Everyone present was silent for a moment. I didn’t expect the Tathagata Buddha to suddenly fall into reincarnation, and hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation turned into just that Buddha’s light. Even if reincarnated, he became a thorough mortal who would forget all the future. Even if you practice again, you may not be able to get it back …

"Damn it!" Suddenly there was a curse in the big screamo temple, but it was from the old demon of the blood river. "Tathagata, this fellow has gone like this!" Bodhi old zu, I haven’t officially compared with him … People come! "
Blood river bodhi old zu a roars immediately ten demon handsome qi qi came up and leaned down to wait for life.
"How much is the damage this time?" Blood river old demon asked coldly.
Kui stepped forward and told him, "There are 37,820 people whose bodies have been destroyed, among whom 35,000 people will return to the blood pool, and I don’t know when they will be able to become human. The other 2,820 people will have to practice in the blood pool for at least a hundred years."
The blood river old demon frowned after hearing Huan’s report but didn’t say anything.
After a long time, the eyes of the old demon in the blood pool swept all the disciples in the blood pool outside the gate of Da Lei Yin Temple and said coldly, "Now, all those who have not been cultivated into immortals, please go back to the blood pool for cultivation! The rest are all in the wilderness waiting for my orders from the bodhi old zu! "
"Follow the instructions of the teacher!" Ten Demon Commanders are really angry to know that the old demon of the Blood River was completely moved because of the complete death of the Tathagata Buddha. Next, it’s time for the blood pool to take crazy revenge on the mysterious man who never dies in the mouth of the Tathagata! No matter who that person is, even Taoist Hongjun will pay a heavy price for it!
The blood pool army, led by the top ten demon handsome men, left the pure land of the Western Heaven and returned to the battlefield where the Heaven fought a few hours ago-the wild land of heaven.
"Tathagata bald donkey, you can rest assured that I will repay you for this hatred of the bodhi old zu!" Blood river old demon snapped out this sentence and then caught a glimpse of the jade emperor and said, "Jade emperor, I’ll settle accounts with you another day!
Hum, except Tathagata and Li Er, the bodhi old zu in the heaven really doesn’t care! "
While speaking, the blood river old demon flew away from Lingshan like a lotus flower and disappeared in an instant.
In fact, the blood river old demon has always regarded Tathagata and Li Er as rivals in his life … "The Jade Emperor sighed." I’m afraid this old thing will do irrational things when he is angry. "
Queen mother of the west at this time
He said, "Although the old demon of Blood River has a very bad temper, he is not an ignorant person. Since the Tathagata Buddha has such a mind, he is willing to spend his life in mourning and become a mortal. If we don’t do something, we are really ashamed! "
The voice of the Queen Mother of the West did not fall, but suddenly a red light came from far and near, but it was the old demon of the blood river.
"Jade emperor thieves hurry up together to go to the demon cave with me! We are all in the trap! " The old demon of the blood river has not yet arrived, and the roar has resounded through the whole Lingshan. "God damn Tai Chi Emperor, I swear to cut you to pieces!"
"Hum, the king of the metropolis thought that you didn’t lie …" Jing Yi and unconvinced took back the silver needle that passed through the body of the king of the metropolis.
The silver needle came out through the mud palace pill of the king of Dushi, but it didn’t seem to do any harm to the king of Dushi.
"This is the’ unintentional needle’ refined by the master with nine days of mysterious fire. Those who pass through the Nigong Pill with this needle will burn themselves to death as long as there is a trace of evil thoughts in their hearts." Jingyi said flatly, "You didn’t tell a lie. You just kept your body!"
The stunned color on the king’s face flashed and asked, "I wonder who is your master?"
Static grace also don’t talk to the token of road flyover hung-chun single-handedly.
At first sight of the image of road flyover Hongjun, the king of the city immediately knelt down in the air with a huge earthquake and a happy face. Hung-jun’s image made a ceremony and cried with joy: "So the teacher knows! Fortunately for the underworld! "
Immediately stood up and bowed to Jing Yi and Han Yang, and said to Jing Yi, "I don’t know if the fairy visited Huang Yi. I wonder where the teacher is now? The underworld is in great danger now. If the teacher can come, I will wait for nature. "
Jingyi shook her head and said helplessly, "Master’s whereabouts are erratic. I don’t know whether he already knows about the underworld or whether he will come …"
DuShi Wang mused, "So that’s it …"
Jing Yi looked at the DPRK and the ROK and saw that he was still frowning. She couldn’t help asking, "What are you thinking?"
"ah? Nothing! " Han Yang, return to absolute being. Smile at Jing Yi. Didn’t say anything.
Jingyi pouted and looked at the king of the city without asking much: "It seems that you are much better than the wheel king, for you are for the sake of the whole city." I’ll let you surrender go. Is it Han Yang? "
"You have the final say." Han Yang is still that cold expression. Said lightly.
"You are so boring!" Jingyi tooted her lips and turned to DuShi Wang and said, "Go in and sit down for a while. I’ll call Yama right here later to discuss the next plan."
The king of the capital nodded and said, "That’s all right. The mysterious man is too powerful. If there is no complete strategy, all our efforts will be destroyed."
While speaking, the king of the city waved a hand very gentlemanly to let Jing Yihe Han Yang pass.
Han Yang didn’t speak, just glanced at the corner of his eye and walked to the metropolis. Jingyi wanted to walk side by side with Han Yang, but she was dragged by the king of the city to ask some questions about Taoist Hung-chun, and she never had a chance to get rid of them.
"Here we are!" Han Yang looked at the city gate plaque and said coldly.
"Yes, here we are!" Before the change, DuShi Wang’s kindness was also coldly echoed.
Jing Yi looked at them puzzled and asked, "What are you talking about? ….. My body … How mean you are … "The last sentence is pointing to the king of the city.
"It seems that you can see it." The king of the city looked at Han Yang with a smile. "Did I show a flaw where I shouldn’t have?"
"It’s very good without you. It’s very realistic." Han Yang replied coldly, "But I didn’t believe what you said from the beginning."
This time, DuShi Wang frowned and said, "Why?"
"Remember how we met?" Han Yang pointed to the sky above the city. "Jing Yi and I came from the sky."
The king of the capital laughed, "So what?"
"You are wrong in not waiting for us there. Jingyi doesn’t have any experience, maybe she thinks it’s normal. She may even think that you want to solve things alone with us before waiting for the two of us there. " Han Yang sneered, "It’s just that I know that whether you really want to confess to us or kill us, the meeting place will definitely be in the metropolitan city and the metropolitan palace."
"Even the stupid wheel king knows to solve the problem of the two of us called" wise generals "in the wheel palace. How could he be stupid enough to make this mistake? So the answer is obvious. It seems that you have designed a conspiracy against me and Jing Yi. " Han Yang said and came over to help Jing Yi. "It turns out that I’m right."
City King also laughed: "You are smart, but you foolishly picked the wrong companion. Even a disciple of Taoist Hongjun, if I were you, I would never choose to join her. Time has indeed arrived! "
Holding the static grace Han Yang suddenly a staggered jump on the ground and kept twitching.
"You are smart, really smart." The king of the city came up slowly and said, "I’ve known you since I saw you. Isn’t the wheel king a black lotus? I have it too. "
The king of the city looked up at the sky: "I forgot to mention that the black lotus is a magic weapon to transmit sound besides absorbing the mana of others." Han Yang, really, you are the first person who makes me feel that I can compete with me in wisdom. It’s a pity that you are going to die. "
"What is it?" Han Yang only felt a burst of cold, and his immortal body became as cold as a lost vitality, even the Yuan God was almost frozen.
The king of the city waved a small bottle with half a bottle of water in it.
"Three thousand … weak water …" Han Yang finally understood why the metropolis king’s confident smile just now was originally doomed to have this situation since the moment he and Jing Yi fell from the sky-this metropolis king can really calculate!
"Yes, you guessed it well. The king carefully condensed the weak water into water vapor with mana and distributed it in the space in front of the king. Although a little risky, this king won! " The king of the city laughed. "Now it’s time to send you two kids on your way!"
"Really? Who are you sending on the road?" A voice suddenly sounded from behind the king of the city.

Chapter one hundred and seven Who sent who hit the road
Han Yang and Jing Yi, the king of the metropolis, turned around with horror, but now the original body was eroded by weak water and fell to the ground. They were standing behind their backs and looked at themselves coldly.
"Which two did you just say you were going to send on the road?" Han Yang stretched his hands and locked the king of the city.
"This is impossible!" The king of the city looked back with horror and saw that Han Yang and Jing Yi both fell to the ground, which was already an extra intake.
"Surprised?" Jing yi’s tone is full of irony.
City King is also a well-informed generation. He gnashed his teeth and said, "Do you have’ Weng Zhong’ on you? !”
"Smart!" Han Yang said will also take out "Weng Zhong" waved the "heard that this thing is extremely rare and there are restrictions on the number of use, isn’t it? Hehe, unfortunately, both of us have rich backgrounds-at least there is no shortage of treasures. "
Jing Yi glared bitterly at the king of the city and shouted in a cold voice: "Huang Yi, the king of the city, do you have any words now?"
From the moment Han Yang asked her to create an incarnation with "Weng Zhong", Jing Yi felt a little ridiculous about Han Yang’s "alarmism", thinking that he was nervous and still wondering how to really fall down for a while. This guy who always likes to treat himself as his big brother when he has something to do.
It’s just that the fact is not in accordance with her Jing Yi’s expectation. The city king is a traitor after all!
"Hum Han Yang smart enough! I admire you! " City king a sneer at the moment also don’t talk nonsense hands have more than a long knife flashing blue light "just. If you want to take my life, it depends on whether you have this ability. "
The plot was exposed, and the token of Taoist Hongjun was in hand, and the city king completely abandoned all delusions. He is different from the wheel king, at least his brain is definitely not comparable to that idiot of the wheel king.
Jing Yi saw the king of the capital offering a chilly long knife and put the three real "unintentional needles" between his fingers and sneered: "This is outside the city gate. Once the fight starts. I think your reputation as a city king will be destroyed! "
"reputation? Ha ha ha "the king of the city laughed" now I Huang Yi also expect fame to do? Can’t kill you. I am naturally a narrow escape; But if I kill you, This metropolis is still my Huang Yi’s world! I am always the king of the city. The only Lord of this metropolis! "