Feng Xiaoshun followed his eyes and looked behind him. He immediately turned his head and laughed. "You look down on me. Do you still have to win more against you? Since you want to learn my marksmanship, I will become you."

Zuo Jian saw that Feng Xiao decided to fight alone with himself. He secretly rejoiced that he was confident in his marksmanship. If Feng Xiao can be captured or killed in front of the horse, his own side will win the battle. At that time, he will not only save his life, but also have an account in front of Zhou Tao.
Think of this left chop is hey hey smile and say, "Good General Feng is really frank enough. In this case, Zuomou is welcome." After that, before Feng Xiao can reply, he went straight to bright silver gun, a gentian in his hand, and Feng Xiao followed a recruit and seven snake-hunting marksmanship. The snake spit a letter and the big gun was like a flash at Feng Xiao’s other gun.
Feng Xiao drank a "good"
The words sound just fell and Feng Xiao hid his head from the attack hand, and a hundred strokes of the outrageous gun were kept in the mountains, blocking the other party’s attack with a wave of his hand, and then he pushed the gun forward and smashed it to the left.
Left chop saw a blow and missed Feng Xiao’s big gun. He came straight to himself with a strong breeze. He rushed back and raised his gun to parry two big guns. When he met them together, Left chop felt a buzz in his ear and his hands quickly forced Feng Xiao’s big gun.
Feng Xiao returned your hand and withdrew your gun, and your feet rushed forward with pain. With Ma Chong’s potential, he went straight to the horse and just sat up and cut left and left. I didn’t expect Feng Xiao to attack so quickly. Ouch, I quickly leaned forward and barely avoided Feng Xiao’s shot.
Forced by Feng Xiao’s two shots to be so embarrassed, some people are angry and drink a "good Wynaut has two looks at me."
The words sound just fell on the left chop. Gentian bright silver gun used a trick to explore the snake. A big gun suddenly turned dozens of cold stars to cover Feng Xiaoshen. Feng Xiao saw that the left chop made efforts, but he also dared not be careless. One by one, he hid from the other side and attacked the left chop. He used a trick. Xu Rulin’s gun was uniform and attacked the left chop.
Feng Xiao’s marksmanship was learned when Li Shimin, the king of the Tang Dynasty, was still the king of Qin, when he set up Tiance House. This marksmanship is very different in martial arts in the Jianghu. At the end, it is a horse’s actual combat tactics. He never emphasizes moves or principles, and seeks to find the weakness of the other side. He will kill the opponent with one blow.
All moves are taken from Sun Yat-sen’s Art of War, which is as swift as the wind, and its Xu Rulin invades like a fire, and it is hard to know like a mountain, as yin moves like Lei Zhen, but these moves are more like the Art of War, and each move is as changeable or rapid as the Art of War, or it is steady and vicious, and it depends on the opponent’s move to wait for the opportunity.
Left chop is faster than attacking Feng Xiao’s move, but the dragon and snake are flying, but Feng Xiao hides one by one and suddenly sees each other’s big guns slowly handed to his face. Although he looks at the slow speed, he always feels that he is completely exposed to each other’s guns, so that he doesn’t know what to do, such as being frightened in the defensive heart, pulling the reins and the horses neighing and quickly retreating. This barely hides Feng Xiao’s seemingly prosaic attack.
Feng Xiao forced a move to retreat and cut his feet. A clip of stirrups made the steeds eat pain and hiss. He quickly rushed to the front and cut left and left. Seeing this situation, which dare to neglect and quickly adjust the steeds to meet Feng Xiao’s course? The steeds and Feng Xiao are together.
After dozens of rounds of eye-rolling battles, the dusty two-gun dance will rise like a blustery storm, forcing the soldiers on both sides to retreat several steps. The soldiers on both sides have never seen such a fierce fight. When everyone recovered, the whole valley immediately echoed with cheers from the soldiers on both sides.
In a short time, the two men fought again for more than a dozen rounds. bright silver gun was like a snake in the field, and Feng Xiaobai was sent out to cut the tide. If the tiger searched for the mountain and the lance collided, it seemed that the sky thundered from the square, and sometimes he stabbed the other side like a ghost. At that time, it was inextricably linked
Left chop was secretly anxious in his heart. He didn’t expect Feng Xiao to be so brave. Seeing that his marksmanship was slightly better than his own for such a long time, I’m afraid it would be difficult to win. There are still hundreds of troops behind each other. Once the two sides fight, there is no chance. I thought that this left chop was determined to use his unique skill to deal with Feng Xiao.
The two men fought several rounds again, and left to cut a gun to force Feng Xiao to retreat. He turned to the left to urge the horse to run, and Feng Xiao saw that he was going to run, followed by a fierce chase. When he was about to chase left to cut, Left to cut suddenly pulled out a trick and went straight to the back. Feng Xiao Feng Xiao saw Qi exclaiming that some soldiers simply closed their eyes and listened to a scream. These soldiers thought that General Feng was dead.
But when they opened their eyes, they saw Feng Xiao riding on a horse with a big gun pointing to the left. Those soldiers with closed eyes inexplicably asked the soldiers around them what had just happened and didn’t know what had just happened until their companions finished talking.
It turns out that Zuo chop has a surprise trick, that is, returning to the carbine, but his returning to the carbine is not quite the same as others, because his gentian bright silver gun can be transformed by him to increase the distance, so you don’t have to wait for the enemy to chase too close when you use the returning to the carbine, so it can be said that many people will guard against the returning to the carbine when they are about to chase him.
Left chop himself, this unexpected shot will definitely stab Feng Xiao in the horse, but he didn’t expect that it was Feng Xiao who saw that his moves were not chaotic, but he was defeated in detail. There must be some conspiracy. Although he was chasing after him closely, he always kept an eye on him. When left chop used his comeback, Feng Xiao was also startled. He didn’t expect that he had not yet entered Gentiana bright silver gun, but he was stabbed to his other side with a gun.
The feeling be nasty feng Xiao busy will cut the tide gun to poke the whole people through the horse galloping strength in the draw.
A beautiful arc just falls on the horse’s back with the left chop, and then Feng Xiao’s left hand is turning back to the left chop, and the neck is smacked with a palm.
Left chop never dreamed that Feng Xiao would run to his horse and want to beat Feng Xiao. I didn’t expect Feng Xiao to shoot him down with a preemptive hand when the horse landed. Left chop, ouch! A scream was about to get up and his throat was forced by Feng Xiao’s gun.
At this time, Feng Xiao’s department had already rushed over to tie the left chop back to his camp, and the left chop brought more than 1,000 soldiers to rush back to their camp when they saw this situation.
Zhou Tao’s side was bombarded by artillery and then attacked by the fighters camp. The periphery of the defensive array was no longer the same. Zhou Tao was boring in the array with a crescent wing in his hand. When he saw Zuo chop being captured, he cursed a waste and urged his horse to rush out of the defensive array and go straight to Feng Xiao.
Chapter 34 The foggy and stormy Daoxiang Village (5)
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Feng Xiao caught the left chop and went back to his camp to see Zhou Tao personally play. He was excited and said, "Well, today I will see one catch and two catch a pair." Then he led Yu Shenji camp and other soldiers to Zhou Tao.
Two people rushed to the crowd without saying that Zhou Tao raised the crescent boring to Feng Xiao’s head, which was a blow. Feng Xiao held the gun in both hands and heard it at one stroke. When Feng Xiao felt a loud noise, he almost got rid of the gun. He didn’t expect this.
An old man should have such a strong way to underestimate his enemy and almost suffer.
Feng Xiao is still not panting. Zhou Tao is followed by a boring and sweeping to Feng Xiao’s waist. Feng Xiao is busy in Malay. He missed hiding from Zhou Tao’s offensive on an iron bridge. He was lying on Ma Feng Xiao’s bench. The big gun has been screaming like a tiger and went straight to Zhou Tao’s stab. Feng Xiao has sat up and stuck to Zhou Tao while Zhou Tao dodged.
Just when the two sides were locked in a fight, Feng Xiao suddenly heard a sound of gold ringing behind him. Feng Xiao didn’t know what happened. He attacked Zhou Tao and turned his horse back to his camp with a few shots. At this time, Zhou Tao didn’t know that there would be someone who sounded a golden bell over there. Feng Xiao was a coach and could still give such an order.
Both sides inexplicably stopped attacking Zhou Tao. I don’t know what happened. I quickly ordered my team to line up the defensive formation to see what the other side really meant. Feng Xiao was even more confused than he was. Marshal didn’t command anyone to ring a bell and retreat. When he returned to his camp angrily, he saw a familiar person.
This person is Feng Yuanshan’s right-hand man, Wei Yiming, who arrived when Zhu Yunwen was in Yuzhifeng, so that Mark and Jin Jing could stay and help Mo Yuling deal with the flat three-fingered machine beast and Zhou Tao Department.
Now seeing Wei Yiming actually come here, Feng Xiao has some doubts and asks, "Uncle Wei, why are you here?"
Wei Yiming saw that Feng Xiao was busy and pulled him aside and said softly, "General Feng sent me."
Feng Xiao asked, "What is it? Is it that the capital has changed? "
Wei Yiming shook his head and said, "No, it’s because we were ordered by General Gu to come here to inform you."
Feng Xiao asked quickly, "Oh, what are General Gu’s orders?"
Wei Yiming said, "General Gu ordered that it is forbidden to recover Zhou Tao and his five military camps."
Feng Xiao seemed unable to believe his ears and asked, "What did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly. "
Wei Yiming shrugged and said, "General Gu ordered you to let Zhou Tao go and let him leave the Fifth Military Camp."
Feng Xiao said angrily, "What is this command? Doesn’t General Gu know who he is? Let me let him go. Besides, how can I go back and talk to Zhu … and the emperor? "
Wei Yiming nai said, "I don’t know what this is. Brother Feng asked me to fly pigeons to inform General Gu Zhou Tao, and then we received this order from General Gu."
Feng Xiao couldn’t make up his mind for a while. wait for a while stood there in a daze for a long time before saying, "I’m afraid it’s not easy to handle this matter. My father still stays in the capital. If I return from work, I’m afraid the emperor will collude with Zhou Tao. Besides, why do so many people look at me to withdraw? Although the camp of Magic Machine is our own, the commander of the 3,000 camp is not our own. If I let Zhou Tao go easily, I’m afraid it will be bad for my father."
Wei Yiming gave a hand and said, "This general Gu seems to have thought of it. He said let me give this secret letter to Zhou Tao, which will naturally let you and Zhu Di have an explanation."
Feng Xiao looked at Wei Yiming’s secret letter and asked, "Does Uncle Gu have any friendship with this Zhou Tao? I haven’t heard of it before. "
Wei Yiming shook his head and said, "I don’t know about this either, but since it’s ordered, we can do it."
Feng Xiao was full of reluctance, but he had to act according to the order and said to Wei Yiming, "In that case, give this letter to Zhou Tao to see what the hell they are doing."
Zhou Tao hit Feng Xiao and sent a secret letter with a strange smile on his mouth. It seems that this robbery has escaped. After Zhou Tao read the secret letter and burned it, he urged the horse to go to the front of the two armies and shouted, "Please come out, General Feng."
Feng Xiao looked at Zhou Tao on the opposite side and couldn’t say how bored he was. This man almost killed Mo Yuling. If it wasn’t for Mo Yuling’s deadly life, I’m afraid he would have died long ago. Feng Xiao couldn’t wait to stab him with a gun. It’s a cold heart that he really won’t let Gu Xingguo let himself go of such a big enemy. He should be killed whether it’s private or public, otherwise he will return to the masked man with these tens of thousands of troops. That will be a great disaster in the future.
And Zhou Tao looked at Feng Xiao’s indignant expression and laughed. "General Feng didn’t expect us to be a family after all. This is the flood that washed the Longwang Temple. Don’t worry, I will let you go back and have an account."
Feng Xiao didn’t know what he meant, so he stormed back to "what family?" What are General Gu and you? "
Zhou Tao smiled and shook his head and said, "It doesn’t matter. The most important thing now is to let you go back and have a job. Please put the left chop back for me."
Feng Xiao knows that it’s also good to talk to him more now, so it’s good to let Zhu Di be suspicious of the Feng family. So Feng Xiao waved his hand at the left beheading man and said, "Let him go."
Left chop rubbed his arm tied with pins and needles and ran back to Zhou Tao in three steps and two steps. He was suspicious this time, but suddenly Zhou Tao didn’t know what to do. Feng Xiao actually put himself in his heart and felt glad.
Feng Xiao looked at how annoyed he was when he ran back to Zhou Tao in high spirits and asked Zhou Tao angrily, "I have released him, so you have to give me an account, otherwise I can’t tell the emperor when I go back."
Zhou Tao nodded and said, "This is easy for you and me. Since we are a family, I won’t make it difficult for you."
Zhou Tao’s voice did not fall, but he quickly pulled out his sword from his waist, and then there was a flash of cold light, including Feng Xiao, who exclaimed in the eyes of the soldiers of the two armies that he left his head in the surprise of all. This slowly fell to the ground, and a deep red blood gushed out from the neck cavity, and the poor left head was still dead with a smile on his mouth, glad that he could survive.
Feng Xiao was stunned. He didn’t understand Zhou Tao. He asked, "What are you …?"
Zhou Tao put away his sword and walked over and said, "This man has a weak point. Anyway, for me, it is just right for you to take his head back to deal with Zhu Di or let you have an account."
Feng Xiao didn’t expect Zhou Tao to be so vicious that he killed his loyal follower with a sword. He said with disdain, "I didn’t expect you to protect yourself even if you have been with you for so many years. You can kill your heart with a sword. It’s really vicious."
Zhou Tao laughed. "What’s this? Since you’re with me, you’ll have to work hard at any time. Otherwise, what am I going to do to raise him? Besides, I’m here to let you go back to a job, so that we can both get what we need. There’s nothing vicious or vicious."
Feng Xiao was noncommittal when he heard his fallacy and asked, "Killing him is like commanding a 3,000 battalion. It’s not that my people will definitely tell the emperor these things when they get back. How about this? Is there any way to silence them?"