Xin put the kettle beside the bed and said, "It’s been eight and a half hours since it was cold, and you haven’t eaten yet. It’s so late now. Go to bed. I’ll help you watch Hyun here. When you wake up, I’ll let you know immediately that others have found a room to sleep in the hospital |"

"No, I want to stay here with him for a while. I don’t trust you if I don’t see him wake up. Go to sleep. I have no appetite and I’m not tired."
"Well, if you are tired, will you come to sleep for an hour and a half? I believe Hyun-hyun will wake up because he still has something to do. "
"Well, I know I have to wait and ask him why there was an accident."
"Well, I’ll go first."
After saying that, Xin left, and I turned my head to the hospital bed again. In the past, he was high-spirited, but now he is lying in bed pale and his face is so fragile, and his eyebrows are tight with Zou.
I went over and put my hand on his head to make him frown and smooth his hair. I didn’t expect dazzle to seem conscious, but his eyebrows didn’t wrinkle and there was a slight smile on his mouth.
I took a towel and kissed and wiped his forehead, then sat next to the bed and put his hand on my mouth.
Chapter 11 Tears for the third time
Chapter 11
Sometimes there is a need in life. Don’t force it when there is one.
Looking at Hyun stroking his cheek, he was pale at this time, but he could not hide his handsome face.
I looked at his face and said quietly, "Get up. You’ve been sleeping for almost nine hours. Haven’t you slept enough for that long?" If you don’t get enough sleep, get up first and wait for sleep again and again. You haven’t explained to me why you had an accident. You’re a good driver. You can’t make such a stupid car accident and such a thing won’t happen. "
"You know what? I don’t really blame you for continuing our relationship, and I don’t know how to continue it, because we can’t even give each other the minimum letter, so love will eventually end, so I have no confidence to continue. "
"Even if I don’t blame you, you know what? What you said that day really hurt me. When I was growing up, I talked about what others said about me. I flattered to go my own way and let others say it, but because I love what you do, I put up with you saying that because I am you. "
Yes, yes, yes, because of you, because of what you are, my heart hurts deeply. Every time I dream about it, I toss and turn. You talk like incubus, and it always echoes in my ears.
That sound cuts my flesh like a knife, and it hurts so much, just like there is a thorn in my heart that I want to pull out but I can’t pull it out.
"You wake up and wake you up and I will admit that I am ice. Didn’t you always want me to admit it? Well, I admit it now, but you’re still lying there motionless and sleeping peacefully. "
Tears flowed from my eyes, bit by bit, to my cheeks, to my dazzling hands and to the sheets. This is the third time I have shed tears.
Only one of these three times was because grandma passed away, and both of them were because of you. Hehe, I didn’t know that I cried twice.
You see, I’m crying. Why don’t you wake up?
"You know what? Did Xin say something when she asked me out just now? She asked me exactly what to do. I don’t know. I’ve been paralyzing myself for half a year. I’m trying not to know your news, and I’m not allowed to let Chen tell me your news. Everything is done by Chen alone. "
"I want to forget you like this because we may not be able to be together because I really care, but you know what? I tried, and I wanted to forget that you were busy all day.
Maybe I didn’t think of you when I was busy, but when I stopped, I felt so lonely, a feeling I had never experienced before. You bastard made me feel this feeling for the first time. "
"Even though Dharma is together, I still hope that you can wake up and cheer up. I can say that we are destined to forget you, but the things in your mind are more profound and indelible."
"When I met you at Sixteen Hills that day, to be honest, I was a little happy at that time, because I saw that you would never meet again, but we met again, but I didn’t expect to see you this way."
Chapter 1 Are you an ice stick?
Chapter 1
What fate is that you deceive yourself? Not everything in this world can be evaluated by fate.
"But you were so haggard that day. To be honest, at that time, I thought that person was really I know Hyun? Where’s that high-spirited guy? I was more sure until you called out the word ice. "