"Nothing … I said it’s so cold, girl. It’s time to be kicked again. Let’s go." Chen Senran knew that Evelyn had smelled the meat and was not afraid of her leaving.

The snow soon disappeared into their shadow.
"Ahem-"Galen coughed and struggled to climb from the ground with a sword. Until now, he was in a trance and didn’t die …
Thought of here, he was a little lucky and sad. After all, he let the mantis go and so many of his brothers were still lying on the ground, dying unsatisfied.
"Ahem-"coughed again, and Galen barely swallowed the blood coming from the throat.
I don’t think so much at the moment. Ash doesn’t know what’s going on yet. Don’t die.
Thinking that Galen had left the former question for a while, he limped towards the place where Ash was buried.
Before he dared to dig the snow with a big sword, his hand was stretched out, followed by Ash’s pale but still more touching face. The woman stubbornly climbed up from the snow with a big bow without picking up Galen’s hand.
Galen embarrassedly patted his big sword, and he also knew that Ash was such a character. This woman is in charge of thousands of people and will never allow herself to be weak to help. Even if she falls down, she will never have the strength, but if she has a breath, she will definitely get up stubbornly without help.
"Ash …" Galen opened his mouth and looked at Ash and turned his head but didn’t know what to say at the moment.
"Let’s go." Ash saw his one eye and took the lead in walking towards the camp with the Zhang Hanbing bow.
Galen can nod in silence.
The two men just walked for a long time in the dark snowy night until they saw the light that led to the camp.
"Hey …" Galen stopped and felt something had to be said.
Ash didn’t stop but walked slowly.
"Thank you for coming tonight. You can actually go." Galen remembered his anger and couldn’t help but smile bitterly. This time, he almost exhausted Ash.
If he had to choose again, he would still do it. After all, it’s … Brother.
"Stupid," Ash said without looking back.
"Yes," Galen smiled and pulled up the big sword stuck in the snow and moved on. "It’s really stupid."
The snow is still cold.
The majestic wind covered everything, and no one heard a word from Ash.
It’s so stupid.
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After li finally came when all the shameful things slowly flowed by in the dark snowy night.
The snow finally stopped in Lebanon, and the sun shone obliquely from the peak spire, which made the cold air slightly warm.
Not surprisingly, Chen Senran asked Galen to see himself at the first time, and of course, calcas, who was an uninvited guest for him.
The meeting place was Zhongjun’s tent. Galen didn’t put on a posture of refusing people away from home, but sat in the first position and watched Chen Senran walk into the tent. Although he still looked extremely pale.
"You’re finally here" is the first sentence Galen said. He coughed and squeezed his fist and said with some difficulty.
"Your body …" Chen Senran is very satisfied with Galen’s gesture, which means Galen also regards him as a friend.
Despite how cheap the word friend is in this world.
"I had a little trouble last night and got hurt."
Galen is obviously not going to tell Chen Senran what happened last night, but Chen Senran doesn’t care. After all, he is not going to tell Galen what he was there last night.
Besides, in fact, they are just congenial. When they kill people, they can work hard together, but there is no need to get to the bottom of it.
At this time, the tent moved, or the whole body wrapped itself up and dressed up. calcas came in with his staff and adventure notes, and sat across from Galen without saying hello first, but looked at Galen.
Galen for calcas ceremony didn’t speak is narrowed his eyes and looked up at calcas.