Su Ling looked up at Xia Fei Luo and Hector even Jinse, and then the first two steps were full of robes and big sleeves, and the fingertips were also severely pinching their thighs. She had to act like a little!

He even glanced at Su Ling with a slight provocation in her eyes and then looked at the queen and became as simple as a pure white rabbit!
Now that things have come to this, and Su Ling knows that Xia Fei Luo really wants to deal with her this time, she will be so enraged. In this case, she will help her to get some information and pave a way for herself!
As Su Ling secretly squeezed herself, her watery eyes were suddenly stained with watery eyes, and tears flashed in her eyes. "Empress, I know that my mind is narrow! This time, it was because of jealousy that I hit the princess of Jinse County. This is simply unreasonable. The head of the palace behind the empress must be extended by the royal family. I know that I don’t deserve it. Please ask the empress to cut off my title of princess! "
She said this, and it’s only natural not to punish her!
She can’t wait to beg her to get her princess title!
"Well, since Jinse also intercedes with you and Gongnian is your first offense, forget it this time! But if the palace doesn’t teach you some lessons, I’m afraid you can still remember! Bearer palace ShouYu cut Su Ling dust princess title relegated side princess at the same time … "
Su Ling "…" Lying in the trough agreed to go their separate ways? !
This is a watch! Later, there will be two chapters, the ninth five-year plan, and I will beat you if you mess with me again!
"Well, since Jinse also intercedes with you and Gongnian is your first offense, forget it this time! But if the palace doesn’t teach you some lessons, I’m afraid you can still remember! I came to the palace to cut off the title of Princess Su Lingchen, demoted the side princess and fined her for half a year! "
Su Ling "…"
We agreed to go our separate ways. !
Just drop the princess, but also fined her salary?
Didn’t you say that a woman who has committed seven crimes will be abandoned even if she doesn’t sink into the pond? Which king calf is this talking?
Now she has not only been divorced, but also lost her money! This is as bad as eating flies!
"You roll for Tainv!"
Su Ling was in the heart to find the reason why he was divorced, and the call of Xia Xiaoxue outside Fengchen Palace suddenly came in.
Yu Guangwei Gou Suling clearly saw Xia Fei’s face flash with cold light and displeasure. Just as she squinted and wanted to signal to her side mammy, Xiao Yu’s snow was overbearing and the guards outside the door were kicked to the ground!
"Shinohara snow what are you doing? !”
Xia Fei Luo looked at Shinohara’s snow with displeasure, and the wind soared into the temple. The palm of his hand suddenly pinched his knee skirt, and Hector even saw Xia Xiaoxue’s eyes flashing for a moment.
And burn smoke son also frowned slightly at Su Ling and Xia Xiaoxue fundus a puzzled look.
"Aunt hit her, it was me. You must be difficult, Su Ling?" Shinohara’s snow face still has a lingering aftertaste after waking up, pointing to Hector even Jinse’s face, which is also a look of hatred.
Xia Fei Luo condescended to Shinohara Snow and said, "Shinohara Snow Palace knows that you and her sisters are deeply in love, but just now she has admitted all the guilt. Are you saying this now to recognize the right and wrong of the palace? Even worse, the palace will punish whoever does something wrong! Shinohara Snow, since you are in the southern summer, don’t want to get involved in the things in the harem of Qi and Chu, so you have to do something that ignores etiquette! "
"Aunt! I … "
"Too female is I hit people you don’t need me to explain! I admit that I just don’t like princess Lian, and I admit that if she annoys me again, I will beat her again! Empress, thank you for cutting off my princess title today! "
At this time, Su Ling’s face has become somewhat meaningful. Her provocative words are not knowingly committed, but she wants Xia Fei Luo to know that if she is not demoted to the common people today, she will definitely make Xia Fei Luo regret her demotion today!
Want to give her a little punishment?
It’s a pity that she has made up her mind to part ways with Huang Yinchen this time. Since the seven sins can’t get her divorced, she will play with a heavier taste!
"Su Ling, don’t be afraid to punish you if you are the daughter palace of Xiang Ye!" Xia Fei Luo slapped her side on the console table with a slap, and a small handless cup gave a crisp impact.
In the face of Su Ling’s provocative tone, Xia Fei’s eyes narrowed and his look was even more obscure.
"Then punish me!"
Su Ling eyebrows sneer at the in the mind also suddenly understand a truth that Xia Fei Luo didn’t directly slap her and reprimanded her in this tone, then it must be with the prime minister, Dad!
If that’s the case, then she will marry Huang Yinchen, and it must have a great connection with dad as Huang Yinchen said!
Then can she also recognize that if this matter is mixed with dad, even if she takes a break from Huang Yin’s dust, it will certainly not involve Xiang Fu?
"Aunt! I heard what you just said! You said that Su Ling was jealous of seven crimes. Can I also ask who was jealous of the imperial concubine in the harem and died inexplicably? "
Xia Xiaoxue looked at her brow with anger at this time. What she couldn’t stand most was that Su Ling was accused by Xia Fei Luo today, and she still took her place.
Okay, you’re lying with your eyes open. This beam is here!
"Xia Xiaoxue!" Xia Fei Luo suddenly got up from the first place and trembled like a madman, pointing to Xia Xiaoxue, while she was beside Hector even Jinse and burn Yaner and looked at each other at the same time.
There are imperial concubines in the harem?
They never knew about it!
"My aunt’s anger is getting worse!"
Xia Xiao’s snow face showed no half-overstepping look. It was meaningful to look at Xia Fei Luo and then turn around side by side with Su Ling. Both of them had the same posture and figure as if they had given the first summer Fei Luo a heavy slap!
Su Ling walked to the door of Fengchen Palace and looked back at Xia Fei Luo’s trembling eyes. She smiled. She knew that at this moment, after she walked out of the palace, bad blood with Xia Fei Luo would be deeply rooted!
"Even the infanta, you remember that it is not as simple as hitting you to provoke me after I speak today!" Su Ling turned her eyes and looked at the stunned Hector even Jinse. She declared war. From this moment on, it was also doomed that the harem of Qi and Chu and even the whole royal family would become turbulent because of her appearance.
Hector even Jinse also couldn’t think of how stupid she was when she mistakenly thought of Su Ling as an opponent!
Xia Fei Luo watched Su Ling and Xia Xiaoxue both leave with great scruples about her identity. Then what Su Ling showed before is to show her!
Xia Xiaoxue Su Ling … The palace is at odds with you!
"Empress, are you … are you all right!"