"Are you all right?" In the morning, he quickly pulled a bridled eyebrow, but he can’t have something. Otherwise, Zhang zhen Day, a master of the Xuan level plus the original inverse ning himself, even if he barely managed to deal with two people, didn’t have a chance to offer the royal god Fu Luta. Once they borrowed the magic spirit force of Lingshan, they would have suffered greatly.

"Little friend, don’t worry that such evil spirits can’t hurt the old man. I will resist the evil spirits!"
The morning smiled and said "good". As soon as I turned around, bridled people smiled strangely, and then the weird forehead smiled. "How did you?
In the morning, I pulled out a real-life flying sword with a bridled eyebrow and tore off a mask with a bridled face. "It’s not enough for you to go back to your celestial god and continue to practice for hundreds of years and then come back!"
One foot put the false bridled ninja into the magic Lingshan, and the body was swallowed up by several magic spirits before it died, and there was no chance to return to the celestial god. Instead, it helped the magic Lingshan to raise the flesh and blood in the morning.
Reach out and learn to fly and hit each other with a palm. Every morning, Zhang zhen was knocked back by his own dozens of meters. Just after he got his feet up, he fought out ten huge deer spirits. When his physical strength surged, he instantly sent these ten demons, who had reached the level of master, to ashes. Will the screams come or not?
"Yu Tianchen, do you want to subdue the magic tower to suppress the magic mountain?"
Holding Fang Tian’s painting in hand, Gan Ning also came to the magic mountain, and Zhang zhen Tianyi’s left side attacked Tianchen and heckled Tianchen.
In the morning, my heart was shocked, and the gods fell into the magic tower. Only a few people knew the secret. How did these two evil spirits know?
But soon I knew the answer in the morning that I had reached a consensus to join Pan Yu’s family, and later I became a member of Qingcheng Sword Clan Alliance. The master of the right path was attacked by him suddenly and violently, and Zhang Zhentian formed a triangle potential. It seems that he didn’t even think that he would choose to join the magic door when he came out. I don’t know how many masters of the right path were attacked by him!
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three Baota Town Magic
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three Baota Town Magic
"Yu Tianchen is now a magic door. If you still know it, you will plant it immediately. Maybe we will let Yu’s life go once, or when you solve the magic door, Yu’s life will be destroyed immediately!" Insidious smile, the patriarch of wood phosphorus, said to the morning.
In the morning, the imperial god’s eyes took a hard look at the wooden phosphorus face and smiled repeatedly. "Is that it?" * * Golden body? Are you … "
"yes! I’m the one whose golden body was destroyed by your empty hole. Zhu Yuan worships me, but now I’m not his leader. I took this body, and because the dragon begged for help, my golden body also generated Yu Tianchen. Although you have a strange golden body to protect yourself, it’s not too high for me to imagine this golden body. I join hands with the door master and the leader. You are not my three-person opponent! "
It turned out that it was half destroyed in the last chamber of secrets in the virtual cave in the morning, but I didn’t expect that instead of returning to the underworld, it was found by Zhang Zhentian and the secret method was used to collect the residual soul. * * Dragon gas LUN took the organ of Zongmu phosphorus flesh, and the original emperor got this * * stiff emperor body!
A magic door master, a rebirth cult leader and an emperor’s achievement of collecting dragons and begging for help are half * * The emperor will sacrifice the imperial gods and subdue the demons in the morning, and carefully put out several methods to prepare for the enemy!
"Magic longitudinal …" Another big drink rang out, and immediately the magic spirit Yamagata became a kind of resonance. The magic aura returned to the square day painting stem, and the control of the evil spirit was rushed towards the morning, like a person in purgatory, sending out filar silk ripples and being swallowed up by the magic aura.
The morning is like a fallen god, offering a wide enchantment in the hands of the imperial god, the magic tower, and immediately appearing arrogant. The morning exhausted the magic aura several meters around and was blocked by the wall.
A huge pressure was released from the tower of the imperial god, and the original magic aura was like a nemesis and fled. Even if it was better to feed the mind and stabilize and continue to attack the morning, the magic aura was always about to reach the enchantment. At that moment, it was deterred by the magic of the tower of the imperial god and fled again
"How is it possible!" Inverse Ning is more shocked than this magic Lingshan, where hundreds of murders are catalyzed by magic begging. Even the fairy gods in the world have to stay out of the way when they see it. How can they be intimidated by the morning imperial gods? And when Zhang Zhentian and Zhu Yuan seized * *, they absorbed the memory of the patriarch’s wood phosphorus. I knew the things of refining the imperial god’s magic tower in the morning, but according to the material of the imperial god’s magic tower and the difficulty of refining, it is the limit to restrain 10,000 demons. How can you restrain 100,000 demons to form a magic aura?
Morning sneer at shocked inverse ning to also don’t have much confidence to restrain this magic Lingshan, but in the end, it is the celestial world that gives almost all its own crystal, which is refined from the celestial world that help misers. Where is the original material from wood phosphorus?
Sure enough, the imperial gods and demons lived up to their expectations, but a magic power just restrained the aura of 100,000 demons. Be careful to hold these three demons and destroy here, so that China can control its own hands and slowly evolve, which is much better than being controlled by demons!
"The Lord of the Door, it seems that this magic tower is much more powerful than we thought. I think the three of us should jointly control the magic mountain at once, which should be able to scare this little!" Zhang Zhentian’s gloomy voice came
Inverse Ning immediately said, "Well, as the leader said, the three of us will join hands. This little one must not be an opponent!"
The original will be surrounded by the magic door in three directions. The words sound just fell and the three people flashed. They stepped on a mysterious position and manipulated the imperial god to subdue the magic tower to deal with the magic aura. Morning knew that at this time, the magic door had a special appearance that could be multiplied by three people, and the attack power of three people was immediately revealed!
Originally, I was afraid to attack the enchantment magic aura because of the magical power of the imperial god. The three people joined hands to control it immediately, and they were not afraid of death. They generally attacked the enchantment in the morning. The real yuan needed to control the imperial god’s enchantment quickly disappeared, and even the real yuan needed to control the imperial god’s enchantment tower was really not sold. Even the morning felt a little hungry. I had a few yuan to ask for Dan medicine. I could supplement the real yuan consumption for a while, but it could not be too long, otherwise I would be drowned in this magic sea.
Kneading method The golden light of the body shines in the morning, and the hand bends the magic tower. Just like the mythical tower Li Tianwang, he will bend the magic tower to offer several magic spirits. Like the tide, it will flood towards the morning. Without the enchantment, the morning will be immediately attacked by the magic spirit sea, but the protective gold body is not a fake gold body, and several magic spirits will gush out again.
A huge impact knocked Tianchen out of the wood phosphorus from its original position (later called the body name). The frozen emperor grimaced and held out the frozen emperor’s claw. One claw caught the golden body of Tianchen, and the golden body of Tianchen was splashed with sparks. Although it was not caught deeply, there were few traces of blood oozing from Tianchen’s shoulder.
However, wood phosphorus is not much better. A pair of stiff emperor’s claws were completely scrapped in this confrontation. The long and hard claws were completely scrapped, but the golden crack stone was directly worn to the tip when grasping the golden body in the morning. However, wood phosphorus seems to be almost ground to the flesh and blood claws, and a pair of claws quickly stretched out from the ground again.
In the morning, I endured the pain, took out my flying sword, cut my forehead, and waved my head. The pagoda on the top of my head immediately became bigger and bigger, and it became bigger than the magic mountain. This was the only time when I was "the god of the deer!" In the middle of drinking, it’s hard to get rid of Ning and Zhang Zhentian and stop them from coming to Magic Mountain.
Several demons were frightened and wanted to flee, but the original was controlled by Inverse Ning and Zhang Zhentian. Where can they escape? They were directly collected by the magic tower that has turned into a faint light and shadow. Zhongtian Chen did not dare to be careless at this time. At this time, he temporarily held hundreds of deer spirits to form the seal of Luling Mountain to the tower, but if he did not eliminate the evil deer that manipulated the magic mountain, even if he cast spells in various ways, there would eventually be a tower crash. Therefore, he must take this opportunity to completely eliminate these three demons, so that he can truly seal off the magic mountain.
"Small death!" Inverse Ning was furious that the magic Lingshan was blocked. Although he could still feel the connection of the magic Lingshan, he managed to mobilize the luck of the poor devil’s aura. He was so angry that he found it and stabbed him in the chest in the morning.
In the manipulation of the flying sword, the sword was painted and dried, and Jin Ge moved next to it, and it was faintly windy. Next to it, it was punched and hit. The golden body collided, and a sweet corner of his mouth instantly oozed blood. However, his opponent’s fist was almost broken by the fist of the morning, and the stiff body was humming, which made him faint and self-destructive. He was so scared that he dared not steal dragon clothes at will again.
"Hum" wiped away the blood from the corners of the mouth one morning, and the throat surged, and the blood almost gushed out, so it was swallowed by myself. Is it the dragon begging that cast a stiff forehead? Although the emperor himself had a protective golden body, he still ate a little bit, but it didn’t hurt badly, but it also affected the speed. The fastest speed has been severely injured by his own punch, and the remaining speed is not as fast as his own, but it is faster than the other side. A cold.
A teleport morning left its original position and escaped Zhang zhen Tianwanggong, and Wang Jin gave a hard sword to split the fleeing wood phosphorus body.
In the scream, this generation of frozen emperor was chopped into three inches deep by the flying sword of the half fairy in the morning, and the golden frozen emperor’s blood was sprayed out by phosphorus.