Luo Chenglong thought for a moment and said that Xiao Li and Mushroom Head can’t win’ Black Three’ and’ Cobra’ Zhouyi. That’s the best way. Anyway, Guo Qiang doesn’t know that Zhouyi is not from Tianlong Martial Arts School.

"You are uncle Qingxue, that is, my elder, so don’t be polite to me."
Zhouyi smiled and walked to "Black Three" and "Cobra"
"Adoptive father, you let this timid little white face go?"
When Luo Tong saw him, he quickly asked Luo Chenglong that Zhouyi had not said a word when Guo Qiang and others were arrogant and provocative. This reckless man regarded Zhouyi as a timid person.
"You know what? Well, how did Zhouyi do it? He would never embarrass me like you."
Luo Chenglong face a heavy said.
"I don’t believe this gigolo is really worse than me." Luo Tong continued to whisper after listening to Luo Chenglong’s words.
"Two brothers, I’ll fight this battle."
Zhouyi walked slowly to Xiao Li and Mushroom Head. The novel said that he didn’t want Guo Qiang to know that he was not from Tianlong Martial Arts School.
"It seems that this is the business of our Tianlong Martial Arts School."
Fat mushroom took a look at Zhouyi and said that he didn’t want Guo Qiang and others to know that Tianlong Martial Arts School was challenged by an outsider.
"Yes, if you lose, wouldn’t you lose our face?"
Xiao Li also gathered around and smiled and echoed that they had to be the official brother of Tianlong Martial Arts School to play.
"Do you have the guts to fight? If you’re afraid, just throw in the towel and get out of here early. Don’t be such a bitch."
"Black Three" and "Cobra" whispered to Zhouyi and Xiao Li’s mushroom head, and the horse said with a face of ShaQi
"Xiao Li mushroom head, you retreat."
Seeing that his apprentice refused to let Zhouyi play, Luo Chenglong spoke again.
"If you can’t win, I’ll get even with you."
"You’re a gigolo, and you want to show off like our little teacher younger brother. I’ll just wait for you to go to the hospital."
The mushroom head threatened Zhouyi, and Xiao Li satirized Zhouyi, which made them unwilling to come to Zhouyi. They never thought that Zhouyi was the real master and more powerful than their master.
"Why are you alone? Do you want to beat us both alone?" ‘
Hei San went to Xiao Li and Mushroom Head to ask Zhouyidao old-fashioned, full of teasing and irony.
Zhouyi was dressed in a decent black, with a handsome leisure face and a slim figure. The gangster "Black Three" didn’t take Zhouyi seriously
"It’s good that you two are together, so you can save time and be an eyesore here." Zhouyi smiled lightly.
"Ha-ha, you are so daredevil that you dare to challenge us both." A face of evil cobra laughed. "What’s your nickname? Old boxing doesn’t hit celebrities. "
"You’re just two punks, and you’re really putting an elephant in your nose. You two don’t deserve to know my name. Come on, don’t wave."
Zhouyi still smiles faintly and looks elegant, but his words are particularly hurtful. Of course, Zhouyi is trying to provoke’ Black Three’ and’ Cobra’ to let these two guys take action early so that he can solve them early, otherwise the peaceful atmosphere of Luo Chenglong’s birthday today will not be broken.
"You really don’t know how little you are, so you’ll be crippled."
Heisan was growled by Zhouyi’s horse. "You remember that my name is Heisan and his name is Cobra!"
"What are you yelling about? Let’s shout together."
Zhouyi sneered indifferently.
"looking for a fight!"
Old-fashioned’ black three’ cut to Zhouyi neck with a palm.
"Three-legged cat kung fu also dares to come out and kick the pavilion." Zhouyi sneered at the move of Xingyi Boxing, which quickly collapsed and punched out.
Although’ Black Three’ is a master of the West Lake gang and has killed people, it is a far cry from Zhouyi. Zhouyi hit’ Black Three’ on the nose as soon as he was late.
Although Zhouyi has gained 50% to 60% strength, it is not the "black three". Such people can afford Zhouyi to beat back the "black three" three or four steps away with a casual punch, and the "black three" nose is directly smashed by Zhouyi.
Zhouyi’s moves, such as not only "Black Three", were suddenly taken aback, and "Cobra" almost broke out in a cold sweat. At this time, the two of them realized that the handsome boy who was harmed by human beings and animals was a master.
Luo Chenglong didn’t think that Zhouyi’s boxing was so bad that experts knew if Zhouyi had made a move. Luo Chenglong knew that Zhouyi was a shoo-in, so he looked cool.
Zhou Jun’s eyes suddenly widened and he looked at Zhouyi without blinking. It seems that he found something incredible.
"This gigolo is quite fierce."
"All that glitters is not gold."
Luo Tong and more than a dozen other disciples also muttered a face of surprise expression.
"What is this?"
"This guy Zhouyi can play twenty."
Luo Qing Snow and Mu Hongdou proudly said.
"How come up to so much a person to Luo Chenglong this guy can also cultivate so much brother? It’s a little troublesome to come today. "
The’ Black Three’ West Lake Gang is also a good player, but he was beaten by Zhouyi with one punch, and Guo Qiang was secretly frightened, although he was wily.