"Noisy" Wu Hua snorted with a cold look, which matched his tall and handsome face. This seemingly indifference added a bit of charm to him. It is definitely the type that can make many anthomaniac girls hold courtship cards and shout against the wind.

Voice down Wu Hua a flicker to put yourself in an safe position, and then fists together. Although there is no Wushu, the strength and speed of * * alone make those thugs dodge when they don’t have two fists, and both of them are vomiting blood.
Wu Hua still didn’t make Wushu rely on his own reaction consciousness and speed to dodge those people’s attacks, and then relied on his own strength and speed to fight back. It was quite blunt and not ornamental, but the effect was very good, blaming those people for being too disappointing and too weak
But I have to say that Wu Huaxian’s fighting capacity is really weak enough to deal with such a few Ronaldinhos. It was because of his own * * defense that he was not injured.
This level of fighting will be surprised if Rowling’s animals see it. It was Wu Hua five years ago.
Sadly, Wu Hua was knocked over and fell to the ground, and then just touched a plank brick, jumped up and shouted at the other party’s head with it. Thanks to his speed, the plank brick slammed the other party’s head and smashed the other party. The other party also screamed miserably, and his head fell over and his eyes fainted as soon as he turned over.
Wu Hua picked up a plank brick and accelerated towards Liu Chao. Although he didn’t finish his posture, Wushu relied on * * speed, but the speed was quite amazing.
Although Liu Chao was the Fifth Emperor, Wu Hua accelerated his running speed and was almost shot by a plank brick when he came to his senses, but the plank brick flew from the other side and brought up a strong breeze, which cut Liu Chao’s face out of blood.
"Fuck what kind of freak is this?" It’s the first time for Liu Chao to see someone who doesn’t finish Wushu by * * strength and speed fighting with ordinary street thugs. It’s strange that he was almost shot by such a low-level attack.
"Don’t dare to slap you to death" Wu Huaxian finished before that kind of lewd ~ shame expression and eyes at this time is already a face of cold eyes burst out of the dark color creepy.
According to what he did before, someone bullied Michelle, and if she didn’t cut the chicken into chicken-flavored shredded pork, she would also explode the other side with a thick wooden stick for three days and three nights until the anus and intestines festered and bled, but now he didn’t do this, but rushed to Liu Chao with amazing speed, raised his arm and slapped him in the face.
Crisp and soul-stirring slap in the face made Liang Ge and Roumei’s hearts tremble violently. Seeing Liu Chao’s gorgeous 360-degree rotation in his body, he rolled several times and his handsome face was red and swollen, and several blood stains appeared on his face.
"Mom" Liu Chao jumped up in anger and stabbed Wu Hua like a sword. This time, because of his rage, he didn’t make his ornamental high, but the actual lethality was not satisfactory. The fancy moves rose his swordsmanship realm, but it was his anger and reason, and it wasn’t really realized. All his attacks were still effective and Wu Hua easily flashed.
Wu Hua crossed the wrong body and then the palm of his hand was dumped out again, and Liu Chao was beaten out again.
Liu Chao brought a few thugs who were shocked by the slap in the face. This is the real meaning of hitting the face, but also playing so loud and crisp
"Still playing?" Wu Hua Chen Zhe said with a cold face that after he won a big victory, he would show off in an ostentatious manner around the other side and make obscene moves such as picking his nose and patting his chest to declare himself terrible.
You Xueer has been staring at Wu Hua with tears in her eyes, but in front of her, that towering figure has no obscene and shameful breath. Instead, it is a domineering language. The arrogant and overbearing man is still clearer than she found that Wu Huazhen has changed and made him a little strange. She always hopes that he can be a little manly and domineering, but when Wu Hua has all this, she finds that she still loves the real Wu Hua before.
Of course, no matter what Wu Hua becomes or dies, she won’t change her mind. It is Wu Hua’s sudden change that makes Michelle feel at a loss and vaguely has a bad feeling.
Being easily beaten several times in a row knows the strength gap. Liu Chao also dare not show so haughty again. He got up and glared at Wu Hua with resentment. "You are waiting hard" and left a malicious word. He said to several injured thugs, "Let’s go."
"Roll" Wu Hua’s domineering exposure
You Xueer suddenly felt that the man in front of him was not like the former Wu Hua, but a bit like Yang Ge, who was afraid of seeing Yang Ge’s body.
You Xueer suddenly got up, endured severe physical pain, and threw herself into Wu Hua’s broad and warm arms, hugging Wu Hua’s burly and strong body tightly. At that moment, it gave her an unprecedented sense of security, and it was as if she had found a permanent reliance, which made her heart steadfast.
Wu Hua’s eyes looked down at innocent girl, a girl crying with her face clinging to her chest. His face was full of confusion and a little shy. That’s right. It was unreasonable to lift the girl’s skirt in public in front of a man. In front of a man, relatives and girlfriends sneaked into the girl’s boudoir to steal clothes in the middle of the night, and they wouldn’t frown. Thick-skinned, they could pack three pots of dumplings and two cages to go. Wu Hua’s face actually appeared to kill acquaintances.
He didn’t know where to put his arm around Euchel for a while, and it was not easy to push her. She was a little reluctant to part with it, so she just stopped and did not move, and the girl’s tears wet her clothes.
"Wu Hua, I’m so afraid that you won’t wake up again. I’m so afraid that you’re finally awake." Youxueer sobbed emotionally.
Wu Hua paused and then said doubtfully, "Do we know each other, girl? What, do you know my name?"
Euschel’s look was dull in an instant, and even she forgot to cry. Tears kept flowing. She couldn’t believe it. She looked up at Wu Hua’s familiar face. Her world seemed to suddenly fall back two steps from sunny Wan Li. She looked at Wu Hua with some grief. "What did you say?"
"I asked you if we knew each other and felt that you were a little familiar." Wu Hua’s face looked very serious.
You Xueer suddenly broke into tears and smiled with glittering and translucent tears on her face, revealing a charming and petite coquetry hammer. Wu Hua’s chest turned over and there were quite a few kinds of amorous feelings. "I really hate it when I just woke up to flirt with others in this way."
Wu Hua looked at you and said, "Who molested you? I mean, really, do we know each other or what is this place?" “
"Stop that now or be so indecent." Michelle gave Wu Hua a charming stare. "You still play amnesia with others. If you have amnesia, how can you remember that you are called Wu Hua?"
"Who says I have amnesia? Do I remember my name so much? You this girl is really interesting "Wu Hua a face of nai.