So he naturally became Guo Xiang’s favorite warrior. She wanted to go to Jiangnan to meet him. She wanted to see what kind of person he was. Maybe it would be good to marry him!

Just as Guo Xiang was daydreaming in her room, the door was suddenly knocked, and a gorgeous green belle came in. A string of moon bells were still hanging from her ears. A closer look shows that Guo Xiang looks somewhat similar, while Guo Xiang is more elegant and lovely.
Who is this beautiful woman in green? She is Guo Xiang’s sister, Guo Fu, a woman in Xiangyang, but many people will call her Mrs. Condor because her husband is a famous Yang Guo.
Guo Fu saw the red silk scarf in Guo Xiang’s hand and remembered the recent popular stories in the city and the crazy sale of red silk scarves. He couldn’t help shaking his head. "Don’t watch this all day, Xianger. Just listen to the Jianghu stories. Where can you be true?"
Guo Xiang was born at about the same time as Huang Rong’s senior daughter Guo Fu’s daughter Zhuo Hua. Later, Huang Rong was busy helping Guo Jing deal with Xiangyang, and Guo Xiang was entrusted to Guo Fu for care.
In Guo Fu’s eyes, her little sister and her daughter grew up almost as a child. She watched her grow up, and their feelings were naturally more special and intimate than ordinary sisters. So Guo Xiang and Guo Fu could not help but say a few words.
It’s a pity that Guo Xiang’s eyes are full of Qin Ge now. Even if she hasn’t met him yet, she will feel her heart pounding at the sound of his name, and no one will say that he is not good.
"Elder sister Qin Ge story is true, of course. How can it be false? He is a great hero that everyone looks up to! "
Guo Xiang speaks highly of his dream girl, which feels like heaven is not a hero except Qin Ge.
"Hero? A real hero should be like your brother-in-law! "
Don’t say Guo Fu and Guo Xiang are sisters? The tone of their voices is really like a real one, but Guo Fu boasts that she is proud from the bottom of her heart that her husband is called Yang Guo the Condor.
Guo Xiang nutty nutty didn’t refute her brother-in-law is a great hero, but Qin Ge is not bad. Why isn’t he a hero?
"Good good little girl every day to these things you practice today? Zhuo Hua is still looking for you everywhere. If you hide in your room and listen to these stories? "
Oh, it turns out that Guo Fu came to Guo Xiang to urge her to practice.
However, because of Guo Xiang’s sexuality, her mother Huang Rong was somewhat similar in her early years. She didn’t want to practice diligently for three more days, fishing for two more days and drying the net. It is also common that Guo Fu should be urged at all times.
Guo Xiang listened to her sister and Guo Fu took care of her for a long time as her own daughter. She was reluctant to put the red silk scarf in her arms and then went out to practice martial arts.
I have something to say.
Qin Ge is from Gu Long’s novel "The Big Man", which was played by Yan Kuan. The style is absolutely wonderful, but the TV play is definitely different from the original. I also have my own opinions here, most of which are from the original and some are private.
This roll of P is Qin Ge and Guo Xiang, and then Guo Fu Yang Guo’s former life is like a dream. It doesn’t matter whether you look at that roll or not. If you look at some of it here, it will be considered as a foreign sugar.
Famous but involuntarily Jianghu Heroes vs Heroes’ Sisters On idolize Girl Filter Broken Scene, Do you want to continue idolize or take off the powder and step back! Baby, it’s not a loss for P.
Chapter 53 Chapter 53
Guo Fu is strict with Guo Xiang, but her little sister, her daughter, is usually a girl’s pet on weekdays. She says that where there is anything, it is really strict, and the points are still more painful.
Just as now she had seen that Guo Xiang didn’t listen to her words, she was still so precious about the red silk scarf, and she didn’t take it to heart.
Because what does Guo Fu think a little girl can do in every family?
It’s the same, and so are others. They don’t notice for a while before they get the back story.
Guo Xiang is reluctant to practice kungfu. It’s a pity that she has never set foot in Jianghu. She is just a flower stand.
Guo Fu’s daughter, Yang Zhuohua, has also been spoiled, and her sex Guo Xiang is not bad, but she is willing to work hard in martial arts like her father Yang Guo, which is sometimes stronger than Guo Xiang.
Unfortunately, she also left her mother a bit stupid, inflexible and sometimes rigid, but this is more like Guo Jing.
"Burning China, have you ever heard of the story of Qin Ge? Just that Tiger Hill warrior Qin Ge! "
Listening to Guo Xiang’s words is not much better than those young girls who are obsessed with Qin Ge in the south of the Yangtze River. However, because Guo Xiang has not seen Qin Ge’s obsession, what she likes is all false. Someday, a better warrior than Qin Ge will come out, and she will move on.
Yang Zhuohua shook her head, but she didn’t pay attention to this. In her daughter’s heart, like her mother Guo Fu, she felt that her father Yang Guo was the best hero. It was probably because of this that Yang Guo recognized the pain of this daughter. She was too much like Guo Fu, and she loved her daughter.
"Zhuo Hua Zhuo Hua, shall I tell you his story?"
Guo Xiang insisted on burning China, but it was not good to brush this good pleasure of menstruation and agreed.
At this time, she still didn’t know what she promised Guo Xiang.
Three or two days later, when they practiced together, Guo Xiangcong finished practicing burning China earlier. He was still practicing Guo Xiang, sitting there holding the red silk scarf in his hand and began to extrapolate.
"Qin Ge burning China, you know? Do you want to hear his story? "
Burning China hesitated for a while and always nodded. If she said she didn’t know Guo Xiang, she didn’t know how long it would take to tell her the story of Qin Ge.
It’s a pity that Guo Xiang is like being poisoned by Qin Ge at the moment. Even if Burning China says so, she is still pestering to tell her the story of Qin Ge. However, after listening to it for hundreds of times in just a few days, Burning China is quite resistant, and the whole person is about to collapse.
As a result, the tortured burning China left in a hurry immediately after hearing the news that her mother Guo Fu was looking for her, which made Guo Xiang so angry that she was addicted to the story.
Hum a Qin Ge who has no eyes for both. How nice it is that she can’t get tired of listening to his stories hundreds of times.
Seeing that no one at home listened to her story, Guo Xiang went out. Now, the story of Qin Ge in Xiangyang City is the most popular story in restaurants and teahouses. There are many people who listen to it and tell it.
Guo Xiang randomly found a small teahouse, ordered a pot of tea, and sat in the teahouse with a plate of peanuts for a whole afternoon without moving her position, because this teahouse said that Mr. Wang’s story was the best, especially Qin Ge’s story. How could she be willing to leave?
On the way back, Guo Xiang went into the shop and bought a red silk scarf. The last one was left. Several girls quarreled because of this. Guo Xiang came late but quietly picked up the leak, which made her happy.
Guo Xiang was in a good mood all day. In the evening, she had a beautiful dream that a handsome man with a black silk dress and a red silk scarf fell from the sky. By the way, a hero came to save her from trouble.
Such a dream is really a beautiful dream for Guo Xiang, but when she wakes up, she doesn’t remember what Qin Ge looks like in the dream. Just remember that she looks very good.
As the saying goes, thinking day by day and dreaming night by night, Guo Xiang spent all day thinking about this unknown Qin Ge warrior, which made him even more anxious when he dreamed of it.
But after all, dreams are dreams that have to be dispersed when they wake up, and then they are filled with disappointment.
Alas, if only she could meet Qin Ge, even once, she would be satisfied.
Of course, this statement is that Guo Fu refused to meet that Qin Ge in the first place. It would be terrible if he was a liar.
If you don’t say so, it’s fine, but Guo Fu said so, which is equivalent to being stuck in Guo Xiang’s heart, so she jumped through and made a bold idea.
She’s running away from home. She’s going to meet Qin Ge in Jiangnan.
Guo Er, a young girl, packed the parcel the night she came out, and when the next day was dead of night, she took her own luggage and slipped out of the boudoir.
The day before burning China, Guo Xiang made an appointment to practice together. After getting up, she couldn’t wait for Guo Xiang, so she ran to find her, but boy Guo Xiang was already going upstairs.
Fortunately, Guo Xiang is not an ignorant person. He also knows that he left a note for his family saying that he would take a trip to Jiangnan and come back in a couple of months.
Chapter 54 Chapter 54
What was the situation when I met Qin Ge? As Guo Xiang thought, it must be a time to be brave and brave, and it is best for a hero to save the United States
Of course, this time is indeed the time for his hero to save the United States, but that beauty is not Guo Xiang, but a beautiful girl. Yes, Qin Ge seems to be looking at her and doesn’t seem to be looking at her
Qin Ge, as Guo Xiang imagined him to be a warrior, was dressed in a black silk suit, which made his whole body very white. His eyebrows and eyes and even his hair looked very heroic, but the most conspicuous thing was that he wore a red silk scarf around his neck.
A bright red silk scarf hung on his neck, and a gust of wind blew through the red silk scarf and it flew up. People around him couldn’t help calling out. Although Guo Xiang was also very calm, her heart had already floated with Qin Ge’s flying red silk scarf.
Every time Qin Ge comes out, everyone’s eyes are on him, but he is still so calm and seems to be used to this scene.
The road has been blocked by Qin Ge’s fanatical followers, and he took another step forward. Like these people, Guo Xiang’s eyes clung to him in the crowd
Guo Xiang thinks it’s not necessarily bad. She can see him more.
However, at this time, Qin Ge suddenly became a little toe-pointed, and he floated out of the distance and disappeared into people’s sight.