Xie Cunguan smiled without a word, but he didn’t promise or object.

Things here have been solved, but we still rely on Xie Cunguan’s force. Ryuji Tsukida and Zexun Tsukida have called Tokyo people to regret it, but Shinji Tsukida doesn’t think so, because after all, his own business here is mainly the Tokyo Black Dragon Club, where his family is responsible for this matter, and he can make a lot of profits every year, so that the headquarters of the Black Dragon Club can know that there is nothing wrong with these things, and it can also make them understand the difficulties here, which is beneficial to their next action.
After eating and drinking, Xie Cunguan went back to his home.
The next afternoon, Xie Cunguan made an appointment with Guo Tanlu and Zhu Xianghui to come home. The two men pretended to be an uncle and lived in another farmhouse not far away. The two uncles and uncles set up a miscellaneous Chinese shop in Nagasaki City, and their life was moist every day.
But as soon as they met, Guo Tanlu complained that life was too boring.
Zhu Xianghui, on the other hand, seems to be satisfied with smiling. Perhaps this is a rare opportunity for him to have a rest.
Xie Cunguan called them here to help Guo Tread, because there is nothing to assassinate in Nagasaki for a while at present, and now he already knows that Zhu Xianghui is not completely incompetent, unless he is a master, ordinary people still can’t walk in front of him.
So his plan is that Zhu Xianghui will continue to run the grocery store and wait, while Guo Ta Lu will temporarily draw over to help himself. Ri is still strict with gun management, and there are actually not many guns in the hands of gangsters.
The yakuza used guns more abroad, but rarely in Ri, mainly because Ri’s underworld system emphasized martial arts.
Let Guo tread Lu to come over and increase his weight in the Black Dragon Club. Second, he doesn’t have to do everything himself when he encounters the use of force. Of course, one more person will have more possibilities for change when he enters the Black Dragon Club.
While talking here, I received a letter from Tsuda. In the conversation, Tsuda Shinji was polite but a little nervous and told him that a big shot from Tokyo wanted to see him.
Big shot? As soon as Xie Cunguan responded, he immediately asked, "Is it Mr. Chuanyue?" He refers to the boat-crossing minister who comes to other consultants when he wants to come to Toushanxiong, but it is worthy of respect, but it is not enough to make Tsuda Shinji nervous. The only thing that can cause this effect is that the Black Dragon Club has one person and ten thousand people to coach the boat-crossing minister, and there are also boat-crossing ministers, so that martial arts masters will be interested in meeting such a warrior.
Xie Cunguan said to Guo Tanlu, "Come with me to see the minister of the ship and see what the head coach of the Black Dragon Club is like!"
Guo tread Lu immediately wide mouth laughed at Zhu Xianghui made a face.
It turned out that when he came, he said that he didn’t want to work in the grocery store. Zhu Xianghui also hit him and said that Xie Cunguan couldn’t let him do it. He just protected his uncle.
After a period of time, the feelings between them have deepened a lot. Zhu Xianghui is a veteran of Laoshan frontline, who is in his forties and fifties, but he has never been married and has no children.
It is said that his former lover was a nurse soldier in his own army, but he was unfortunately hit by a stray bullet during an execution and died in his arms. He has not been in love since then.
While Guo ta Lu is a big man, but he is a rectum with a simple head.
In the past, there was nothing wrong with the two of them nodding their heads when they met, but this time, after they were separated, they miraculously got along with each other. Zhu Xianghui looked at Guo Tanlu and thought of his nephew, while Guo Tanlu’s father forced him to practice martial arts and was strict in management. Guo Tanlu was a little afraid of his father, but he couldn’t kiss him.
When I am with Zhu Xianghui, I can’t help but feel a kind of indescribable longing and affection.
"Don’t worry, I will often go home to see!" Guo tread Lu looked at Zhu Xianghui laughed
Zhu Xianghui smiled and said, "Get out of here!" After scolding, I closed my smile and said, "Be careful what you do!"
"I know, dear uncle!" Guo tread Lu deliberately bite a "uncle" two word way
Xiang-Hui Zhu and Dai Ruoxi watched them go out.
The second minister of the ship was kneeling behind a huge room table in a uniform warrior. Behind him sat a row of six tall and straight warriors, all of whom were about forty years old, with cold faces and cold eyes.
These are the outstanding younger brothers of the Chuanyue family and the real J and jīng English of the Black Dragon Club.
People like Tomoyoshi Kenji and Toushanjin are the best among the younger brothers. Although they are often sent to do some things, they are mostly exercise ingredients. It is not that the Black Dragon Club really relies on Xie Cunguan. At present, the intelligence system has not yet entered the top of the Black Dragon Club, and they do not fully understand the strength of the Black Dragon Club.
Sitting next to the ship’s second minister, the expression is slightly nervous. For the crane’s second minister, it will not be so nervous even sitting next to Toushan Xiong. This is mainly due to the six imposing warriors behind the ship’s second minister’s powerful aura.
When Xie Cunguan came in, Tsuda Shinji was inexplicably relieved and seemed to have a backbone.
"The better the picture, the better the soldier?" The more I watched the boat, the more I looked in. A well-proportioned young man and a tall young man like King Kong. Although Ri people have good nutrition in recent years and the country has been working hard to improve the people, there have been some big young people, but it is still rare to be as tall as Guo Tanlu. I would rather believe that Guo Tanlu’s body is better than the soldiers.
"The more the boat is, the better!" Xie Cunguan made a slight bow to the boat, but instead of being as respectful as others, he made the etiquette that ordinary Ri youth met their elders. The faces of the six warriors behind him immediately showed dissatisfaction.
"Who’s this?" I don’t care if the boat is getting stronger. If Xie Cunguan really has the kung fu like the boat is getting healthier, then there is something wrong with courtesy.
"My brother!" Xie Cunguan glanced at the boat, and the people behind him just gave Guo an identity.
"Oh?" When I saw him, I didn’t say Guo Ta-lu’s name, but my brother introduced the ship, which made me more interested. But he still nodded and said, "This conflict with the Yamaguchi group depends on Mr. Tuyue!" He pushed a box in his hand to the table and said, "This is a little something from President Toushan Xiong. Please accept it!"
Xie Cunguan comity in Tsuda Shinji has been sitting at the table. After listening to Xie Cunguan’s introduction, I don’t know if I should sit there or squat behind Xie Cunguan like a samurai behind a ship.
As a result, Ryuji Tsuda heard that Xie Cunguan said that this was his brother, and he immediately recognized his brother in his heart. He came to greet Guo Tanlu and sat next to them at a room table.