Cotton girl is a big deal, but when a woman gives birth to a child, you are a fairy and you can’t make an accident. How can every elder feel at ease? If people stay in the capital, it’s just that she can’t control it.

It’s all people who will deliver babies. She naturally wants to come and see, so she came with Su Lin.
"Looking at the tip of your stomach like a male fetus, are you pregnant?" The old lady Su looked at Su Miandu and asked for advice many times, but she always asked herself.
"I’m fine. I can eat and sleep, but I’m tired. I wish I had a baby a few months ago. My grandmother is not allowed to go here for the Spring Festival this year." Su Miandao said.
"I don’t feel comfortable watching you give birth to your first child." The old lady laughed without saying that she couldn’t walk.
"That’s great grandmother I also feel at ease a lot? How are things at home? Uncle, are they good? " Su mian asked
"Well, your uncle’s mother brought some small clothes by hand, and some specialties. Chapter 37 is waiting for delivery.
"Is everything good for you to try?" said the old lady Su.
"Thank you, uncle and aunt. Grandma came by herself?" Sue cotton strange way
"Come to your big brother to come, I’ll just stop and pick it up when the time comes." Ye Zhou, after all, is not bad for Northwest Governance.
Sue cotton nodded, then don’t ask my grandmother to have her own considerations.
When the family talked, it passed very quickly. At lunch time, Linglong came in and said, "Why don’t you put it in the outside hall?"
"It’s time for lunch? I said if I’m hungry, let’s go. Are you hungry, too? " Sue cotton laughed
"Go hungry when you are older," Mrs. Su laughed.
"When the Lord sovereign came back, he didn’t come into the room when he learned that the old lady had come. He said that he would go out after dinner for a while and specially asked the kitchen to add a lot of dishes to make the old lady feel at home." Qing Mo Dao.
"Come back? Have you seen the food there this morning? " Sumian avenue
"See the report like to eat these days is not why, according to the main meaning to add the mutton warm pot element also has a Sydney juice meal also specially mixed a preserved egg handmaiden saw" green ink one by one.
"Uh-huh" Su Mian nodded satisfied.
No matter when Yan Gui comes back this year, most of her meals are arranged by her and she is used to asking.
The old lady Sue looked happy in her heart. Although she is a couple from Tianjia, this is the way to get along with each other.
"There is a grandmother who likes beef soup, and several dishes are all your favorite. Su Lin likes to grab mutton by hand and mother likes fish soup." Su Mian laughed.
"Zhou Hao, you don’t have to worry about us. You need to eat well now." The old lady Su laughed.
After lunch, Su Mian asked someone to help the old lady to rest, and Jane also accompanied her.
Su Mian can’t sleep. "Is the Lord gone?"
"I haven’t said that I want to take a nap." Green Mo Dao
Su Mian blushed a little when she was well. Last night, she woke up in the middle of the night and tossed for a while. Yan Gui also held back for a long time. Although she dared not let go of her belly, she just tossed for an hour and angrily called her "harmful thing."
She woke up naturally when she slept, but she got up and went out early in the morning. Now the government office has to go early every day.
"Give me clothes to have a look" Su Miandao
Green ink should give her a big red cloak with indigo naturalis and help her to the front yard.
As soon as I entered, I saw it for a long time. Since Shui Yue was driven away and invited to the moon to die, it was not a woman who served tea and water in the front yard.
When Su Mian was a handmaiden, when she couldn’t do it, when the sea and two little eunuchs did Feng Ling, she also served these trifles closely.
"Hey, the princess is coming, please report it inside." A few steps forward from the sea said with a smile
Su Mian, well, crossed him and left. This man didn’t act like a kid before, but he didn’t dare to be a ghost after he got scared. At this moment, he just asked for service, otherwise Yan Gui could directly kill him.
"Princess, you’re here." Sitting outside Feng Ling, I saw Su Mian come and got up and said.
Su Mian hasn’t talked yet, but she saw Yan Gui coming out of the room, her hair hanging freely and her robe loose. She just went to bed.
"Why are you here? Just call the king if you have something to do. "He came a few steps to hold Su Mian’s belly, and when she walked around, she was worried about what else to come.
"I just came to see if I could take a nap." Su Mian followed her into the room with a wink.