Immediately, Zhang’s blood-stained axe rushed to another two-star jack.

The two-star master saw that his companion was beheaded and his feet were lifted with fear. He was afraid that Zhang would chase him and give him an axe.
"Don’t panic, three brothers. It will take a few minutes for the second group to arrive. This little boy must be killed by the six-star master!" The Samsung jack shouted that he should rush to Zhang and use a sword to stab Zhang.
His three martial artists rushed to Zhang again when they heard the meaning of their companions. They knew that they could not escape, but they would lose their captain Shindo. In a moment, someone came and killed the people in front of them, but they made meritorious people.
One man is dead. The fighting continues.
Zhang Yang’s body elements can roll in large numbers and gather in his arms. It will take him too long to exert powerful and big moves, and problems will arise, and other elements will not last long enough.
The four people didn’t score this time, but got together and attacked Zhang in the same direction.
Looking at the four-person position, Zhang Yang’s eyes flashed a happy tunnel. "This position is good!"
As soon as the two sides contacted Zhang Yang’s arms, a large number of black yuan suddenly poured out. More than ten meters of Fiona Fang suddenly cooled down, and a cold breath pressed to four people.
"Back off!" At the same time, the four people exclaimed that Zhang Yang was going to make a big move, but it was too late.
Zhang Yang roared, "Chop the blade vigorously!"
But one meter apart, his hand is addicted to crazy tomahawk, and the sky is bright and bright, and he repeatedly hews out four axes, four long and four meters long, and then cuts into four arms. Chapter 11 Laser flies around.
Chapter 11 Laser flying around
I feel how powerful Zhang Yang’s attack will be when Zhang Yang, a four-martial-master, erupts with amazing momentum, but it turns out to be a four-pronged attack []
This saber technique is to exert multiple attacks vigorously, which is very powerful, and the greater the strength, the more attacks can be cut in a short time, and the more indiscriminate knives are used to kill the target, which is very suitable for group warfare.
However, Zhang Yang’s attack is windy and rainy, and the four black mans arc up with great potential. Actually, the arc element of the knife is very few, but there is a reason why Zhang Yang is this trick!
"Bang …"
Four explosions and four martial artists easily smashed Zhang Yang’s attack.
When the black awn was broken, Zhang Yanghu’s cannon boxing had already produced a black tiger’s head gun with high cohesion and constant rotation, which flew directly to the Samsung Wushu master!
When the tiger cannon boxing was played, Zhang Yang’s figure shot at a two-star martial artist.
"Not good!" Samsung master shouted! And the two-star jack did his best to escape to the distance!
Samsung Martial Arts Master evaded the hand sword in his spare time, and the harsh golden light broke out, and the tip of the sword was put to use. The sword could spiral and rotate like light, and Shi Huo stabbed a collision black gun.
The black tiger gun expanded and exploded in the blink of an eye. The Samsung Martial Arts Master did not have a strong four-star Martial Arts Master Liang Xuan. He was bombarded by the explosion, holding a sword and his arm was full of blood. He was inverted by the explosive force, and the mouth was bleeding more than 20 meters away.
Zhang Yang, a three-star martial artist, surpassed the fleeing two-star martial artist for a moment by relying on the strong instantaneous physical limit speed, and rushed to the latter’s side with a big axe and a mountain force to split out the two-star martial artist to avoid it, but he couldn’t come, so he turned around and resisted with a horizontal sword.
Martial master, the result is tragic!
Zhang Yang’s axe cracked, black and shiny, and vigorously cut the opponent’s sword into the opponent’s body. The axe also fell on the shoulder of the martial artist and killed the opponent!
"mama ah! Can’t fight! " The other two two-star martial arts masters are really scared. They have never seen Zhang, a freak with great strength and no boundaries, and they don’t look back and flee to the distance.
"No one can leave!" Zhang binge drank and vigorously played the tomahawk. The tomahawk spun out and roared out to chop at a martial artist!
Even if there is a yuan that can resist the head of the martial arts master, it will still be sold off by the flying tomahawk and fall to the ground.
While another samurai was suddenly stabbed to death by Wu Yu’s dagger!
Zhang looked in one direction, and the woman who assassinated herself had been killed by Wu Yu.
Soon he strode to the tomahawk. Aauto Quicker picked up the mad tomahawk and ran in the direction of Nangongqi’s battle, facing Wuyu Avenue. "Let’s go and behead the six-star warrior!"
"good!" Wu Yu responded as Zhang ran to Nangong’s odd direction …
At this time, the samurai battle has long ended. The second team of more than 20 samurai roots is not the opponent of the sixth team of more than 50 samurai. When Zhang Yang played against most of the samurai, the sixth team of warriors had hacked the second team of warriors to death.