"It’s good to stop being dissatisfied. You know, they probably put everything in their own sect," Nan Guang said.

Zhang Tao only sighed, and Elder Gu made a name choice. He knew that he would be punished when he went back this time, which was also a tolerable thing.
Who would have thought that in just a few days, Zhang Tao’s strength was greatly increased. This was impossible. Even a peerless genius could not have such a great change in just a few days?
Elder Gu thinks that the most important thing for Zhang Tao is to dress up as a pig and eat a tiger to lure them into the mountains and then deliberately avoid them for a few days, waiting for everyone to be impatient before making a move.
In fact, it is not bad for Elder Gu to infer that Zhang Tao can definitely defeat three innate masters, but Zhang Tao can defeat so many people. Not only that, but also Elder Gu is eyeing up.
When their department was evacuated, Zhang Tao confirmed that Anchai came to Xiacun, but Xiacun was silent instead of the old atmosphere. Taixiang Village was suddenly worried that she could not hide Zhang Tao and came to Xiacun "village head? All of you? " I didn’t expect all the villagers to get together and look more depressed.
"Are you? Fairy? " Xiao Guai’s name has swung, and Zhang Tao is now high in their eyes.
Only the child’s attitude towards Zhang Tao has not changed much. "Little brother Zhang Tao, my sister Teana was taken away by them. Please save my sister." Speaking of this, the child can’t cry all the time, and the child has been accompanied by Teana. Now she has lost her life without the child.
"Yes, save the heavenly music." For them, ordinary people who can’t help themselves, Zhang Tao is their only hope. They can’t see that Zhang Taogen has the heart.
"Get up, all of you. I’ll do my best." Then Zhang Tao said to the child, "You should take good care of grandpa and don’t forget what I told you. You will certainly achieve your wish in the future."
The villagers in Xiacun thanked Zhang Tao for leaving Xiacun. What Zhang Tao can do now is not to break into the Xuanqi Valley to save people, but to bring out the heavenly music once and for all.
If they secretly rescue Teana, they will surely retaliate against Xia Cun for running away from the temple, which is a tragedy they don’t want to see.
What Zhang Tao needs to do first is to track and confirm the position before he can think of a way, but to Zhang Tao’s surprise, they came to the famous star city, which is obviously not the site of Xuanqi Valley.
After many inquiries about Zhang Tao, I realized that Chen Nan, the owner of the Star Pavilion, was going to celebrate his birthday, and his family, such as Xuan Qigu, came to celebrate.
Don’t look at Xuanqi Valley and Morningstar Pavilion, which are well-known overseas organizations, but they are not closely associated with them. Of course, some families attached to them naturally have to be present.
"Teana is likely to have a birthday party." Zhang Tao intends to sneak in, but this birthday may be strict. I’m afraid it’s not easy to sneak into the root. Don’t even think about it. Whether it’s the Lord of the Xuan Gas Valley or the Lord of the Star Pavilion is bound to be the master of the saint level. It’s suicide to sneak in at the end.
Sitting in a restaurant, Zhang Tao asked for a simple pot of wine and some side dishes, but he didn’t move, but his ears stood up and listened to others’ conversation. This is the best way to collect information, and this is the best way to teach Zhang Tao.
"This time, Han Chen, the owner of Xuanqi Valley, personally visited and heard that she also found a hundred miles of beautiful celebrities in Yue Xian, and the heavenly girl came to cheer and congratulate the martial artist."
"I also heard that many masters of Sanxiu will attend this time, and the most famous black bone saint will also be present."
"Black bone saint? This is a malicious character. It seems that he is a good friend of Chennan Saint. No wonder Xuanqi Valley and Morningstar Pavilion are so powerful. "
Hearing other people’s conversations, Zhang Tao learned that this time it was more like a birthday party than a grand event. Zhang Tao left this restaurant silently.
The next day, before the crow started, it was already crowded. Star City ushered in the most lively day! A long line appeared from outside the city, everyone was smiling, and most of them were still holding gifts.
Zhang Tao is located in a high place and looks on coldly, and soon finds out the rules for entering Morningstar Pavilion. Morningstar Pavilion is almost the largest building in Star City. Just a wooden door is more than 70 feet high, guarding the door. Morningstar Pavilion’s brother is dressed up and full of energy.
Guard two gates respectively. The first gate is Xuanqi Valley or Morningstar Pavilion Banner. They have separate invitations and rich gifts.
It’s not that Zhang Tao hasn’t considered getting in, but he’s afraid of being found to startle him. He’s been patient, and there’s a huge door that is crowded with people.
Although they also hold gifts, they will pass a special card, which is to test their strength. This is also the most basic. No one will feel wrong and no one will think that Morningstar Pavilion is the strength of Dongyue mainland.
You want to go in and join in the fun? But! No problem, then you should have less innate skills, or you won’t even be qualified for the most basic ceremony.
After careful observation for a moment, Zhang Tao finally confirmed that the inspection method of Morningstar Pavilion is not so complicated. It seems that they are quite confident but normal. Who would run wild in such a place?
Zhang Tao wore a black cloak he bought yesterday, and his face was covered with a black towel. In his hand, he held a gift box filled with gravel, and his face was cold and cold.
People around Zhang Tao feel that Zhang Tao’s body is slightly cold and has pulled a little distance. Finally, it’s Zhang Tao’s turn to "please show your breath". After receiving the gift from Zhang Tao, Morningstar Pavilion brother said faintly that the tone was polite but the attitude was very high. After all, this is Morningstar Pavilion territory.
Although Morningstar Pavilion is also willing to make extensive contacts and make scattered repairs, it doesn’t mean that Morningstar Pavilion lives by scattered repairs. Zhang Tao’s slight display of momentum suddenly caused a burst of exclamation, "Is this the third peak innate master?"
"Yes, it’s not the kui is the attraction of Morningstar Pavilion." Zhang Tao walked in smoothly and marveled behind him. Only the elders of Morningstar Pavilion opened their sleepy eyes and looked at Zhang Tao’s back with a slight doubt but didn’t want to close their eyes again.
In fact, the other person’s eyes and Zhang Tao muscles are slightly tightened. Tianshi’s vision and insight are by no means ordinary brothers. Zhang Tao is afraid of arousing suspicion, so it will be difficult to get away.
Climbing along the long stairs is an ordinary city, but the buildings here are far from the vast country, and even the size of the palace courtyard is by no means the tip of the iceberg of Morningstar Pavilion.
After Morningstar Pavilion moved a mountain into Star City, I don’t know whether this mountain is a rockery or a real mountain, which requires manpower and material resources.