The theory of sword is the theory of sword

On the sword platform is located at the peak of the wild goose. A huge white jade rock stands out from the mountain, with a width of more than ten feet and a height of several feet. A huge sword is inserted in each corner, but it looks like nature.
In the north, there is a steep broken wall adjacent to it, which is the White Pagoda at the peak of Wild Goose.
But it goes straight into the sky, as far away as the celestial objects.
On the other side, you can see the endless ups and downs of Fuxi Mountain, but you can’t see the appearance clearly. The breeze is very pleasant.
"The scenery of this peak is much better than the surface."
Ye Qiuji couldn’t help admiring a.
At this time, this piece of flat land is full of people from the mountains, and all the younger brothers get together in twos and threes, all of which are talking about the situation of this session of Daohui, and even more, Lingyunge and Qinchuan have discovered that three people are commenting privately and expressing their opinions.
It was known that Lingyun Pavilion Jingxu received three younger brothers last year, but I didn’t expect that this year’s Extreme Road Fair would actually let them take up three places.
At that time, it was not admiration but envy.
"Look over there."
The three men stood side by side and suddenly heard Qinchuan say a word. Then the official Yao Ye Qiuji followed Qinchuan’s eyes and looked at the past.
See the theory of sword stand on one side of a table mat quite * *
In the banquet, it was not Fuximen who respected the elders’ status, and all the elders were outstanding. On that day, Elder Xuan was among them. On the left side of the three stone chairs, a Taoist with a face of innocence and a white robe was the elder who looked at the cliff hole in the sea. And on its right is a graceful young Taoist with long makeup and a face that is also a purple fairy with five veins and one number.
"Presumably, the real leader will not come today."
Seeing that Ye Qiuqi is in the middle of the theme, he said to himself, "The real owner Yu Xu has always lived in seclusion. They have never seen this wild goose peak for more than a year."
Qinchuan shrugged his shoulders.
This time, it’s not the final showdown. The first one of the two veins, the cave deficiency and the purple deficiency, has been given enough face. Yu Jingxiu Guchangfeng doesn’t know what door to close, and the brother-in-law confrontation doesn’t even appear.
Seeing Elder Xi Xuan walking slowly, the tone of Guan Yao’s awakening from the sword platform is slightly softer than that from the past. Maybe she also came to Qinchuan Ye Qiu for nothing to have a serious fight.
Suddenly, she called a stop and wanted to leave Qinchuan.
"Be careful not to get hurt."
Guan Yao gently told her that this may be the first time she has spoken to two companions who have been practicing together for a year. She is indifferent by nature, fond of quietness and poor at expressing Ye Qiuqi. She doesn’t like them, but she is actually wrong.
Their every move, Guan Yao, is in their eyes.
Qinchuan light should be a shallow smile.
"Dong …"
With the bell ringing at the top of the mountain, the crowd gradually became silent, and a long bell rang in this mountain for a long time.
"This sword competition is about Lingyun Pavilion Qinchuan versus Lingyun Pavilion Ye Qiuqi"
Elder Xuan said in a slightly old voice, word for word, "It’s difficult to have a slight injury to the eyelid of the sword in the competition, and the judges and elders will take action according to the situation, which will not interfere with your competition, but remember to stop talking about the name of the sword. Is it a matter of discussion?"
"brother Bai"
Qinchuan Ye Qiuji replied together and looked at each other and smiled at each other, but others didn’t know whether they were white or not.
Taiwan’s official Yao sees two people smiling and some nai in their hearts.
"It’s such a competition!"
Chapter 2 confrontation
A gust of wind blows gently.
"You push first."
Qinchuan stood with his arms around his chest, holding the blue fairy sword, the mountains and rivers in the town rose in the wind, and a strand of hair was scattered and swayed on his cheek.
"I’ll cut it first."
Ye Qiuqi said that swallowing the sun and the moon with a white sword in one hand naturally lowered the sword without being drawn and did not run a trace of true yuan breath as usual.
Two people just stand opposite each other.
"I move four steps to the left," Qin Chuan said.
"Retreat five steps to freeze the ice"
"The Three-step True Fire Curse of Failure of Taixu Formula"