"Hum you just occupied a moment! What if you unite all the races? Your fate has already been doomed, and no one can change it! " Desa’s hand lifted the door and appeared again. This time, his army of remoulders retreated in succession.

"Soon I will show you what a real army is!" Desa screamed and disappeared into the delivery door himself.
At the same time, Cheyenne forced the puppet to disappear, and the video of the battle he witnessed automatically appeared in the forum.
Desa’s active retreat made Van Cana look ecstatic. He excitedly said to those who participated in the battle, "Thank you for your help. From today on, my Van Cana troops will advance and retreat together! I will support you for the first time when a race is in trouble! "
"Congratulations on finally defeating Desa once." Cheyenne didn’t retreat. He is now an elf. Van Cana naturally won’t destroy his goodwill and disguise him.
Van Cana naturally recognized the irony in Cheyenne’s words, and he ignored Cheyenne with a light smile to have a cordial exchange with those races.
Cheyenne saw this situation very well, and the timing of Van Cana was very good. At this time, when other races were suppressed and miserable, Van Cana appeared, which was different from saving the forgotten land. They would naturally be grateful to Van Cana.
It seems that this time it was a failure. Xia Anxin thought it was time to hear the unified indication.
Chapter 75 Rescue
All the major races in the forgotten land of Van Cana formed an alliance to resist the justice of Desa. You failed.
Hoover, the leader of the forgotten world, applied to Van Cana to join the just allied forces to resist the forces of Desa.
Van Cana agreed that human beings should join the Forgotten Land of the Justice Allied Forces and officially open it to human beings, and human players can freely enter and leave the Forgotten Land.
Cheyenne listened to a series of unified instructions and shook his head to accept this fact. At the same time, Cheyenne also found some functions in his interface.
It takes 1 point to enter the forgotten battlefield. Except for a few special things and skills, the things and skills gained in this battlefield are not available in the human world.
Battlefield feats You can gain feats by killing the enemy in a unified way. This feat can be exchanged for something special from the Lord.
Cheyenne is very familiar with the battlefield. Many battlefields were opened in the past games, but he didn’t expect that the forgotten territory eventually became a battlefield, and this battlefield was opened, but he was a part of it.
You have made outstanding achievements in Forgetting Land. Please go to the Lord of Sirius City to receive your meritorious reward.
Cheyenne was satisfied with this. If he didn’t expect anything wrong, what he accomplished in Forgotten Land would be rewarded with a lot of meritorious deeds, but it is another matter that these meritorious deeds can be exchanged for goods.
After forgetting the battlefield, there is an option to quit the battlefield at any time in the player interface, which is very convenient for Cheyenne. When he looked at it, he decided to deal with some things before leaving the battlefield
The map of Forgotten Land is now open, and all the places Cheyenne has been to are clearly displayed, including his trip in Desa’s lair, which is one of Cheyenne’s advantages in Forgotten Land.
Cheyenne found the dwarf valley rebirth cloak on the map and turned into a dwarf ring and entered the dwarf valley.
The appearance of the dwarf valley has changed greatly, especially the entrance of the valley seems to have experienced a world war. There are cracks in many places, which shows how fierce the fighting has been here. Even so, the guards of the dwarf valley have not slackened, but the guards have become the dwarves that Cheyenne did not know. The original Mambarro and others don’t know where they went
"Are you human?" Leading guards see Cheyenne call way
"I’m a disciple of Master Fiedler," Cheyenne hurriedly replied.
The dwarf’s temperament has not changed because of the war. The guard leader obviously heard the name of Fred and immediately released him without any doubt.
Cheyenne didn’t disturb others and went straight to the place where he put Qingfeng and others, but he didn’t find Qingfeng and others. I don’t know if they had already left or suffered other changes.
After thinking about it, Cheyenne decided to link up with a breeze. Naturally, it was the breeze number. At that time, the forgotten land was in a state of blockade, and the player’s friends were banned. Cheyenne did not link up with Qingfeng and other friends through this method.
The words rang for a while and were quickly connected. When the breeze heard Cheyenne, it was a surprise.
"We left the Dwarf Village a long time ago, but we were caught by Desa and turned into the Celestial Orcs. Now we belong to the Desa camp!" The breeze shocked Cheyenne.
"Do you know that Forgotten Land has become a battlefield where players can freely enter and leave?" Cheyenne avenue
"What? We really don’t know this. We just caught all kinds of monsters and then let Desa synthesize the new Terran Orcs. Now there are many players in the Terran Orcs’ army, "sighed the breeze.
Cheyenne said, "Well, as long as you’re okay, I came back to the Dwarf Valley to find you."
It’s a wish for them to get rid of Cheyenne. Then they go to the mine dungeon to find their two fighting partners, Xiao Bing and Xiao Jin, who are obviously inseparable from the human world.
The situation of the mine hasn’t changed. Cheyenne found the path to enter the mine once. According to the map, the channel finally came to the sea of flames again. Cheyenne saw two green dots representing teammates at the edge of the sea of flames.
These two green dots are naturally Xiao Bing’s one-horned Jin Yan strange. They are hanging around and seeing the sudden appearance of Cheyenne, Xiao Bing is very happy, but the one-horned Jin Yan strange is still dull.
"Master, you finally came back. Xiao Bing has been waiting for you for a long time!" Small ice joy call way
Cheyenne touched Xiao Bing and asked, "Are the prisoners still there?"
"Should it still be where the master is going?" Xiao Bing said with some reluctance
"Xiao Bing, you stay here and I’ll get the people inside." Cheyenne said.
"No, I want to go with my master!" Xiao Bing has a firm face.
Cheyenne also went with it and greeted a small gold (one-horned Jin Yan strange) to set foot on the flame sea again. Xiaojin still made the method of devouring the flame cross the flame sea. Xia Anyuan saw those forging workshops on the edge of the flame sea, and everything seemed to be fine.
The anomaly of the sea of flames quickly attracted the attention of the dwarves in the marginal areas. When they saw that the bearer was their beloved dwarf forging master, they couldn’t help but burst into cheers. The news also quickly spread throughout the mine prison, and other races appeared one after another.
"Master Jie, have you found the way out?" Hawk asked excitedly.