I haven’t found out where I am after all. It seems that these three women are not tied together because of their own playboys. Most of them are posted by other women.

This Ye Han got a bitter sigh in his heart. "Ye Han Ye Han, can’t you really love someone? Why do you want to talk to so many women? "
See Ye Han lost in thought for a long time, Yan Xin’s heart is very puzzled and asked with a smile, "What are you thinking, cold brother? Do you want to marry Sister Rou again? "
After listening to Yan Xin’s words, Ye Han’s heart suddenly moved at the right time, and he remembered that there was only one day left before Ye Rou’s wedding day. After today, Ye Rou belongs to Yan’s family.
Thought of here, Ye Han’s heart would never calm down again, and the pictures of Ye Rou getting along with each other would keep coming to his mind.
Seeing Ye Han so angry and happy, he came outside the room and shouted at Fang who had already got up and settled accounts. "The shopkeeper will prepare some food for us, and we will leave here after eating!"
[99] 【 Drunk cold leads 】
The shopkeeper smell speech immediately stopped working at Yan Xin, and walked quickly. The kitchen listened to Yan Xin and was busy preparing meals.
In the inn, the shopkeeper was not asked to cook, but now he can do it himself because the chef has been temporarily sent away.
But fortunately, although the shopkeeper is an innkeeper, he is not unfamiliar with his cooking skills, and he can still cook very well.
Soon a sumptuous meal was brought into Ye Han’s room by the shopkeeper, and Ye Han ordered to send an altar of good wine before leaving the room.
Ye Han enjoyed the whole table of food after watching the shopkeeper leave the inn, and Yan Xin also chewed slowly and sent the food to his mouth.
It is this scene that makes a fresh contrast picture, and compared with Yan Xin’s chewing slowly, Ye Han can gorge himself when eating.
After a meal, the wine on the table has never been inflamed at all. I’m glad to see that Bai Yehan has come out of his former pain and won’t drink too much because of it.
Yan Xin was very happy about this, but Ye Han didn’t have his idea. After the shopkeeper cleaned up the food, the two left the inn.
Naturally, Yan Xin didn’t forget to contract the inn foundation to reward the inn shopkeeper and let the shopkeeper get the inn door up again at any time.
The shopkeeper of the inn was naturally full of joy when he got the reward of Yan Xin. Although he didn’t meet new guests these days, it did cause some economic losses to the inn, but it was enough to make up for these losses with Yan Xin’s reward.
What’s more, it’s a glorious thing for him and this inn to be able to handle affairs with Miss Yan’s family. Since there is no loss, he still wins glory. Is he happy?
So I watched Yan Xin Ye Han leave the shopkeeper and gave them a guarantee that they would treat them well when they came back in the future.
Ye Han has no words to this, and Yan Xin naturally no longer says what it is to nod slightly at the inn shopkeeper and leave with Ye Han.
When the innkeeper saw this, it was Miss Yan’s second agreed to return to the inn with great joy and let some people get the inn man back and prepare to open it again.
Ye Han also led Yan Xin to the outside of Yan’s family and arranged Ye Han to stay in another inn not far away.
After arranging Ye Han to live, Yan Xin went back to Yan’s family but didn’t want to just touch Yan Xuan, who was ready to go out. They said hello to each other and went their separate ways!
Back to her room, Yan Xin kept thinking about herself and Ye Han’s experience. Every time she thought of happiness, her cheeks could not help but show a touch of joy.
However, Yan Xin didn’t know that the door had already been pushed by people at the moment, and the soft figure had already appeared outside the room. At the moment, she was looking at Yan Xin with a face of relief.
Soon after, Yan Xin came to her senses from her memory, and suddenly she felt embarrassed in the heart outside Ye Rou’s room, knowing that she must have been rude in front of Ye Rou just now!
Embarrassed, Yu Yanxin got up and greeted her, pulled Ye Rou to the front of the bed and sat flat on the bed. Then she held Ye Rou’s hands and smiled. "Congratulations, Sister-in-law!"
After listening to Yan Xin’s words, Ye Rou’s face suddenly showed a bitter color, and immediately Nai shook his head with a wry smile. "What’s there to congratulate? I think it’s me who should congratulate you. You can find your own happiness. I’m a sister-in-law who should congratulate you!"
After listening to Ye Rou’s words, Yan Xin immediately released her hands and walked slowly from the bedside to the window, quietly looking at the beautiful scenery outside the window for a long time before saying, "No, you are wrong!"
Ye Rou heard this and immediately listened to Yan Xin with a wry smile. "He finally got you in his heart and also said that he would leave for Xingyuan City after you really married my brother!"
I heard Yan Xin’s words, and the leaves were silent for a long time. Then I shook my head with a wry smile. "I don’t belong to him. Maybe we have always been brothers and sisters, but I don’t know if we can become brothers and sisters from now on."
"Ha-ha, sister-in-law, what are you talking about? You are brothers and sisters. It’s too unreasonable to say that he disowns you as a sister because of this." Heard inflammation hin frustrated Yan Xin busy smiled to say with smile
Ye Rou didn’t say anything more when he heard this. He took a small jade charm out of his arms and gave it to Yan Xin for a long time before saying, "This is my wedding invitation. If you see him, please give it to him!"
"I think you’d better take back the invitation. He can’t come!" Hearing the soft leaves, Yan Xin is busy returning the jade operator in his hand to the soft leaves.
Seeing Yan Xin so, Ye Rou hesitated and remained silent for a long time before giving the jade symbol to Yan Xin again. Then Nai smiled wryly, "No matter whether he can come, I hope Nano can give it to him. This is the last time I handed it over to him!"
Listen to the soft leaves, Yan Xin didn’t refuse again. Busy putting the jade operator into his own Yu Pei and then rushing to the soft leaves and nodding slightly.
Seeing that Yu Fu had been given to Yan Xin and was accepted by her, Ye Rou nodded slightly at Yan Xin from the bedside. "In that case, I will leave first!"
Say that finish leaves soft turned and walked toward the outside soon disappeared inflammation hin line of sight in inflammation hin but take out the jade operator across the river for a long time this just put jade operator away again.
Originally, he didn’t want to go out in a hurry when he came back this time, because she was going to bring Ye Han the news that Ye Rou had officially completed his marriage. There is another possibility that Ye Rou suddenly changed his mind, so she wouldn’t be needed as a letter.
After all, it is unnecessary for Ye Rou to take the initiative to choose to escape from marriage, so she will find Ye Han herself and leave her with Yan Xinji!
When Yan Xin got the invitation, she got up and left Yan’s house and went to Ye Han’s inn to give the invitation to Ye Han.