The headmaster was very satisfied with the team members’ trip. He turned to Liu Hongjian and smiled. "Mr. Liu, if you have something to say, just tell them!"

"hmm!" Liu Hongjian nodded his head in the previous step and said to the young guys in front of him, "Coach Liu and I came here mainly to see the basketball team members of Chengkeda University. Of course, the most important reason is to see the guy who created a miracle." And his eyes moved to Zeng Feiyang, who could not help but get red even if he had a thick face, but he was happier.
Liu Hongjian turned his back on Zeng Feiyang and others and continued, "To be honest, I have never been optimistic about college players because college students are too young in technology, and their will is not firm and their experience is poor …"
Hearing this, everyone’s happiness suddenly vanished, but it was discontent and anger-damn, why did you come to see us since you didn’t like us?
They were unhappy, but Liu Hongjian’s words behind them made them smile again.
Liu Hongjian once again turned around and smiled at everyone. "But your game yesterday made me change my mind about you." Liu Hongjian’s eyes moved over all the players one by one. "Teammates have excellent understanding, solid skills, proficient tactics and stable psychology. Never give up faith until the last moment! And that absolute confidence makes me admire you from the bottom of my heart! What you have is what professional player in China lack at present! "
After listening to Liu Hongjian’s words, everyone couldn’t help laughing at each other. How can it not make them happy to get such praise from the leaders of basketball circles in China today?
Liu Hongjian looked at the children and smiled. Then he showed a serious expression and said, "Well, I’ve said enough about praising you. Now let me get to the point!" Liu Hongjian’s eyes moved back to Zeng Feiyang. "Zeng Feiyang, I want you to join the national team. You already know, right?"
"Yes!" Zeng Feiyang was noncommittal
Liu Hongjian looked Zeng Feiyang in the eye and said, "I really intend to pull you into the national team, but although you are very capable now, there are not many people who can compete with you in China. But joining the national team is not to fight against the Chinese people, but to fight fiercely with the world powers. Are you white?"
"I’m white …" Zeng Feiyang’s heart jumped nervously because what Liu Hongjian said is true. Although he is very capable at the moment, he wants to compare words with players from world powers! There is still a gap … Perhaps it is because of these gaps that Liu Hongjian won’t let him participate in the Olympic Games, although he can join the national team! Joining the national team but not taking part in the Olympic Games is even simpler for Zeng Feiyang than killing him …
However, it’s not that Liu Hongjian didn’t want him to take part in the Olympic Games. Instead, he said something that surprised Zeng Feiyang …
Liu Hongjian nodded and said, "It’s good for you. I intend to let you enter the NBA! Improve yourself in the NBA in the months before the Olympic Games! "
"What?" Everyone except Junasz was surprised, puzzled and puzzled!
Enter the NBA? Liu Hongjian wants Zeng Feiyang to enter the NBA, the top basketball altar! Will this come true? Will Zeng Feiyang enter the NBA? All this is still unknown …
Chapter seventy Go to the sea!
Zeng Feiyang opened his eyes wide and said incredulously, "You said you wanted me to go to the NBA? Is this ok? "
Liu Hongjian smiled and said, "But I really want you to go to the NBA!"
When Liu Hongjian promised, everyone cheered and congratulated Zeng Feiyang. Of course, their hearts were mixed with envy. After all, NBA is the basketball temple that all basketball players dream of!
"Don’t be too happy yet …" Then Liu Hongjian spoke again. "I can take you to the NBA, but it depends on you!"
Hearing this, everyone was quiet, but they still shouted and cheered in their hearts.
Li Leiqi asked before he left, "But President Liu doesn’t know the flying strength in the NBA! Moreover, they are not optimistic about overseas college students, and the selection of overseas players is also very strict. Besides, now that the draft is over, even if Feiyang wants to go to the NBA, he can’t go until after Christmas at least! Do you have any way to let Feiyang go to the NBA? "
Liu Hongjian smiled and said, "You can rest assured that there is China Yao in the NBA, isn’t there? I have told him about yesterday’s game and sent him the video of the game. I want him to show it to Alexander and others, and then they will definitely give Feiyang a chance to go to Houston for a trial! When the time comes, it’s up to you to express yourself. "The last sentence is obviously said to Zeng Feiyang.
"Great!" Everyone cheered again, and they all believed that Zeng Feiyang’s strength would surely make great achievements in the NBA if he had the opportunity! But also in the Houston Rockets and China’s first center Yao together! How can this not be exciting?
Zeng Feiyang was also very happy, but I was glad that Yu Zengfeiyang thought of another thing and frowned.
Liu Hongjian saw that Zeng Feiyang had a mind and asked, "What’s the matter? Aren’t you happy that Feiyang can go to the NBA? Or do you feel wronged by this method? Do you want to enter the NBA through the draft? "
"Not Chairman Liu" Zeng Feiyang quickly shook his head. "I am very happy to be able to enter the NBA. What do you care if you don’t draft? What’s more, the NBA is a place where you can speak by strength. Even if you don’t enter the draft, you can still win the respect of others … "Speaking of this, Zeng Feiyang turned his attention to other people. Obviously, he can’t let go of these teammates because if he enters the NBA through this opportunity, he will miss his dream of playing in CUBA!
Liu Hongjian carved out Zeng Feiyang’s mind and smiled and said, "Oh, I understand that you are not willing to give up your dream of playing CUBA with these teammates!"
"Boss …" Everyone’s heart is warm. They are very moved. Zeng Feiyang already has the opportunity to go to the NBA, but he still doesn’t let everyone fight for the CUBA dream. How many people can have this feeling? In general, you can go to the NBA. Who cares about your former teammates and who can’t bear the dream of CUBA league? However, Zeng Feiyang was a teenager who had a dream and struggled for basketball, whether it was a CUBA dream, an Olympic dream or an NBA dream! He wants to realize his dreams with his teammates one by one!
In order not to make Zeng Feiyang lose the opportunity to go to the NBA because of a moment’s hesitation, Wu Han, the big brother in the team, said, "Feiyang, you don’t hesitate any more!" You must not miss this opportunity to go to the NBA, even if you are our common dream! "
Cold gold interface way "yes! Feiyang, if you give up this chance, all of us will not be happy! So you must go! Go to the NBA with all our blessings and dreams! "
Cheng Shifei walked to the front of Zeng Feiyang and smiled, "Yes! Boss, don’t let us go! Even without you, we can always win! When you take our dreams to the NBA, we will also take your dreams! Get the CUBA championship! "
"Yes! Boss (Feiyang), you can go safely! " The rest of the players all said the same sentence, which is simple but contains their trust and respect for Zeng Feiyang!
"Everybody …" Zeng Feiyang felt that her eyes were suddenly hot as if something was coming.
Li Leiqi looked at these children and was filled with joy-even if they were to be separated, they were still as mature as adults and knew how to choose.
Equally touching are the headmaster and Liu Hongjian (Junasz doesn’t know Chinese, so he doesn’t feel it). What these children express is the real friendship and dream desire that adults in the world lack today.
Liu Hongjian looked at the children and smiled. "But you can rest assured that even if Zeng Feiyang wants to go to the NBA, it will take Christmas, which means he can still finish the Sichuan Division trials with you!"
Everyone is stunned and cheers again. It is painful and frustrating to separate, but it is better than happiness to be able to get together for a while before separation! It would be even more exciting if we could fight in CUBA together!
Liu Hongjian seems to like to see other people’s mood ups and downs, so he said something disappointing after everyone was excited. "Don’t be happy too early because the NBA may ask Feiyang to try out a training school recently, and he may be able to participate in the strong battle in four days!" If your law passes the strong battle, then the desire to fly to CUBA will stop! "
"ah? ? ?” Everyone was lost again, but it was a dream and snow, and immediately said a pep talk, "Don’t worry, everyone. As far as I know, the strong opponent is very weak, Dongcheng University of Technology! They defeated the weak East Medical University in the round of 16, and I think we can win even if Feiyang is not here! "
After listening to the dream and snow, everyone once again showed a relaxed smile. Dongcheng University of Technology is indeed a weak team, but it seems that they are lucky to be placed in the weakest group B, and they actually advanced to the top 16! And met a weak team in the top 16! This has advanced to a strong battle, but it seems that their luck has come to an end, because they have met a first-class team in the region and become a university of science and technology even if they have not flown!
Liu Hongjian looked at it and said, "It’s almost time for us to go, Feiyang. What are you going to do now?"
"eh? What should I do? " Zeng Feiyang was puzzled.
"I mean, before I arrange for you to go to Houston for a trial in NBA, are you going to wait in the sea with me or stay here and wait for the notice from there before going directly to Houston?" Liu Hongjian Zeng Feiyang made an explanation.
Everyone was relieved because they all knew that Zeng Feiyang would definitely stay and get along with everyone for a few more days, but in fact, everyone thought the opposite because Zeng Feiyang …
"I’ll go to the sea with you!" Zeng Feiyang spoke an answer that surprised everyone.
"What? ?” Almost everyone exclaimed.
Zeng Feiyang knew everyone’s doubts, so he solved everyone’s confusion. "Everyone is not surprised that I am in such a hurry to go to the sea, not because I am in a hurry to go to the NBA, but because A Yang is in the sea …"
I understand that after hearing Zeng Feiyang’s words, everyone except Liu Hongjian and Junasz went to the sea for nothing because he wanted to help his former teammate-Liu Yang.
Wu Han smiled and said, "That’s all right! You must bring A Yang back with you when Feiyang comes back! "
"Yes! Boss, we all believe that you can do it! " Cheng Shifei also said
"Flying ….." Dreaming of snow, she looked at Zeng Feiyang in a complicated way. In her heart, she longed for Zeng Feiyang to bring Liu Yang, but she was also confused-what mood should she face Liu Yang when Liu Yangzhen came back?
Some people are happy and some people are upset. Xia Na is very upset at the moment, because if Zeng Feiyang really goes to the NBA, she will get along with Zeng Feiyang very little. When she knew that Zeng Feiyang was going to the NBA, she decided to make a confession to Zeng Feiyang tonight, but Zeng Feiyang decided to go to the sea immediately, but her confession plan fell through at night, but she didn’t give up because she knew that Zeng Feiyang would come back and lie down at that moment. At that moment, she would make a major gamble on her love ..
At six o’clock in the afternoon, after dinner, Zeng Feiyang told his parents that he might go to the NBA. Of course, his parents must have supported him with both hands, but his parents also told him that even if Zeng Feiyang played in the NBA, they would not go to the United States to accompany Zeng Feiyang because they thought that Zeng Feiyang should learn to be strong and independent and be able to live alone at all times! Only in this way can Zeng Feiyang be a strong man in life! Of course, the main reason is that they like China and don’t want to leave their motherland!
When Yang Tian knew that Zeng Feiyang was going to America, he was happy and depressed afterwards! He is happy because Zeng Feiyang was able to go to the NBA and help Liu Yang solve his problems in the sea, but also because his eldest sister-in-law, Lin Xue, is in the sea! And depressed because of his own way to personally send Zeng Feiyang away-the injury is not good enough to leave the hospital and walk around, which makes him depressed to the extreme, but he still blesses Zeng Feiyang in his heart and hopes that Zeng Feiyang can make his own day in the NBA …
On November 12th, at 7 o’clock in the afternoon, the basketball team members watched Zeng Feiyang get off the passenger plane with Liu Hongjian and Junasz with his luggage.
Before the plane took off, I looked out the window at the familiar scenery and people murmured, "Don’t worry! Everyone, I will definitely come back! Must be … "
The plane took off and flew to the sky with everyone’s thoughts, blessings, expectations and waiting …
Chapter seventy-nine Liu Yang story
Shanghai Pudong Special Economic Zone is the most economically developed commercial special zone in Shanghai, where all kinds of large enterprises have their own branches or headquarters, which can occupy a seat here. Large companies are also among the best in China, and both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs will try their best to get a piece of land here! Because this is the most economically developed place in China!
And the 60-storey skyscraper of Tianlong Enterprise Headquarters, the largest enterprise in China, also stands here!
At five o’clock on the afternoon of November 12th, Liu Tianlong, vice chairman of Tianlong Enterprise, was busy facing the computer in his office as usual. He was only two years old. He possessed all girls’ obsession with elegance, mature men’s charm, absolute handsome appearance and countless wealth. And he has a doctorate in economics from Harvard University in the United States! And at the age of 2, he didn’t have anything obscene. He didn’t even have a girlfriend!
In this way, he is exactly that dream of all the girl! However, he has never been so happy that many people have never even seen his heartfelt smile! Even a smile is a kind of stiff and hypocritical business smiling face!
He is like a perfect man born in heaven, handsome, mature, intelligent, tall and rich, but lonely and arrogant! People are afraid to get close! I dare not face it!
However, there is no perfect person in this world, and Liu Tianlong is no exception. At least his family is a very complicated family. There are a few people who know that Liu Tianlong’s father Liu Guohua was a romantic when he was young. I don’t know how many women he had with. Later, when Liu Guohua met Liu Tianlong’s mother Xu Ying, they were deeply attracted by her mother. Soon they fell in love and got married quickly. However, even after they got married, Liu Guohua still had romantic feelings. When Little Liu Tianlong was 6 years old, Liu Guohua met her-Liu Yang’s mother Zhang Li Liu Yang’s mother was a very quiet and kind girl! Maybe it is because she is such a girl that Liu Guohua fell in love with her at first sight!
When I met Liu Guohua, Zhang Liyou entered the WTO at the age of one. It didn’t take long for her to stand Liu Guohua’s love offensive. It wasn’t long before Zhang Li followed Liu Guohua. At that time, Zhang Li didn’t know that Liu Guohua had a wife! She doesn’t even know that she is Liu Guohua’s mistress!