Lin Qian dare not say what is respectful, but there is a light in his eyes and I don’t know what he is planning.

After this incident passed, after a period of calm, the competition between the four forbidden palaces quietly stopped, so that no one watched the competition, and of course the result would be publicized.
On this day, Zhang Tao stood on a high platform in his commanding armor. "Do you have confidence in this competition after so long hard training?"
There is no single-soldier fight in the forbidden palace guards competition! Only the team phalanx! Just like the battlefield, the way of group warfare determines the outcome. The single strength here is absolutely difficult unless it is above all others!
Everyone’s competition is that the phalanx can advance and retreat freely, and there are many changes and diversity in the phalanx. Of course, it is also necessary to compete with the deputy commander’s command ability, which can be described as comprehensive competition.
Of course, the so-called phalanx is not limited to the square battle formation. If a good formation can be achieved, it can be used!
The quality of the array will also determine the outcome of the game. Zhang Tao is very confident about this. "Master, thank you for giving Taoer the array, so I won’t be polite."
In fact, during this period, everyone’s training is not personal strength but cooperation! It’s really difficult to get everyone up to a higher level in a short time and familiarize them with the array method.
The array method takes the lead, so it is natural to have the opportunity to defeat down came a blackbird. "Chen Mi believes that you have mastered this array method after practicing for so many days, right?"
"It is the commanding adults who will definitely surprise them this time!" Chen Mi said with a face of excitement
When Zhang Tao gave them this array, they couldn’t finish it, but after the experiment, they knew what the secret place was, and they were quickly selected by the elite to practice until they mastered it thoroughly.
Zhang Tao nodded with satisfaction and then took everyone to the martial arts field. This is the place where the four forbidden palaces compete every time, and the people who went far to the Nangong Bei Gong Nishinomiya have already arrived. I didn’t expect my East Palace to be the latest one.
The nangongshan lu is the so-called and Bei Gong and nishinomiya two at the head is a full face of impatience "hum! Zhang Tao, the head of the East Palace, is coming so late? Is it really arrogant to be loved by the emperor? " Speak is Bei Gong and Cao Ke see him swallow mouth beard eyes like burly there! Not only that, but the body smells and people can’t be underestimated.
But all the forbidden palace commanders must be innate masters! Of course, Zhang Tao’s uniqueness is another matter. "Cao Ke, you are wrong in this sentence. It’s still too early in the East Palace. It doesn’t matter if he comes or not, right?" And another person’s thin figure and eyes are hard to distinguish between true and false. This statement is also insinuating! It is suggested that Zhang Tao East Palace is bound to be the last one, and it doesn’t matter whether it will come or not.
"That’s right, Xiahou Dun. Are you confident this time?" Cao Ke asked, before Xiahou Dun spoke, the distance had come to finely step.
Aside, Lu ignored it and closed his eyes. Zhang Tao came in with people at this time. Lu heard the sound and got up and then greeted him. "Zhang Xiong Lu has been waiting for you."
"Ha ha! I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, "Zhang Tao said with a smile.
Cao Ke cold hum a didn’t answer, but Xiahou Dun came up with a smile. "Zhang Zongling really heard a lot about you today, and it’s really remarkable that he is a dragon among young talents."
"It’s very kind of you to be in charge of Xia" Zhang Tao also said diffusely.
Lu secretly turned over a supercilious look. This’s really thick-skinned, like a wall. Just now, he satirized Zhang Taoxian, but he seemed to feel at home.
But Cao Ke this big fellow is consistent! Directly ignore a black face as if it were the bottom of the pot. Although it didn’t say anything, it was obvious to tell Zhang Tao not to bother me. Zhang Tao wondered if he had offended him. In fact, Zhang Tao didn’t arrive late, but all three people didn’t see Zhang Tao’s figure before. Naturally, these old people have this habit. "This time, there is no difference between our competition and before. In view of the fact that the two leaders are new here, let me tell you a rule." Xiahou Dun said.
"Please Xia leads" Zhang Tao and Lu fuels at the same time.
Commander Xia also smiled and returned a gift. "Let’s have a competition with each other in each forbidden palace, and then the four of us will decide the outcome. It’s fair, just and fast. Why don’t we just do it today?"
"good! Why don’t I throw a brick at Nangong this time? I don’t know which one is in charge of the field? " Lu got up. At this time, there were fifty guards and a deputy commander in charge of the martial arts field! Look at them, they are all imposing, their eyes are bright, and they know that they must be well trained and have good strength.
Rao is Cao Ke, the elm head, and he can’t help but face a slight change. In general, the most powerful of the four forbidden palaces is the Nangong! Because the distance between the emperor directly under the Nangong and the imperial house is also inevitable recently, it is necessary to practice hard and dare not neglect the Nangong in the slightest. Cao Ke and Xiahou Dun were the first to come out and invite the war, and they all dared not speak at the moment.
"Since Brother Lu is so confident, will Zhang come to accompany him?" Just then an unexpected sound appeared.
(It’s a new month, and the starting line is brewing. It’s especially important for you to support it. # # # Let them see that Yuet Hua’s brothers and sisters will definitely rush ahead! )
Chapter 15 Door Jin Suozhen
Chapter 15 Door Jin Suozhen
Zhang Tao was surprised to bump into Cao Ke and Xiahou Dun, but then they figured it out. Anyway, it’s the last broken pot. It’s all so-called
However, Lu looked dignified. "Since Zhang Xiong is interested in teaching, then Lu will take it."
Lu seriously Cao Ke and Xiahou Dun don’t pay attention to the fact that the most incredibly is to play the strongest against the weakest, which is rare.
But it’s all right that they can take a good look at the layout of the Nangong this time so that they have a chance to win. "Brother Zhang, I know you will not fight an uncertain battle. I hope you can show mercy." Lu is not modest, but he knows Zhang Tao’s ability
"Lv Xiong welcome you see zhang guard there can be compared with your nangongshan? When the time comes, I still need Brother Lu to give Zhang a face that won’t make me lose too ugly. "Zhang Tao said this sentence. The fact is that I have to find my own way out. Although the array method is exquisite, there must be whether it can be weaker than stronger, it still needs luck and strength.
Lu and Zhang Tao didn’t continue to be polite, but directly competed with each other. Most of the cold weapon arrays were square arrays, cone arrays, geese arrays, Xuanxiang arrays and so on, which were well known.
And in this small number of small-scale battles, everyone usually takes a square array or a cone array! The goal of array method is to weaken the attack point and increase the attack range. The more successful array method is, the more respected it is.
However, the number of people in the forbidden palace is small, and the array method does not need to be changeable. Whether the array method is skillfully matched or the overall strength, this game is a game without suspense for outsiders.
Zhang Tao East Palace guards are as imposing as experienced people can see at a glance. They left the pie mouth and the roots of East Palace have not changed. As the battle bell rings, the game is official.
Zhang Tao a face of leisurely sit chair as if the game won or lost "zhang and look at the game? That’s right! Anyway, it’s better to lose than to set your mind and let Cao Moupei be optimistic. "Seeing that Zhang Tao is like a dude, Cao Ke is uncomfortable all over."
"Don’t say that, Lord Cao. What if Lord Zhang has a housekeeping collar?" Cao Ke in Xiahou Dun’s dozen circle field was ungrateful. He turned his head with a cold hum. "Look, Zhang Daren."
"Ha-ha, Xia’s adult doesn’t have to be like this. I also know that Cao’s adult is magnanimous, but the competition is not over. Can you conclude that things must have changed?" Zhang Tao inscrutable said.
Generally, the school field competition is a wooden weapon. If it is hit, it will be abandoned automatically! Although it is slightly lacking in realism, it is comparable to winning or losing, and there will be no casualties.
"I hope so," Cao Ke said lazily when he heard Zhang Tao.