At that time, there were two schools of children in the military compound, one was a decent group of children, the other was a group of puffed-up children, and the two schools of children were nervous, while Yan Pei was a decent king of children at that time.

Ye Zhun-xing, Wang Mang and some other lovely children in the courtyard called her sister, while the old soldiers in the courtyard called her Ni ‘er. But when the prehistoric example movement, different families chose different roads, so even the children became more innocent. Yan Fu belonged to the defeated group, so Yan Pei went to the countryside with her father, and then the small groups dissipated and went to their own new interest groups.
Later, when Yan Jia’s niece appeared in front of everyone again, she was more beautiful, but she also posted a label "Don’t approach strangers". Even Ye Zhun-xing, Wang Mang and other people who called her sister after her ass for several years felt that they could not see through this woman, let alone others.
But with the strength in her hand becoming more and more prominent, everyone was surprised and afraid of this woman.
Because she is showing her father’s style more and more in her life, everyone is a buddy. It’s okay for you to be exposed and I suffer, but once you get to work, there is nothing to be said. In those days, because his father was a master of iron and blood, everyone gave him a nickname called Yan Shi, but now this nickname has become a name for Yan Pei in big furniture.
A female lion loses her father’s pride and calmness.
And act viciously, not to lose his father’s slightest transgression
Chapter 57 Yan beauty ferocious
Finally, Ye Zhun-xing recommended Yan Pei’s organization and himself to him. Yan Pei told Xie Cunguan about his recruitment in the original place, but then he was lost in thought.
According to Ye Zhun-xing, in modern society, there is almost no serious way to help the weak except for lovers making friends with each other. Although unfair things happen from time to time in modern society and legal society, it is not easy for a fighter to intervene unless you throw yourself at risk and plan to go to jail or die.
Since the founding of the Republic, no one has ever attracted the attention of the government because of his high martial arts. On the contrary, some gun crimes shocked the two kings in the northeast of China, the Bai Baoshan incident and the Wei Zhenhai incident, all of which shocked the loss of guns in the country, because martial arts have been sidelined in the face of gun power.
The era of chivalrous martial arts breaking the ban is over.
Just like this incident, the Wangs didn’t dare to touch guns in Beijing, Kowloon and the city.
If a gun is really used, it is not as good as a military elite being mythologized. Everyone can’t imagine what it is like for Mr. Guo Yunshen to smash his fist in half a step, but if someone really had a May 4th pistol in his hand at that time, did everyone feel that he could also smash the sky?
Xie Cunguan’s martial arts can only be effective if he enters the system, and to be honest, Yan Pei depends more on his meticulous behavior and courage brought by martial arts, which is one of many qualities for martial arts.
Xie Cunguan was not satisfied with Ye Zhun-xing’s description of martial arts, but he also denied that everything he said was reasonable. Ye Zhun-xing said these words and then said, "That’s all I have to say. It’s still you who make the decision! Think about it for two days. If you are willing to talk to you about specific things, if you don’t agree with this incident of wounding people in the park and trespassing in the military region, you must deal with it. I will try my best to win you a leniency! "
Xie Cunguan smiled when he heard this. "Is this a threat?"
Ye Zhun-xing said primly, "I’m really telling the truth. I support you no matter what decision you make!" "
Xie Cunguan nodded and said, "I will seriously consider it!"
Ye Zhun-xing didn’t bother him again for two days, but Xie Cunguan seemed to have forgotten about it. He actually practiced boxing in the brig or learned from Guo Tantian, and his mind was in full swing in five elements boxing and Shanghai. However, the place in the brig was small, so he could not practice it as he did in Zhang Miaoer’s house, but contracted his body and tied his body. It was certainly awkward to practice like this, but as he continued to practice, there was a sense of relaxation in the beam.
This feeling can make him move around in a small place.
Xie Cunguan carefully analyzed this feeling and finally evaluated its adaptability.
Practicing in a narrow place will make people shrink their posture involuntarily, but the contraction of posture can make people objective and strict. Thank you for finding out that this is a spacious outdoor place. The narrower the experience, the higher the requirement for posture. Because you turn slightly carelessly, you will bump into something else.
This experience reminds him of Guo Yunshen’s predecessor’s theory of practicing half-step boxing.
Mr. Guo practiced boxing with fetters in prison for his nephew, but he didn’t know half-step boxing. But these two days’ practice gave him a sense of practicing boxing in a small place. According to the principle that martial arts boxing is not as fast as walking fast, but not as fast as body and spirit, maybe part of the mystery of half-step boxing lies here.
But before he came to further study, the confinement was full.
Ye Zhun-xing waited for him with a handsome young man when he was taken out of the brig.
"What about thinking about it?" There are outsiders present, and Ye Zhun-xing sees the mountain at the gate.
"I want to tell you directly which institution will talk about this matter!" Xie Cunguan had an idea long ago. After all, Ye Zhun-xing’s words are unclear about the secret service.
Leaf sight at the young man, the young man immediately set aside words "yan always surnamed xie novel wants to see you! Well, then I’ll take him there … "
Ye Zhun-xing sent Xie Cunguan and the young man out to see them get out of the car.
Xie Cunguan didn’t expect to meet in a coffee shop.
When he was led by a young man to sit in a small bag, he couldn’t help but be surprised that the woman in front of him was enchanting and beautiful, and the formal dress of a working woman was tightly wrapped in a plump but fit body, with a tall peach figure and a magnificent curve, especially a pair of chest-holding devices that were easy to associate with.
Xie Cunguan’s eyes swept by and did not stay too much in these attractive parts.
Yan Pei looked at Xie Cunguan’s immature face with great interest, wondering how such a young child could be so sophisticated and thoughtful, and what happened last night gave her a great shock-a well-known player who had seriously injured a fierce soldier in the army actually directly mixed into the military compound to demonstrate to Mr. Wang
Of course, the management of the military compound in peacetime is not so strict, but for a freshman without professional training, this is beyond her expectation.
"You want to see me? Not going to say anything? " Yan Pei picked up the tea clip on the table, put a cup of tea in front of Xie Cunguan after scalding it, and then took the teapot. He poured a cup of tea quickly and without disorder, with a soft cloud and light luxury.
Xie Cunguan picked up the teacup and sniffed it gently at the nose first, then poured a mouthful of hot tea into his mouth.