Although Lin is interested, Leviathan is the way to climb this cliff.

Forget it. Anyway, if you swim around the cliff, you should find a place to land.
Lin doesn’t care if it lets Leviathan plant in the base. If there is a problem with this land, it will be easy to face the disaster
Lin didn’t hold out much hope, but there was nothing unusual when Lin’s base species touched the land rock wall.
This land … No abnormal reaction?
I see. No wonder there is a feeling that the north is safe …
Although I don’t know what it feels like, it seems to be a great help. Now we must let the transporters swim here quickly.
I don’t know if it’s enough. Leviathan has been here for a hundred days and nights, and the speed of transporters is not as fast as Leviathan, but they are now in the ocean and should not be affected by land disasters
Lynn told Leviathan to stop the cliff and concentrate on directing the large group of transporters.
At the same time, Lin also paid attention to the fact that the scene of disaster approaching has been shown in the’ East Mainland’ and’ West Mainland’ where it was originally based.
Thirty days after the disaster, there were many creatures, first sharks, fish with developed sense of smell and touch, and then helmet fish. However, by nine days and nights, even jellyfish and starfish were left with algae that moved in the Coral Sea.
Of course, they are not sitting still, and corals release a lot of eggs in the abnormal non-breeding season, which makes them drift away with the current.
Every creature has some ability to perceive abnormal fluctuations in the depths of the earth. After all, their perception ability competes for hunting and there are still several disasters that have evolved constantly. Now these creatures have joined the escape journey.
Lin is very interested to see where they are swimming. Although Lin can predict it earlier, she has no idea about the escape route, but other creatures can always swim to safety
Although Lin has a goal now, it still makes many eyeballs follow him.
Lin found that many creatures followed it in the same direction, such as helmet fish, and most of them were mixed with Lin. It is estimated that there are tens of thousands of fleshfin fish in the transport team. They and Lin chose the same direction, but many other creatures swam in other directions.
Lin now has more than 2,000 transporters, who are like sharks, swimming and turning by the tentacles of the water nozzle behind them. Now this huge team is in the dark and cold ice, swimming to the north all the time.
9% of the transporter’s body is filled with green blankets to get nutrients, so the swimming speed is not fast, and a large group of helmet fish has attracted many predators. They are swimming outside this huge team to prepare for the opportunity.
Most of them are sharks, and about a hundred of them follow the sides of this huge team, speeding up and biting a helmet fish and then retreating.
Lin transporters have a lot of escort forces to deal with sharks, but if they attack helmet fish, Lin won’t care, but some troublesome creatures follow.
Dungeon these giant fish rarely see two together, but now there are dozens of them behind the transport team. They don’t look for opportunities to sneak attack like sharks sometimes, but swim quietly behind them.
They may become more docile before the disaster … Although I think so, Lin still pays attention to them. It will be very troublesome for these big fish to really make trouble.
Lin called the north the’ fish route’, and almost all the fish followed, while most other creatures swam to the southwest and northeast.
Now there is a day and night left. I don’t know if I can make it … but this position should not be affected too much anyway.
After the night passed, Lin’s transportation team was still moving at the fastest speed, but Lin felt something strange.
The team condensed on the sea ice and scattered a lot of ice crystal debris, which had little effect on Lin and the surrounding fish, but made Lin feel very strange
It must be some kind of sign before the disaster. Will the change affect here?
Strange as it is, Lynn has never stopped.
Another day and night passed, and now there are seven days and nights left, and there are a lot of cracks in the ice layer. This time, there have been significant changes. The sharks have become quiet, and they seem to have eaten their hearts and accelerated their swimming speed.
With six days and nights left, Lin can feel that the water temperature is higher than before, and all the fish have lowered their swimming height and are no longer so close to the water surface.
Lin also chose the route as they lowered their altitude, and Lin still believed in his creatures.
There are five days and nights left, and the cracks in the ice layer form huge cracks. The daytime light illuminates the dark sea area through the cracks. If the ice layer melts, Lin can directly build a green carpet on the sea surface here, but Lin still gave up the idea when she watched the rushing fish around.
Later, the ice layer was replaced day and night, and the change was also very obvious. From the initial thickness of more than 10 meters of hard ice to the sea surface with a few sparse floating ice.
The water temperature changes very quickly, and the cold seawater seems to have become a hot spring. Although Lin doesn’t know what a hot spring is yet, it is easy to understand its meaning from this word.
Now there are two days and nights left …
The fish are now swimming almost close to the bottom of the sea. Lin found that it was not only the fish that went north, but also a large number of arthropods, such as trilobites, dragons and scorpions, which kept moving north of the bottom of the sea
Many fish can’t stand the heat. On the way to death, they fall to the seabed, but there is no living thing to eat. Every living thing keeps on going and doing other things. Even former predators, their prey are now traveling closely together.
Everything was different before the disaster arrival …
Lin’s troops were not a loss, and several transporters died because of the rapid change of heat and cold, but they were not redundant or quickly adjusted
Although Lin hasn’t resisted the heat for a long time, she has been able to resist the heat for a long time, and the cell memory has been waiting for Lin to produce it whenever she needs it.
But I’m afraid the danger will be great if the sea water continues to heat up.
Now there is one day and night left …
Now Lin has observed the surrounding creatures, and the helmet fish has lost more than half, leaving only those individual sharks with large size and strong resistance, and the situation is not so good. On the contrary, the Dungeon fish doesn’t seem to be afraid of heat, and it is estimated that it has lost a few.
For those arthropods, it seems that their resistance is stronger than that of fish, and Lin rarely sees any casualties.
Lin has been observing the water surface of some eyeballs, where there is almost no ice. The heat is outrageous, but the eyeball structure is simple and it is easy to change itself and increase its heat resistance.
What Lin’s eyes have always observed is the change of ice, but now they see something else on this icy sea surface.
Now it’s dark, and the stars are still shining, and the temperature is much lower than that of the day. Lin asked her eyeballs to float to the surface of the water to feel the air temperature. At this moment, Lin’s eyeballs suddenly felt the surrounding temperature rising instantaneously, and several stars became bigger and bigger. They flew straight towards the sea!
What is that?
Stars? I don’t think so …
These things show a sphere about ten meters in diameter, wrapped in a bright red and constantly beating luster.
A new word-‘flame’ appeared in Lin’s mind.
Flame? What the hell is it?
When Lin was still wondering, the fireballs slammed into the distant sea.
Chapter 49 The Second Extinction of Species
Bang …
At the moment when the fireball hit the sea, the extremely strong fluctuation suddenly stirred up a strong current, and at the same time, the water temperature seemed to be several times higher instantly. Lin’s eyes on the sea surface suddenly died because of resisting this heat.
What the hell is that? Did the stars fall from the sky?
Although the current team is hundreds of meters deep at the bottom of the sea, all the fish seem to feel abnormal. They suddenly rushed to the north and swam wildly to stabilize the swimming team, and they all went crazy at this moment.
Helmet fish are frantically swinging their bodies and rushing forward. They are weak. Other fish are always trying their best to swim north. Sharks have long since disappeared. Lin doesn’t know where they have escaped, and Dungeon fish is the biggest trouble. Their huge bodies and huge mouths collide and tear everything in front of them. Instead of eating, they rush to the front.
It’s time …
Lin transporters are crowded with crazy fish, and it is difficult to move. Several backward transporters have been bitten by Dungeon fish, and the smell of blood and cells permeates the whole team, but Lin is not so worried because there is a bigger threat …
Transporter’s sensitive tentacles can feel the constant impact and fluctuation of huge objects on the sea surface, which is caused by several fireballs hitting the sea surface.