"Yushu, I’m going to contact your prince now. Throw this goods out for me!" Su Ling staring at Yushu eyes erratic said.

Actually, she is a little dizzy now, but at least she is still conscious!
Burn three-dimensional dust this fellow last night, she changed a little for him, and today she went astray in front of her!
Ya can’t tell the king from the king!
"Su Ling, how dare you! This is that palace, not the place where you run wild! " Helian Jinse keeps a good upbringing on weekdays and can no longer be self-sustaining and calm at this time!
She has long been unhappy with Su Ling, and now she dares to be so presumptuous in front of her third brother?
This is the second watch and three chapters. 92 Gulan died three years ago!
"Even the small county Lord, you should be guilty of calling the princess by her name!"
Su Ling listened to Helian Jinse’s cursing and turning to approach her eyes step by step. The cold light in her eyes is like a blade drawn and the glad eye is like silk, but it is shocking and violent.
She didn’t want to put up with it a long time ago, okay?
How long has it been? Is there a happy thing around her from her marriage to Huang Yinchen?
Hector even Jinse looked at Su Ling and was undeniably afraid. She was always a little clever, but I didn’t expect her to show some momentum this time, which made her difficult to resist.
I scratched my eyes twice, and then I saw that Huang Yin’s dust was getting more and more cold. I couldn’t help but feel happy in my heart. When Su Ling was about to get close, she said in a slightly pleading tone, "Third brother, I didn’t mean to say princess!"
Yushu jumped out of the corner of his eye!
Burn Yin dust eyes narrowed!
Su Ling corners of the mouth a smoke!
Then I heard "Hector even jinse what is your identity! Tainv Palace didn’t inform who allowed you to come in? "
Su Ling "…"
It turns out that she is not the only one who will make a tiger and snow after drinking. This posture is also quite tiger!
At this time, I don’t know when I have walked beside several people. Xia Xiaoxue asked Su Ling about Hector even Jin Seji and gave her a slap without saying anything.
Hector even Jin Sengen didn’t expect that she had always been a little resistant to Nan Xia Guo’s wife to panic at her, covering her cheeks and looking at her eyes with latosolic red Xia Xiaoxue, a little scared and unwilling!
"Too female I … I just want to see you!"
Xia Xiaoxue’s half body was covered with Fu Suling’s shoulders. After understanding her words, her misty eyes closed mercilessly. After opening again, it seemed more and more scarlet. "You came to see Tainv but kissed me with my cousin. You haven’t married a woman yet. You are so shameless. You have lost the face of the Hector tribe!"
Xia Xiaoxue’s words can be described as quite straightforward, and Hector even became pale because of her words!
"I … I …"
"Somebody blow her out of this palace. If she is too young, she is not allowed to come in casually!"
Xia Xiaoxue immediately shocked the female guards. Although these are female guards, the five big and three thick bodies are not worse than men.
What’s more, Tainu Shinohara’s words are like imperial edicts in their eyes. Since it is said that they are going out, they will make a gesture to bomb people!
It was not until Hector even Jinse was blown out of the palace by a group of tall and powerful female guards that it suddenly became quiet around.
Su Ling looked at her side with some stare, and Xiao Xue wine woke up, followed by’ Ying Ning’ and directly squatted on her shoulder and said, "I admire you so much!"
"get out! I feel a little sick after drinking too much. I’m going to rest! Cousin, I won’t bother you! See you later! " Until now, although Xia Xiaoxue still spoke with alcohol on his face, he obviously looked awake a lot.
When I turned my eyes and saw Su Ling with a worried expression, I pushed her and said, "Don’t worry about me, I can force alcohol back!" You are as thin as you are, with thin arms and legs and touching people! !”
When I saw Shinohara Snow’s figure firmly heading for the palace, Su Ling was stunned and took her figure. Her skill was despised?
Still despised by Shinohara Snow!
Blocking … Blocking the heart!
"Enough trouble?"
Will watch the side burn assumed dust Shinohara snow left epigenetic cold as ice to see Su Ling said, and he toshihiko side still hung with a pinch mark.
It can be seen that Su Ling’s hand was really merciless!
Su Ling smell speech eyebrows looked at him sneer at "what do you mean that’s enough? Who is making this noise today? Can you stop lying with your eyes open? "
"Yushu takes Wang Hao back to the house!"
Burn three-dimensional dust cold cold expression such as winter blowing cold wind in February, there seems to be a flame burning violently in a pair of eyes.
Yushu ordered it to be forbidden, but Su Ling was a little difficult to whisper, "Princess, come back!"
"I don’t care if I go back myself!"
Su Ling then turned and walked in different directions. She and Huang Yin’s dust dropped to freezing point, but this feeling became worse and worse.
She is always not afraid of trouble, but she doesn’t want to get into trouble, but she is doomed to have several people eyeing her now!