confidence began to naturally brew: "I’m sure I can suppress it, but once that thing really broke out …"
Yes, although Nanming is out of the fire, it ranks among the innate true fires. But in fact, it doesn’t have the ability to popularize. This is the power that belongs to Suzaku alone, and it is also the unique power bred by the ancestral vein in the south of the wild, which blends with the ancestral vein.
But even with such a big killer. There seems to be no good way to face the immortal volcano with conan the destroyer power in theory anytime and anywhere.
For a while, the saints were silent and took out their own means to deduce. It’s hard to say whether three heads are better than Zhuge Liang, but among the saints present, which one is not absolute beauty. Each has his own strengths?
The way of the sage, which is sacred by God, is in harmony with heaven and earth.
For a while, the divine light stirred, and the thoughts of the saints evolved into incredible road maps. The deep roads collided fiercely with each other, and the spark of wisdom even evolved into a long river, which was impressively the long river of wisdom.
Somehow, it seems that all of a sudden it has converged into some kind of incredible and unpredictable existence, and the Tao is diffuse. It seems that there is a fruit in it that is faintly condensed and floating, with infinite incredible power.
Ten percent of the river is full of wisdom, and all the saints present at the scene are suddenly wise and accessible, and the deduction speed has jumped by several percent at once.
All the world’s pagoda, all the world’s splendor, maybe endless world, talented people are like crucian carp crossing the river, but even so, even if there are trillions of countless creatures under the great universe (he has surpassed the long river of fate and is self-contained), the long river of wisdom they have gathered is probably just so much, and this is just the gathering of the temporary sparks of wisdom of the three saints …
In this way, it is conceivable that all saints are ants.