So he naturally became Guo Xiang’s favorite warrior. She wanted to go to Jiangnan to meet him. She wanted to see what kind of person he was. Maybe it would be good to marry him!

Just as Guo Xiang was daydreaming in her room, the door was suddenly knocked, and a gorgeous green belle came in. A string of moon bells were still hanging from her ears. A closer look shows that Guo Xiang looks somewhat similar, while Guo Xiang is more elegant and lovely. Who is this beautiful woman […]

Jinyang was no longer polite, and said bluntly, "I have uprooted the inheritance of Buddhism in the world. I’m going to heaven to make some consultations with the incompetent jade emperor in heaven. The magic eagle and 36 of them need to come with me, and I need some hands around me." . . You know that. . 。 ”

"Yes, it’s just that Jinyangzi, you should be careful in heaven this time. Xiandao always likes to go out, but it’s famous." Jinyang smiled and didn’t care. He casually asked, "How many people are there in Vulcan Island?" "More than 40,000 people are one and two, and they are breaking through the 40,000 mark. Is […]

"Nothing … I said it’s so cold, girl. It’s time to be kicked again. Let’s go." Chen Senran knew that Evelyn had smelled the meat and was not afraid of her leaving.

The snow soon disappeared into their shadow. —————————— "Ahem-"Galen coughed and struggled to climb from the ground with a sword. Until now, he was in a trance and didn’t die … Thought of here, he was a little lucky and sad. After all, he let the mantis go and so many of his brothers were […]

The headmaster was very satisfied with the team members’ trip. He turned to Liu Hongjian and smiled. "Mr. Liu, if you have something to say, just tell them!"

"hmm!" Liu Hongjian nodded his head in the previous step and said to the young guys in front of him, "Coach Liu and I came here mainly to see the basketball team members of Chengkeda University. Of course, the most important reason is to see the guy who created a miracle." And his eyes moved […]

Xin put the kettle beside the bed and said, "It’s been eight and a half hours since it was cold, and you haven’t eaten yet. It’s so late now. Go to bed. I’ll help you watch Hyun here. When you wake up, I’ll let you know immediately that others have found a room to sleep in the hospital |"

"No, I want to stay here with him for a while. I don’t trust you if I don’t see him wake up. Go to sleep. I have no appetite and I’m not tired." "Well, if you are tired, will you come to sleep for an hour and a half? I believe Hyun-hyun will wake up […]

I haven’t found out where I am after all. It seems that these three women are not tied together because of their own playboys. Most of them are posted by other women.

This Ye Han got a bitter sigh in his heart. "Ye Han Ye Han, can’t you really love someone? Why do you want to talk to so many women? " See Ye Han lost in thought for a long time, Yan Xin’s heart is very puzzled and asked with a smile, "What are you thinking, […]

"Are you all right?" In the morning, he quickly pulled a bridled eyebrow, but he can’t have something. Otherwise, Zhang zhen Day, a master of the Xuan level plus the original inverse ning himself, even if he barely managed to deal with two people, didn’t have a chance to offer the royal god Fu Luta. Once they borrowed the magic spirit force of Lingshan, they would have suffered greatly.

"Little friend, don’t worry that such evil spirits can’t hurt the old man. I will resist the evil spirits!" The morning smiled and said "good". As soon as I turned around, bridled people smiled strangely, and then the weird forehead smiled. "How did you? In the morning, I pulled out a real-life flying sword with […]

Lin Qian dare not say what is respectful, but there is a light in his eyes and I don’t know what he is planning.

After this incident passed, after a period of calm, the competition between the four forbidden palaces quietly stopped, so that no one watched the competition, and of course the result would be publicized. On this day, Zhang Tao stood on a high platform in his commanding armor. "Do you have confidence in this competition after […]