As time goes by, Joe has to go back. He doesn’t. green gang brothers don’t have a backbone. This is not their own territory. They have to go back and keep an eye on it. Besides, it’s okay for Joe to have a dragon swim. He’s here because of a dragon swim.

"Wait, let’s go back and get something." Longyou said and picked up the armrest coat. After several people, he went back with Joe.
The starlight in the sky has slowly faded away, leaving no room for the remaining light to spread to the front desk of the hotel, and it has been rubbing its eyes.
Soon the sun was forced to run out, and Longyou was slowly coming from the building with some information and met an unexpected stranger.
Miss Muya looked excited at the reception and seemed really happy.
"Mr Longyou Mr Longyou please stay is what happened? You don’t look very happy. "
"No, I didn’t. What a surprise to meet Miss Muya here."
Longyou is a polite greeting. I plan to get rid of this encounter with acquaintances as soon as possible.
But I don’t want Muya Wuye to be eager for Longyou all the time. Some of them are more and more eager. Longyou has some headaches. How can you have so much enthusiasm?
It wasn’t until Muya said that her comic book Longyou was slowly able to cope with her mind comics!
At this time, Longyou was not busy going back to the hospital. Muya Wuye’s front foot had just left the back foot. There was a call from the brothers who were guarding the hospital. Except for one brother who was stabbed in the lung and was seriously injured, he didn’t get it back. The remaining four people were not in danger. Xiaosi was also slightly injured.
Longyou didn’t know it was Wuye, but she was also surprised. At that time, she put some cute little things into the cup by holding the cup hand quietly.
A kind of medicine, which is not only "color" but also has no effect, can have unexpected effects if it is smoked with her clothes, and people will become her. Wherever she moves the medicine library, she will hypnotize herself and the people around her to keep the subconscious.
Chapter 253 Five-leaf rattan agreement
For example, after driving at a high speed for a while, she will go forward and not know how to turn. She prefers this way of killing people without seeing blood now. This is also why she wants to drink, and it is good to say that who drank that glass of wine?
At this time Longyou was ready to throw some trivial things to Fujita, and told Fujita to let Fujita investigate his own invitation to Muya.
Longyou faintly felt that he might know something.
And he is not very comfortable with rattan, not necessarily what rattan can find, maybe he knows something but doesn’t tell him, or it is the acquiescence of rattan.
"Joe’s second brother, help me find someone." There was no greeting for his brother Longyou. When he said the request, he didn’t mince it.
"Muya Wuye"
"oh? Why do you really look at others? Do you hold down such a’ female’ person? " Joe’s teasing tone makes him laugh.
"That’s not true, but I just saw her at the hotel. I guess we didn’t expect that there were still many things. "
"Are you? Then it seems that it really needs to be checked. It still needs to be checked. "
Joe’s second sound at the other end of the words began to get serious.
After a sleepless night, the stubble emerged, which set off his face. If his mother saw him like this, she didn’t know what she would be distressed about.
The dragon swam out these days and really missed his mother making dumplings.
Fingers rubbed the black place of Baqing, thinking about whether to grow a beard and talk about things like this. Think about yourself. This body has not left school yet, and this plan has stopped.
I washed up and went to the small four ward, and several people were out of the operating room. The small four injuries were the lightest, but their faces were equally pale.
"When will Brother Long come over?"
Weak voice, undisguised injury, heavy brothers sound even more weak.
"How do you feel when you first arrived?"
"Well, as always, strong, ahem … you can eat a cow."
Longyou doesn’t want to talk to him a little. It’s not bad that he can still laugh and smile!
Fujita gave the news that Muya’s identity was innocent, and good students in the school were afraid of nothing more than that. Innocent became a dance prostitute? Sniff!
Looking at people coming and going by the window of the hospital corridor, the smoke hesitates and slowly dissipates. The hospital is uneasy. If you don’t pay attention, you may be counted again.
Let your mind wander. I was a little stunned to come to this world for a while. Many things happened just yesterday, but Steve told him that his cartoon "Dragon Ball" was going to start shooting. This was his commemoration to himself.
Joe Erjing sat in front of the dragon swim and looked at the dragon swim’ Yin’ and his face’ color’ expression was also very dignified. I didn’t expect this guy Lin Hao to leave such a skill and actually arrange everything in order, so that others would be far north of the river, but the situation in Shantang could still be stable and not’ chaotic’
What about their side? It’s not just the rattan project that has begun to shake. Longyou was almost killed, and now the fourth grade is still lying in the hospital. The plan to destroy the mountain hall will still fall short!
Longyou is very unwilling to have never made such a poor mistake because of a’ female’ person! He clenched his fist and smashed the tea table in front of him. I don’t know how many times he changed the tea table these days.
"Is the rattan project in collusion with Lin Haozao?"
Joe two see longyou now depressed too’ Yin’ heavy, want to divert his attention.
However, although it seems that Longyou is very grumpy, he is still calm, and he is a little upset and needs to vent.
Longyou shook his head, lit a cigarette and took a drag. Most of the roots burned out directly.
"He obviously didn’t know that Muya Wuye’s real identity was Wuye Ling, and even I didn’t think it was that guy. It’s an interesting code name kz…… … How many killers are hiding trivial things in the dark waiting for his orders?"
It’s scary to think about it. If this killer still has a lot to say, he doesn’t know when to lurk around him. Even if he doesn’t get his letter, he can riot once like that day. If the timing is accurate, it will be enough to kill himself directly.
Joe 2 shook his head.
"There shouldn’t be too many such killers. It’s hard to cultivate absolute loyalty to the master and establish a place. There won’t be too many such killers. Otherwise, it’s not the only one. Lin Hao won’t be too interested. Naturally, someone will be cold and brainwashed, and there will always be a day to get rid of it."
Longyou frowned and threw away his cigarette butt with a’ touch’ cigarette case, but he shook his head and sighed deeply.
"Is there such a person around you?"
Joe hesitated for a few times and finally nodded.
"This is the last resort. It’s easy not to move Lin Hao. This guy seems to have put you on the list of slayers, and from the current situation, it’s not to kill you directly but to take you alive!"
Take him alive!
Longyou squinted his eyes and hummed a pale moonlight on his face, which made him look holy.
"Let him come. I think we’ll see the outcome soon. I wonder how he’s doing in the North River?"