Jinyang was no longer polite, and said bluntly, "I have uprooted the inheritance of Buddhism in the world. I’m going to heaven to make some consultations with the incompetent jade emperor in heaven. The magic eagle and 36 of them need to come with me, and I need some hands around me." . . You know that. . 。 ”

"Yes, it’s just that Jinyangzi, you should be careful in heaven this time. Xiandao always likes to go out, but it’s famous."
Jinyang smiled and didn’t care. He casually asked, "How many people are there in Vulcan Island?"
"More than 40,000 people are one and two, and they are breaking through the 40,000 mark. Is there any need?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Xuanzhenzi replied carefully.
Although Jinyang doesn’t like Xuanzhenzi’s influence, Jinyang also understands that Xuanzhenzi has real materials, and smiles: "Very well, pull out 1,000 people and take over the whole of Shushan now. I want to see only my flying sword of Jiulian Jianzong passing through the whole of Shushan, and these 1,000 people will stay in Shushan forever."
Although Xuanzhenzi’s calculation is very different from that of a dust child, after all, he is an old monster who has lived for thousands of years. For Jinyang’s absolute command, he gradually understood Jinyang’s intention, and muttered to himself, it seems that the three worlds will be chaotic, depending on how we, the young Vulcan, can get the maximum benefit.

Chapter 282 Discuss the results
Chapter 282 Discuss the results
Kunlun Mountain, Jade Palace.
The wheel of heaven closed his eyes slightly, and sat quietly on the bed of Wanlian. The green light emanated from the bed of Wanlian, wrapped his whole body in it, and the green light was emitted from the celestial spirit, and the official tour overflowed. Then, with the pure fairy spirit on the bed of Wanlian, it slowly overflowed back to the celestial spirit, and it went back and forth, slowly increasing the cultivation and realm.
If we only talk about the cultivation of the wheel of heaven, I’m afraid we have already reached the realm of immortals. Even the weak body of the cultivator has evolved to a new height under the catalysis of the lotus bed, which is a little worse than the fairy body of the celestial world, but he still hasn’t soared.
This is the case with the palm teachings of Kunlun in all previous dynasties. Without doing something on earth, it is impossible to soar to heaven, but as long as it is soaring, it will surely occupy a place in heaven, either as an important official in heaven or as an important person.
Suddenly, the space didn’t shake at all, and an old man in shining armor inexplicably walked out of the air, wearing shabby and erosive clothes, as if he hadn’t been washed for ten thousand years. If he hadn’t flashed a little naked eyes from time to time, everyone would have thought he was just a down-and-out old man.
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
This person is the founder of the Kunlun Sect, and his contemporaries are Twelve Jinxian. The original Buddha insisted that he would never be a miserable person in the fairy class, and he could only travel among the poor people.
Day wheel fiercely opened his eyes and saw the old man’s expressionless face. My heart was shocked. As the current palm teacher of Kunlun Sect, Yuan Shen had already merged with Yuxiu Palace, and he knew everything about the palace, but when did the old man enter the palace? He didn’t even notice.
Seeing the old man’s expressionless face, Skywheel didn’t dare to be careless. He quickly got out of Wanlian bed, bowed his head slightly and respectfully called, "See the ancestor."
The old man nodded slightly, and when the green light flashed, he sat on the bed of Wan Lian, and his eyes closed slowly. There are three golden lotus flowers on the top of the head, which bloom instantly. Three golden lights shot fiercely, and the sucking room reached the outside of the cloud nine.
For a long time, three more pure golden lights suddenly shot back, just falling into three golden lotus flowers, and the old man in the flower shell trembled, and then he suddenly opened his eyes, which were full of incredible colors.
The wheel of heaven stands still beside Wan Lian’s bed. I looked at the old man carefully, and when I saw the old man’s eyes like this, I suddenly became slightly stunned and asked in a low voice, "Father, this. . . ?”
The old man looked strange and muttered, "Shrink the disciples of Kunlun, try not to be embarrassed with Jiulian Jianzong and give up the barbarian land."
"This. . . Yes. Father, I’m going to give orders. "
Day wheel just want to ask a reason, but see the old man’s hand fiercely suspended whip this eternal weapon, hurriedly darling shut up, it seems that is also the meaning of heaven, or ask less.
Seeing the sky, the wheel quickly flashed out of the Jade Palace. The old man slowly looked up at the starry sky, and his mind sank into the void, mumbling, "Master, happiness and misfortune."
The expression has endless loneliness and sadness.
Leaving Vulcan Island, Jinyang didn’t try so hard, but slowed down, thinking about it. This time, the land bet can be big. If sendoh is not as expected. That’ tianzhong’ clan can be taken in as a whole. With the strength of western Buddhism, if you are serious, your own power is really not enough.
Although deliberately slowed down, but a few breathing time, Jinyang still arrived in the sky of shushan, spirit force slowly swept hundreds of miles of Fiona Fang border, the whole border of shushan has almost been attacked, only sporadic counterattack, but are all buffoons, and can’t afford to turn over any big waves.
Aware of the location of a dusty place, he is with the left-handed bosses such as the fire monkey Zhenjun, and Jinyang is mentally micro-moving, so he teleports in the past.
Seeing the arrival of Jinyang, a dust son just gave him a faint look, while the fire monkey Zhenjun nodded with a smile. The benefits he got from Jinyang were not a little bit, and there are endless opportunities in the future. Now, it is always right to make good relations.
Seeing that the ghost king, the corpse king and other left-hand bosses were all at the scene, Jinyang was not hypocritical. He directly said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t want to say much about Jinyang. This 800-mile boundary of Shushan belongs to Jinyang. As for magic weapons and elixirs, how about you take them all?"
The corpse king and the ghost king suddenly stopped talking. Anyone can see that Jinyang doesn’t belong to The Hunger Gate. If you are unconditionally on Jinyang’s side at this time, it will definitely attract the suspicion of others, and the loss outweighs the gain.
And skeletons here and evil bodhi old zu, etc., are slightly hesitant, although the original agreement is so, but it is said that the sword school of shushan, not the whole of shushan 800-mile boundary, almost occupy the whole of Long Mai 800-mile boundary, such a big piece of fat, who doesn’t want to follow a bite, a piece of cake.
But Jinyang’s strength is there. If he really wants to fight hard, no one dares to fight hard with him. As a result, everyone’s eyes immediately focused on the fire monkey.
Among the left roads, Huaguoshan has always been the leader, and only the background of Huaguoshan is hard enough, which is even harder than diamond. Even ordinary immortals dare not go to Huaguoshan to run wild, otherwise, the ancestor who angered Huaguoshan, even the great Buddha in heaven, the Jade Emperor, still dares to give you a stick to fight in the hope of death.
The fire monkey really looked at Jinyang helplessly, looking a little weird, and the meaning of his brow was clear. Add some benefits, otherwise it would be difficult for him to convince the public and step down.
Jinyang smiled and said, "What about the territory of the whole North American continent? In half a month’s time, I will help you lay down hundreds of spiritual veins in the whole North American continent. Although it is not as good as a one-stop pulse, it is better than nothing. "
Jinyang is very indifferent. Chanzheng is all empty promises, saying that it will help them. When they really start work, they are not themselves, but they are just looking for an excuse to make moves.
The Fire Monkey King laughed and said, "You have already taken all the benefits today. Shushan is really a good place, with beautiful mountains and beautiful waters, but Feng Shui is not good. The Daimon Masaru Sect in the right way is surrounded by skeletons. Do you want to move Yun Mengze into Shushan? I can guarantee that if you enter Shushan with your front foot, Kunlun will dare to send experts to attack."
Ghost king resin king said two people at the same time, the two people have already with The Hunger old ghost through gas, the thought of Jinyang behind that incredibly powerful force, the in the mind is trembling slightly.
From the words of The Hunger’s old ghost, they understand and are convinced. If it’s really recorded in ancient books, it’s really a hands-on effort to destroy the human fix-up world. It’s just that people disdain such a big stage on earth and want to jump up and down in the sky. They just want to settle down the home front before leaving. They might as well be accommodating and leave a show.
Originally, when people saw the meaning of the fire monkey, they understood it again. Now, someone is taking the lead. Several left-handed bosses are not monsters who have lived for thousands of years. How meticulous their thoughts are, they quickly echoed.
Everyone’s heart is bright. If you are still there at this time, you will really only die.

Chapter 283 Dust
Chapter 283 Dust
Under the policy of Jinyang’s honey and stick, after a series of bargaining, the left-wing bosses finally compromised. After all, people’s power and strength are there, and the whole is a master who is not to be taunted. It is better to be accommodating, leave a show of respect and meet each other in the future.
Fix true person, who hasn’t had three disasters and five robberies, maybe there will be a time to ask for help in the future, and now it’s not in the long-term interests. The one here is not an old monster who has been practicing for hundreds of years, so naturally he won’t do such a stupid thing.
After a deal, on the premise of ensuring the interests of all parties, things were finally solved satisfactorily. After careful calculation, Jinyang had almost no loss. With some spiritual objects in the gate of Shushan Sword Sect, plus an unsecured bad check, he successfully sent away these greedy people.
Jinyang paid no attention to the tons of elixir in the gate of the Sword Sect of Shu Mountain. For one thing, it was not his own, so there was no need to feel distressed. Secondly, there was a whole Long Mai under Shu Mountain. As long as you don’t go too far and leave the spiritual roots of these spiritual objects, it will take a hundred years, maybe decades, to fully recover.
However, there are always some ignorant people who, under the inspiration of some people intentionally or unintentionally, have the cheek to stay at the gate of the Sword Sect in Shushan for all kinds of ridiculous reasons, trying to get some more benefits or asking for something they shouldn’t know.
Jinyang naturally knows this, but he doesn’t ask. He is too lazy to care about these kittens and shrimps. When the time comes, someone will naturally clean them up. Now. It’s just that the time is not up.
Sure enough, after only half a day, the masters left by the major leftist factions, one by one, with their tails between their legs, fled out of the Shushan Mountains in extreme panic, just like ordinary people seeing ghosts.
It turns out that after some adjustments. Thirty-six pro-guards who originally guarded the Vulcan underground palace were led by the magic eagle. Finally arrived in shushan.
Followed by one thousand young people named by Jinyang, most of these people have just cultivated into the body of Vulcan, which is closely related to the master of Jiulian Jianzong, who has not cultivated the body of Vulcan, and many people have a relationship between mentoring and mentoring. As a result, it is much more convenient for Jin Shengzi to manage.
Meanwhile. These people, hand-picked by the magic eagle, all have the same characteristics, that is, they are ruthless, never leave room for anything, and the most important thing is to exterminate the grass, which is exactly what Jinyang needs in heaven in the future. Now they are raised in Shushan and wait for the necessary time. Bring directly to heaven, the famous Vulcan legion in the middle of nowhere, and it’s time to reappear the heaven.
Under the hint of Jinyang, these once famous human murder weapons don’t need to conjure up the body of Vulcan at all, as long as they gently quote their former names. Then release the weapon that once slaughtered thousands of lives, and those left-wing masters immediately scared their asses and ran away in a hurry.