He can let himself live, and the people around him will be negative, and no one will be negative for them.

"You haven’t changed your personality at all for so many years, but you are more decisive and malicious." Rao knew this person when he was young, but he couldn’t help shivering when he felt the rage coming from the wind.
"People are not malicious and unstable. The Dreadwind Gate first wants to destroy me, and then grabs a group of koo kind people to force me to leave him like this." Feng Yang’s tone is as cold as his expression at the moment.
Holding a huge sunset bow, the whole person is decorated with a spirit of giving up who I am. Although the tall figure does not meet the standards of the god of war, the momentum and coercion emanating from him are not weaker than that of the battlefield god of war.
"Soul-eating Sunset Arrow"
At the same time, Yuan Soul Pig was sacrificed, which is the most terrible martial art that Fengyang has so far had destructive power.
Dreadwind Gate
Bai Yanhong, Shen Tianxiao and others have all returned to the main hall of Dreadwind Gate and gathered at the gate of Dreadwind Gate. My brothers have all gone back to their respective mountains, leaving a group of kung fu masters and elders to discuss today’s affairs in the main hall.
"I didn’t expect them to be able to break through our Dreadwind Gate Law. These two men are really not simple." Even Tianfeng Gongshifu Zhuo was surprised and a little concerned. It is really going to make people unable to sleep for such a young but unfathomable young man.
"Send someone to Chaoyang City to find them even if Chaoyang City is torn down." Bai Yanhong, the door owner, has a gloomy tone like talking with ice.
Shen Tianxiao grinned indifferently. "The door owner doesn’t need to make a fuss about Yunfeng’s group of people and let’s return to Dreadwind Gate. They will come back by themselves. If he is really windy, he will definitely invite Juxian Pavilion people to forcibly rob this group of young and frivolous people. They will really do such a thing. This time, we will make Juxian Pavilion a good chance to handle it and let Xuanyuan Dao automatically return to Dreadwind. The woman and those two people brought back by Leng Yue must be unusual. We can take good care of it and maybe even become our amulets."
"Oh?" Bai Yanhong turned to look at a calm and sophisticated face, revealing a little inscrutable look. Shen Tianxiao asked him, "What can you do?"
"Ha ha, know yourself and know yourself before you can fight a hundred battles. I have investigated Feng Yang’s behavior and identity towards him. I know very well that this time they will be wiped out." Shen Tianxiao sneered and attached Bai Yanhong’s ear to whisper a few words.
Bai Yanhong’s face gradually changed in an interesting way, but soon converged and turned to stare at Shen Tianxiao. Bai Yanhong Gherardini said, "Old Shen, can you see a person who hasn’t known him for a month so thoroughly and consider each other’s actions according to each other’s ways of doing things?"
"Door Lord joking" Shen Tianxiao hurriedly said humbly.
Bai Yanhong stared at Shen Tianxiao with an expression on his face. "It seems that this door is more suitable for you." It seems like a joke, but it doesn’t have a hint from Bai Yanhong’s mouth.
Shen Tianxiao bowed down in awe and said, "Door Master, you misunderstood me. I have never been the door master. Our other disciples have been working for so many years. Dreadwind Gate is now well-led by the door master. How dare I move this idea?"
Bai Yanhong is old, but the practitioner’s eyes are bright, and her eyes are dew. She squints Yanjing slightly and stares at Shen Tianxiao without talking, which is embarrassing and scary at the same time.
Shen Tianxiao also looked up and stared at Bai Yanhong’s eyes full of panic.
long time
"Haha" Bai Yanhong patted Shen Tianxiao, who was nervous and motionless, and laughed. "I have been joking with you for decades. Can I not believe you?"
Bai Yanhong’s talk finally eased the atmosphere in the main hall, and the foreheads of those kung fu masters were full of sweat, which made them feel uncomfortable.
"Elder Master, come and see what it is?" Suddenly, a kung fu master pointed to the outside of the main hall. From the huge door of the main hall, he could see the direction of the mountains from the sky.
This work master exclaimed that both Bai Yanhong and Shen Tianxiao turned their heads to look at the past, and their faces were covered with a thick look of horror and consternation at the same time.
"What’s that?" Bai Yanhong was frightened to disgrace, regardless of his own identity, and the master issued the same question and horror. When he flashed, he appeared in the square outside the main hall and immediately flew to the Woods to catch up.
Shen Tianxiao’s group of kung fu masters chased him out one after another to kill God.
At this time, the whole younger brother of Dreadwind stopped. Some younger brothers in the back of the hill couldn’t help but stop moving. I didn’t just look up at the mountain, which was full of law trees. That group of light was as dazzling as the sun, as if it was more curious about them than stealing forbidden fruits.
Although the Dreadwind Gate is still a long way from the end of the forest, because the light is too strong, it is really like the strong light of the sun at noon in a hot summer day, which makes people look straight for a long time, and then their eyes will sting and then there will be pieces of phantom.
"What the hell is that?" People in every corner of Dreadwind Gate have the same question at the same time. What is this?
But they can’t find the answer except that they can see a group of sunlight.
Many people couldn’t help but gather again at the gate of Dreadwind Gate, which is formed by two Optimus Prime. In front of it, the Woods reach Wuxian and fly to the middle to see, but they don’t reach Wuxian level and fly to the top of various buildings to see.
At this time, it once again shows the advantages of Wuxian level people. Wuxian can fly. Many male brothers directly invite their female brothers who are also curious, and then the other party is shy and implicit. By default, they hold their charming bodies and enjoy the sun in the air.
"Is that the sun?" Someone exclaimed.
At the same time, some people disdain to refute "that is the west"
"The sun rises in the west" thinks that it is the sun man who has found a rebuttal that makes people vomit blood but can’t find a reason.
At this time, all the elders and the main door of Dreadwind Gate flew up. They were all looking directly at the dazzling light, but Bai Yanhong was horrified. With his own eyesight, he couldn’t see what it was
"Strong breath" Shen Tianxiao suddenly exclaimed that his face suddenly changed like what he thought.
However, his face changed, and at the same time, the dazzling light at the end of the distant forest also changed. It was like the sun, which made people unable to see clearly. In the light, a thick beam of light suddenly shot towards the forest.
"Bad" Shen Tianxiao’s face suddenly became ugly! ~!
Chapter seven hundred and one The more water there is.
Hundreds of Dreadwind’s younger brothers watched the Wuxian level on the top of the two Optimus Prime planes and various surrounding buildings, but no one dared to fly to the forest.
Now, even if the law in the forest flies to the forest, it is tantamount to falling into the law. If the law starts in the forest, it will be useless to the flying man.
However, because of curiosity, I came here to find out what had happened, which made them unprepared. Everyone’s face couldn’t help but look frightened.
As the sun-like light in the oblique corner at the end of the forest shoots a light beam into the forest, everyone clearly feels a horror. The light beam from the laser beam rolls over and instantly covers more than half of Dreadwind Gate.
In particular, the two Optimus Prime dough figurines were overwhelmed by this ecstasy, and they involuntarily gave birth to a kind of fear, as if they were facing a high god and suddenly felt small and weak.